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Enjoy my UT4 levels

My last map for UT4 is DM-Alpu 2050. I now stop sharing any new maps automatically as I always have, not because UT4 is officially discontinued but rather due to the lack of feedback, appreciation and recognition from the part of the UT4 community towards them. I still create maps for my own fun and share them on demand only for those who kindly ask for them and appreciate my UT4 dedication.

Until DM-Alpu 2050, I shared any new map automatically with everyone so that way, others can play something else than stock maps. Yep, I was very generous because many maps I created cost me real money by buying packs on Epic Marketplace! It seems that even if I dedicated myself to creating awesome maps from scratch, on top of costing me $$$, doing it all on my own time and for free above that, players didn’t care. My maps was almost completely ignored and feedback was very poor on all forums combined. It’s quite the opposite, players should encourage the few creator that remains by giving their feedback, add their likes on videos, commenting them, sharing them, etc.

For a quick download, all maps are available on UTCC, under the ‘Stevelois maps’ collection. If a problem happen on a map and need a fix, I’ll release a fixed version but I won’t share any new map automatically anymore until you ask for it.

For those of you who took the time to comment my maps, you will recognize yourself. Thank you, because it is thanks to you alone who encouraged me to continue sharing these. Thanks for all the support by commenting in the map pages, or on Facebook, or on YouTube, it’s a good way of showing your appreciation for high quality free content.

Enjoy them, have fun 😀

My YouTube channel updated

Hi everyone,

I’ve many updated to my YouTube channel since my first post. There is a link in the main right side bar that will lead you there.

All my levels have now a video of them. It can be tricks, matches or simply me browsing the environment alone. As I said before, these videos are a supplement. Those could help give older players a taste for replaying UT4 on levels other than those offered by default. Even new players will be able to appreciate the diversified and unique side that all these levels offer them for free even if on my side, many of them cost me real money 😮

I already received many comments, all positive so it make me happy 🙂 Adding a “like” and writing a comment are always the best way of showing appreciation and support for content creator 😉

My YouTube channel

Hello everyone,

Since october 2011, I have a YouTube channel, which I didn’t really put into use. I decided to record a video for each of my levels, nothing too complicated to then send them to YouTube. Which will allow me to effectively use my long-neglected YouTube account 🙂 There is a link in the main right side bar that will lead you there.

Although each level, in its page, already has images as well as all the description, these videos are a supplement and can be simply a short presentation of my levels, or tricks to draw strategic advantages from them or a game played, just where you can see some tricks in action 😀

In fact I do these uploads so that the game and my levels get more visibility. I’m ±60% done. This could help give older players a taste for replaying UT4 on levels other than those offered by default. Even new players will be able to appreciate the diversified and unique side that all these levels offer them for free even if on my side, many of them cost me real money 😮

CTF-Ahead, final available!

There you are, the final version of CTF-Ahead 😀

The map as been in the wild for an entire month. Players had well enough the time to test it out and provide feedback. Therefore, since the complete indifference or extremely poor feedback I received on Discord, Facebook and my website, if there is a problem, to bad, you had your chances.

I special thank to Alphaeridani, Dsmoke, Mic, Narayana and Wulfgar 63 🙂

Unreal Heist CTF V2 by h1sto

h1sto made this very nice animation 😀 No idea how it can be done! It’s a clever idea to use the screens in my DM-Oblivia, part 2 level as a starting point and with the sci-fi announcer, it fits like a glove 🙂 It’s like watching a short movie, really cool!

CTF-Ahead, RC1 available!

I’m happy to release the Release Candidate 1 of CTF-Ahead. This is the second version and the last before the final. Don’t wait for the final release before providing feedback, NOW it is the time 😉

My biggest concern was the level file size because I didn’t had any idea how much it would be bigger when I’ll start to work on the lighting and other aspects. Simply, the more you add, the bigger it gets. To my surprise, file size as increased only by 12 MB after I added more meshes, added decals, finalised the lighting, made a custom JumPad, made a custom particle for the platform reactors, added sounds, assign proper materials to meshes etc, etc, etc. Brief, Beta 1 weight 284 MB and RC1 296 MB 😀

Also, I noticed in B1, even using the default jumpads, bots tend to fall very often. That was a major game breaker 😮 I’ve tweak the custom jumpads so now, they won’t fall and land on the platforms as they should, yééé 🙂 I optimise AI the more I could and also added defense point so it won’t be that easy to take the flag playing against bots 😛

What is fun about every level I do, is to work on something different. I never made this type of “city” before, even in the UT3 days. In 2008, a level with floating platform was the first type of level I wanted to do when I started to map for UT3 but didn’t know how to do it. Furthermore, it’s my first level where the materials are super clean, even DM-Aryth, DM-Chroma, DM-Coda, DM-Qu0, my “cleanest” levels, ar dirtier than this one.

Post your feedback here plz and have fun 🙂

CTF-Ahead, B1 available!

I’m happy to release the Beta 1 of CTF-Ahead 😀

This is the first version. The emphasis of Beta 1 is about getting feedback on gameplay.

Visually, the lighting look like garbage because I just throw some static lights to see something, I’ll work on lighting on the next version. Note that I’ll add some buildings later too so players will get the impression of playing really high in a future city 🙂

CTF-Ahead, new level

A new project, a CTF for a change. I present you CTF-Ahead.

I was inspired by CTF-Aquatica for the layout of the flag base and by CTF-Goliath for the scale and mood. Both UT2004 awesome levels 😀 While playing it, I have the same “feeling of grandeur” like in the old days playing CTF-Goliath and that, I really like it 🙂

This time around, for performance reasons, I use the minimum amount of meshes, making very simple meshing and choose to go with slick, clean visuals. No dirt, rust, scratches, stains, water leaks, water puddle, whatever stuff you can think of that can make the visuals very detailed and rich. Brief, simple and clean the more as possible.

To follow and participate, not just spectate, you can join the level conversation on Mega. You must register first, it takes 2 mins and it’s completely free.

This is a very early video of the blue base :

The level use a new sci-fi pack I bought few months ago and it is a very small one (106 meshes in all) and use only 4 textures for all the meshes. It’s brilliantly conceive 😀 This is the pack presentation :