Name: Itarion
Game type: DM
Version: 1.0
Players: 16 – 32
Requirements: UT3 + patch 2.1 + Titan Pack
Released: 15 / 12 / 11

Part of ‘UOF DM Map Pack’: UOF forum, Epic forum
Standalone version: GoogleDrive, MediaFire

Story / Histoire

Itarion, a station in space that is held in place by its various electromagnetic fields. It places the player in a reduced gravity, only the more agile players will survive.

Itarion, une station dans l’espace qui se maintient en place par ses différents champs électromagnétiques. Elle positionne le joueur dans un lieu a gravité réduite ou seul les joueurs les plus agiles pourront survivre.


The map files from the pack are (note; the standalone version doesn’t have the ‘UOF3′ prefix):



Itarion is an extremely simple project using a cubic architecture for the entire design. A minimum of textures and effects are used because the focus of this map is its simplicity and playability.


– When the Belt spawn, white stripes will switch yellow & return white when the armor is taken
– When the Bezerk spawn, white stripes will switch red & return white when the powerup is taken
– When the KEG spawn, white stripes will switch green & return white when the powerup is taken
– When the Deemer spawn, white stripes will switch blue & return white when the weapon is taken
– When the UDamage spawn, white stripes will switch purple & return white when the powerup is taken
– There are rows of 5 cubes in various spots which each cube represent one of the item in this order; KEG, UDamage, Belt, Redeemer, Bezerk. It will change to the item color when its available and then return white when the item as been taken
– 100% custom materials, all made from scratch using mostly Nobiax textures and some stock textures
– Custom music, the track is ‘Anesthetic’ by Xcentric Noizz


  1. This is by far one of the craziest maps I have ever seen. This map doesn’t look great only, it is also a huge load of fun to play this map! When I played this map for the first time, I thought…ehrm yeah, where do I have to go. Little help over here!!! Just kidding, the gameplay is awesome on this one! Pretty easy to kick someone over the edge, hehe. Besides that, the design reminds me of Mirror’s Edge and Portal somehow, so many cubes…holy moly and the ambiance is just delicious, in my opinion. You did a marvelous job there mate and I think this is one of the most futuristic and simple maps in the entire Unreal Universe!


  2. This one is either loads of fun or a PITA in TDM and Betrayal with the crazy cubes, good shadows and falling death as well as good music choice. It’s a good thing there was low gravity; otherwise, I would have fallen a lot more often.


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