Journey to Oblevia

Journey to Oblevia is my new project which consist of remaking some of my UT99 favorites levels for UT4 with current gen sounds and visuals. It might not be 100% remakes BUT will be very, very close.

All of UT99 levels are available since the beginning for UT4. Still, it’s mostly direct port from UT99 or re-meshed version in some case. Sadly, I don’t like the ports at all and don’t really like the re-meshed versions neither 😦 No offense to the authors, it’s not my intention. This is my personal taste, nothing more. I want to remake some of the levels too with my vision of the level. In the end, the more we have to play, the better 🙂

For this project, I decided to take inspiration from the originals UT99 levels (not the UT200x or UT3 remade versions), because it all start from there and recreate some of them while using this new ‘SciFi Props Pack‘ that I specially bought to make this new series of levels while using my favorite theme, science fiction. I also bought this ‘SciFi Populate Pack‘, coming from the same author. Those assets are for populating interiors, rooms, halls and more. In total, both pack cost me more than 100$. The best in that? You are able to play those levels freely, lucky you.

It will be a journey to the ultimate confrontation that will take place in Oblivia. It’s really a personal project that I’m exited to do that I had in mind since some time now 😀 So, for this project, I won’t lose my time importing new assets in UT4 to create unique environment for each of the level.

The way I’m working :

I import the UT99 BSP into UT4 Editor with the adequate current scaling factor and then, I replace the BSP by static meshes. So, the scale in UT4 is the same as UT99 scale adjusted for UT4 recommended by Epic and level designers.

The parts :

Part 2, Terra is a variant of the space version.

Part 2, space version is DM-Stalwart XL, the second level in the DM ladder.

Part 1 is DM-Oblivion, my favorite duel level. Simple but still awesome level.


  1. Very nice initiative Steve!
    If I would be able to express my wish here for a remake, I would vote for DM-Codex, including the original background music 🙂 Somehow this melody is connected to a lot of UT-memes in my head…
    DM-Barricade would also make my day, it was the first map I played online 🙂

    But anyway it is your call, I am happy with any remake. Your tweaks and modifications are based on a lot of experience and creativity.

    I will keep an eye on your work, and will for sure have fun playing the maps 🙂

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  2. Ha ha!

    DM-Codex as been remade 2 times. You have this port and this remake 🙂 My version of Codex is DM-Coda, which you already know. When I created Coda, I explain that Coda was based on Codex and that I recreate the RL area because I don’t like the original area. So take Coda as my remake of Codex 😉

    I don’t know which map I will remake in advance. It depend on various things. Now, all my efforts are put in Part 2 😀


  3. Hi Steve, thank you for pointing that out. I was aware of DM-Codex-UT99, and played it a few times (with nostalgia). But I did not know about the MoxNix version. I downloaded it.

    OK Coda is based on Codex, I recall indeed that I read it, but it had slipped my mind. The amount of information being fueled into my brain everyday is more then I can take 😉
    This might explain why I instantly liked Coda 🙂 Anyway, I did not make the connection because Codex is more medieval ‘castle’ like, while Coda looks like a postmodern research station.

    So my wish is already fulfilled 🙂 I will check it out. If only my UT will cooperate. Somehow I can not play a custom map against bots anymore.

    Anyway, I am for sure looking forward to Stalward, I played it less, but the nostalgia will be there when I play it again.

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