Name: Amyrade
Game type: DM / TDM
Version: 1.0
Players: 4 – 8
Requirements: UT3 + patch 2.1 + Titan Pack
Released: 20 / 10 / 12
Downloads: GoogleDrive, MediaFire

Story / Histoire

According to Liandri records, Amyrade is a space station built by a very intelligent & very technologically advanced unknown race. There is no explanation why this race got rid of their station? Today, it is used by Liandri who advertise deadly tournaments! However, despite the many tournaments, Liandri robots remain to this day the ultimate winners. These robots are the pride of Liandri which some of their top fighters are displayed on few digital monitors. Are you ready to face them?

Selon les archives de Liandri, Amyrade est une station spatiale construite par une race méconnue très intelligente puis technologiquement très avancée. Il ni a pas d’explication à savoir pourquoi cette race s’est dépourvue de leur station ? De nos jours, Liandri y tient des tournois mortels ! Toutefois, malgré les multiples tournois qui y sévissent, les robots de Liandri demeurent à ce jour les ultimes vainqueurs. Ces robots sont la fierté de Liandri puis on peut, par le fait même, apercevoir des images des meilleurs combattants sur les moniteurs digitaux. Êtes-vous prêt à les affronter ?


Extract the archive into “My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps” directory. If this folder is not currently on your system, you can safely create it. The archive contains :



This is a small size, simple map which I focus on having fun with brushes. By making this map, I impose myself some restrictions to see what I can possibly achieve. Those restrictions are :

– The map must be 100% made of brushes. This is a first for me after few, heavy meshed finals maps! Total brush count is 3 129!!!
– No static meshes allowed except pickups, jumpads, movers & teleporters
– No terrain allowed
– A skydome OR a skysphere is mandatory (which is the unique deco static mesh)
– All materials must meet UT3 visuals. I mean, using materials based on HD textures with normal maps + detail normal maps
– Everything like PostProcessing effects, particles, emitters, heightfog, decals, etc can be use to add dept & atmosphere


– The map use a sci-fi, techy theme with 100% custom materials which I made all from scratch coming from mostly custom textures
– Custom music, the track is ‘CrashTC’ coming from my UT99 GOTY edition
– A techy female announcer announce the Bezerk availability
– The map as been optimized for TDM


  1. Hey Steve, really enjoying your level. Amazing lighting. I finally got it installed on my server. Just updated my 8 year old website into WordPress and your map is the marquee right now ;-). I almost hate to have it go off the page because it looks beautiful on there LOL!


  2. I was just over here cruising the forums and this caught my eye.

    Well well .. you’re still over here releasing maps! – This one has a nice high tech look which is amazing consider its BSP. It has your style written all over it though; dig the lighting & effects.. while it is on the busier side you managed to somehow keep it clean .. Nice work.:) (Fridays are great days to release maps aren’t they? & It always feels rewarding to complete things that you start!)


  3. I like it man, good work, nice fps too 😮
    I’ve added it to our Team DeathMatch server now 🙂


  4. A Flawless map. I really like the visual styles you put into your maps. The use of colors and lighting make your maps unique imo.
    Thank you for this piece of candy. 😀


  5. Hey hey, simply a tremendous effort! The map plays is awesome and the environment is superb. Next to unimaginable given the attention to BSP you gave! Need I say more…

    I’m off to play another round 😀


  6. Nice seeing all of your hard work on this map in the final 🙂 One of the best BSP maps I have seen so far! Again, Great job on this bro! The variations in materials is just amazing. So much work and so detailed in so many brushes. Nothing but respect for you on this map. Smaller pointlights really give this map an amazing ambience. You did a great job on eliminating repetitiveness and boring spots. A Pro level is a level that has a 360 degree view in which every angle never shows repetitiveness or face loss. This map is one of those cases! Also great that this map has been optimized for TDM. I like air comboing in teams ^^.


  7. Super beautiful atmosphere, visuals, custom textures, space skybox, extraterrestrial sounds, custom music, and BSP work. Spectacular design, details, colors and HOLP-styled materials that indicate this map very comprehensible. There are some intense z-axis, interesting weapon/item placement; nice putting a blue grid of death, jumppad and portal design and Liandri roster portraits. Excellent gameplay and the bots are easy as always. Excellent map Stevelois, indeed.


  8. I like the use of the custom textures, good custom music, chosen colors, trim, designs, theme, lighting, sounds and crazy layout. I enjoyed the berzerk announcements, sounds while flying through the map near ceiling at beginning and flow of the map. Not too fond of the bottom blue death area though, but it is good there is that lip to fall on first. The bots are good and anyone want a collection? Dang it, how did that comment get in there? 😉


  9. Excellent job on this map Steve…it’s a keeper, 5 out of 5 on the Richter Beltmont scale. The aesthetic artwork and textures/lighting used is very high quality and very unique, very colorful as well…which is the main thing Unreal Tournament III needs is colorful maps. You have also made this one in outer space which is another super plus. I also love the killzone pit you added. Keep up the great work man.


  10. Wow this map is insane Steve. Awesome job on this!! So much to look at and so much detail. I love the colors and materials you chose and the little touches like the sounds when passing through the tunnel with the blue material on the sides. It all adds up to a totally professional HOLP style map. Congrats!


  11. One thing is sure: this map is damn awesome! Not only by the fabulous design, it also feels great and it makes a lot of fun to play this one. Perhaps the map can be a little bit dark from time to time, but hell I love it (once again)! Anyway, keep up the good work and I’m personally very happy this one is finally done, because I like this kind of map design! 🙂


  12. Great work as usual Steve. It’s cool that you choose to “limit” yourself in some ways by only using BSP (except when you have to use a mesh). I think this helps creativity a lot.

    While DM-Itarion was nice that you kept it simple, DM-Amyrade is nice because you didn’t and you pushed your “detailed oriented” way of mapping using only BSP (and apparently not creating any BSP errors!!!).

    I probably won’t post on Epic as it seems a bit redundant, but you never know.

    Looking forward to more goodies in the future.

    p.s. Any chance of a DM inspired Greed version for us weirdos that like that game mode (or maybe a domination version?) In due time of course… 😀


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