DM-Aryth, post # 2, video preview

DM-Aryth is the new level I’m working on since the last ±5 months.

A DM for 6 – 10 players. The next step is the audio since there is no sound at all in the level but it doesn’t matter in UE 4.15, simply because the audio isn’t captured with the video 😦 Still, I’m very happy with the actual result 😀 I’m curious to know what the community think about this first preview?

DM-Aryth, post # 1

DM-Aryth is the my new map I’m working on 😀

A small DM for 2 – 6 players. I’m mostly done with the layout. Now I’m in the details to make the structure less plain. In the map page here, you’ll see what kind of structure I’m crafting 🙂 There are 11 additional pics.

FYI, there is only a skylight and a directional light. I didn’t bother working on materials yet so that is why the pics are in lighting mode only 😮

My maps, march update

So after all those months working on Aly, I finally reach the point where I’m satisfied of the result. Therefore, the actual game build is giving me lot’s of errors when making a full build about bad stock meshes UVs. Some stock assets need LOD adjustments too. I decided to wait for the next game update before releasing the map.

I’ve also made small changes to Delta and Infiltrate. Noting visual but more about optimizations.

So, I started another DM map last week, wich is call DM-Aryth. It will be very different from my previous maps. This time, I’ll create a very abstract, clean and epured environment. I’m inspired by those UE4 projects below.

SingMeToSleep by acatalept

Hologram generator by Sebastian Maurer

DM-Aly remake post # 4, optimizations

DM-Aly post # 3, video preview as been watched more than 230 times, but sadly, only 3 peoples had leave a comment… so… a big THX to you 3 m8’s 😀

Since, I’m polishing the map the more I can and the most important part at this stage is the optimization step. I’m doing my best (THX to my UT3 experience!) to optimize the map and this is what as been done so far :

. All decals, particles are visible only in high mode.
. All hidden surfaces (BSP and SM) are using the stock ‘RemoveSurfaceMaterial’ to reduce memory usage.
. Landscape hidden areas have been set invisible.
. Manually determine culling values on many, many SM so they won’t be rendered if they aren’t visible to the camera.
. Finally, the longest part… many SM as been merged together. Doing this make the map file larger (the map file size as reach 506MB) BUT provide much more FPS reducing draw calls which is a must for low-mid end GPUs. I also made 2 to 4 additional LODs for each SM (imported and merged) depending on the SM.

Below, pics to show you few meshes with their LODs values just to show how drastic the draw calls as been reduced! Remember that everything is a WIP 😉

DM-Aly remake post # 3, video preview

Since last DM-Aly’s post, I’ve started to work with the Sequencer tool so I could make a video to show the map. I was completely noob at it! Anyway, after few days of trials and errors, I’ve manage to make a descent video 😀 Sadly, the audio isn’t captured in 4.15, only the video is 😦

The actual video contain more than 30 cameras, switching one after another with fade in/out between still and mobile shots. Honestly, I’m deceive of the lag you’ll see here and there. I think it’s related to my GTX 965M on my gaming laptop… don’t know 😦 Anyway, you’ll get the picture.

Enjoy preview 1 😀 Don’t forget that constructive comments are always well appreciated 😉

DM-Aly remake post # 2

So, after few months of hard work, today, I finish to mesh the play area 😀

I’m happy with the current status. The map is fully playable and while it already look nice, it will receive more love 🙂 For reference, the UT3 version is available right here.

DM-Aly remake

So, since I’ve release CTF-Infiltrate, for the second time, I decided to remake one of my own UT3 map, which is DM-Aly Second Edition 😀

Therefore, since DM-Delta and CTF-Infiltrate didn’t receive enough comments / feedback for my taste, don’t expect this new map to be release anytime soon. This is more about to show the dev of the map.

– Made the terrain, started to add BSP and mesh the Stinger area lower part. Note that there is now a small tunnel instead of a hole in the stone wall. Added rocks too to start define the play area.
– Assign by creating and choosing the right materials at the beginning.
– The round plate on the terrain is where the belt is located.

– Continue adding BSP / meshes to the Stinger area and add the JumpPad too.

– Continue adding meshes to the Stinger upper area. Added more rocks and made the master rock material.
– Imported custom tree, grass and made the various materials. Added more rocks. I’ve made lot’s of material changes at that part of the dev process.

– Mesh the Link Gun area. I was greatly inspired by TitanPass and Underland when I’ve made that part of the map.
– Added more rocks and remade the master rock material.
– Add blocking volume as soon as I feel the area is rather finished (for walls mostly). That method goes as long as I meshing the map. I never wait to the end before starting to add the blocking volumes.

– Mesh the Flak area.
– Create the landscape material and shaped the landscape.
– Added PostProcess / reflection boxes / reflection spheres and basic lighting.

– Lot’s of time as been put looking at the up-right of the map. Also, the right part of the image feature the Grenade Launcher and the Lighting gun 🙂
– To many things as been made everywhere just to write them all!
– Re-remade the master rock material.

The last pic as been took in last week of September.

I plan to add plants (more tress, bushes, grass, vines, etc) and leaf particle like in the original along the way 🙂