DM-Dakylian, Beta 1

Since Alpha 2, released 3 months ago, working hard on DM-Dakylian every day as finally paid off 😀 I can now share a level that I’m very proud of with the community. It’s my best work yet imho. Download link, pics and all info are available in the map page 🙂

Sadly, the map file size is big, 428 MB 😦 Unless Epic can show me how to apply some magic tricks to reduce it, there is nothing more I can do about it.

You can leave your comment at my map page or at my Epic thread 😉 Have a nice fraggin’ w-e !

DM-Dakylian, progress

Beta 1 of DM-Dakylian is coming along icely 🙂 Since the release of alpha 2, more than 2 months ago, working on it everyday, as permit me to reach a very pleasant looking level.

Remember, I’m always interested to read your constructive feedback and you can leave your comment at my map page or at my Epic thread 😉

DM-Dakylian, Alpha 1

DM-Dakylian is my new map 😀

Now that DM-Elik, a duel focused map using Epic Soul Cave assets is finish, I’m reusing the assets for this new map 😀 I think Alpha 1 is a good start, but… for this release, only pickups placement and layout suggestions are interesting me. TY 🙂 You can comment at my map page or at my Epic thread 😉

DM-Elik, post # 3, Beta 1 available

Beta 1 of DM-Elik is now available 😀

Head over the map page to get it. To leave your feedback, you can post at the map page or at the Epic thread. Have a nice fragin’ weekend!

DM-Elik progress, post # 2

I’ve made a lot of progress on DM-Elik since my last post 😀

The actual version is alpha 1 (shell version) but the pics are for the next release, beta 1. Reminder : the only server that has the map is ÐutchSmºke LoPing Arena. Still, you can download the map if you want to play it 😉