Real-time characters

Those are all amazing projects. And there are many others. I’ve saw many, many real-time characters videos but didn’t add them here because the presentation wasn’t completed, like abrupt ending or no music at all. They still amazing technically but miss all the presentation aspect. Enjoy 🙂

A tribute to Jyn Erso, Rogue One by Baolong Zhang

Goblin from Harry Potter by Baolong Zhang

Jjahawa by Snappers

Osiris Black by 3Lateral

Poltergeist by Fabian Kolb

Real-time Ray Tracing GI test by Hirokazu Yokohara

Siren by 3Lateral, Cubic Motion, Epic Games, Tencent and Vicon

Then superman and beyond by Baolong Zhang

Vanessa Ives by Baolong Zhang

Walrus by Vlad Lazarev