DM-S.M.C. 65, new level WIP

DM-S.M.C. 65 is my current WIP level. The page contain all info. For those who are following me on Facebook already know that since April 😉 I created the level page too since a while. I post different info here and on FB and sometime in both platform in case you didn’t know 🙂

I’m progressing very well. Only section that I’m focussing now is the Rocket Launcher / Grenade Launcher area which is done at ±50%. By the layout pic, you can see the level as much to offer and the gameplay is very fun 😀

DM-Kyron GrP. now available!

I’m very happy to announce the availability of DM-Kyron GrP. 😀

For those who will ask for the level, I’ll be happy to share with them the download link by email. All info at the level page. Don’t hesitate to share the file with your friends 🙂

However, please know that now I don’t try to drastically reduce the file size like before. It was possible to reduce de file by cutting on the quality of the textures. In the past, I did my best to limit the file size to a maximum of 500 MB since UTCC is limited to this size. As my levels are only played by very few players, I have no reason to cut on the visual quality. I still make a few cuts here and there, but never as much as before. So don’t be surprised by the file size. In case of this level, file weight 1.12 GB.

A short 8 mins DM recording :

A quick 5 mins TDM Rocket Arena match :

DM-Kyron GrP. (WIP # 2)

DM-Kyron GrP. dev is goign good 🙂

In this video, all BSP as been removed and all areas as been meshed. Brief, the basic geometry, the basic lighting are done and most blocking volumes too. I worked a lot on the lighting, replacing the UT2004 one but it’s not finished yet. Now, I’ll have fun with painting, adding decals, ambient sounds, visual effects, all fun stuff! 😀

So, how’s mapping Stevie?

Hey 😀

Simply put, I’m still making levels, for my own pleasure ofc since I love the game 🙂 My WIP level is called DM-Kyron GrP. It’s a old school style level base on DM-1on1-Roboto made by h0ok which belong in my long list of fav UT2004 levels. GrP. means Group.

The BSP from the original as been imported in the UT editor and I replaced all BSP brushes in the play area by static meshes. The basic geometry for the gameplay area is now done. Next step to do is the exterior of the play area and after adding details, work on lighting since it is the original one, add ambient sounds, VFX, etc. This little video shows my progress which is around 1 month of work.

Enjoy my UT4 levels

My last map for UT4 is DM-Alpu 2050. I now stop sharing any new maps automatically as I always have, not because UT4 is officially discontinued but rather due to the lack of feedback, appreciation and recognition from the part of the UT4 community towards them. I still create maps for my own fun and share them on demand only for those who kindly ask for them and appreciate my UT4 dedication.

Until DM-Alpu 2050, I shared any new map automatically with everyone so that way, others can play something else than stock maps. Yep, I was very generous because many maps I created cost me real money by buying packs on Epic Marketplace! It seems that even if I dedicated myself to creating awesome maps from scratch, on top of costing me $$$, doing it all on my own time and for free above that, players didn’t care. My maps was almost completely ignored and feedback was very poor on all forums combined. It’s quite the opposite, players should encourage the few creator that remains by giving their feedback, add their likes on videos, commenting them, sharing them, etc.

For a quick download, all maps are available on UTCC, under the ‘Stevelois maps’ collection. If a problem happen on a map and need a fix, I’ll release a fixed version but I won’t share any new map automatically anymore until you ask for it.

For those of you who took the time to comment my maps, you will recognize yourself. Thank you, because it is thanks to you alone who encouraged me to continue sharing these. Thanks for all the support by commenting in the map pages, or on Facebook, or on YouTube, it’s a good way of showing your appreciation for high quality free content.

Enjoy them, have fun 😀

DM-Aly 1.4 update

I’ve made updates to DM-Aly.  There was issues I always wanted to fix that was bugging me that I couldn’t fix at the time. In all, the updates are :

  • Before the match begun, a close up of only half of the player near the Sniper rifle was showed for few secs. Now, it will show the player entirely at different locations.
  • Bots weren’t using all the lifts properly, they only use the Bio / Shock one. Now, they do use all 3 of them and even perform lift jumps to grab the vest or land at the highest floor. So gameplay is way better, more fun now playing against bots.
  • Bots didn’t use the jumpad that land at the Flak platform, now they do.
  • Made few subtle changes in the Post Process volume and in world settings.
  • Reduce the sun brightness from 200 to 100.
  • Tweak the jumpad particle.
  • Tweak the wood lift material.

DM-Alpu 2050 available!

I’m very happy to release the final version of DM-Alpu 2050 😀

The issues mentioned in my previous post are now things of the past 😮 I could fix all of them! So enjoy my latest project 🙂 For leaving a comment, just post at my level page. THX in advance!

DM-Alpu 2050, duel match

DM-Alpu 2050 is finish 😀

This is a 5 mins match against a bot, adept level. Few movements possibilities are showed 🙂

Therefore, there is 2 issues I want to fix that are bugging me before releasing it 😦 The issues are :

1. The camera is showing inside my player for 5 secs at the end of the match and before the post match where players are line up. Look from 5:15 to 5:20 per example. No clue where that come from.

2. There is a ‘stair effect’ when going down a ramp or stairs. Therefore, it goes smoothly when going up?! Again, another mystery.

Enjoy! ! !