Name: Aly Second Edition
Game type: DM
Version: 1.1
Players: 2 – 6
Requirements: UT3 + patch 2.1 + Titan Pack
Released: 20 / 02 / 10
Platforms: PC / PS3
Downloads: GoogleDrive, MediaFire
Forums: Epic

Story / Histoire

Long ago, the inhabitants of this quiet & serene place mysteriously disappeared ? The subsequent population reconstruct through the remaining architectures. However, this population also disappeared leaving no clue, no message, no trace ? Nobody has any answer, it suggests that all these people were kidnapped by a unknown higher power, Aliens perhaps ? Welcome to Aly …

Il y a très longtemps, les habitants de ce lieu tranquille & serein sont mystérieusement disparus ? La population subséquente a reconstruit au travers des architectures en place. Néanmoins, cette population à elle aussi disparue ne laissant aucun indice, aucun message, aucune trace ? Personne n’a de réponse, c’est à croire que toutes ces personnes ont été enlevées pas une force supérieure inconnue, par des Aliens peut-être ? Bienvenue à Aly…


Extract the archive into “My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps” directory. If this folder is not currently on your system, you can safely create it. The archive contains :



Aly is my third map. Since the 2 previous one took me months to build, I wanted to make a simple & nice atmospheric map with just a bit of deco. No complicated mesh work like Nano, just the minimum to make it look, sound & feel pleasing. I made the ‘NE’ (Night Edition) & the ‘NE FPS’ after the day version. I wasn’t satisfied with the first day release (1.0) but after working on the NE versions, I decided to rework on the day version & publish this SE by enhancing this & that. Since I was had it, I made drastic pickup changes to bring to the SE a completely new gameplay.


– Many custom materials, custom flame / smoke emitters, custom meshes
– Custom music, the music track is from the album ‘The silent path’ by Robert Haig Coxon, edited by me


  1. If the bots kick my a$$, then the pathing must be good. Actually, I owned them after the first match and kinda figured it out. The gameplay is crazy fast with lots of spinning around to watch your back, jumping and a sh*tload of z-axis. I really think the sniper rifle should be replaced with something else in this one. The music fits the map day or night. Definitely a cool outdoor map with falling leaves, waterfalls, pools (can see surface underneath), overgrown ruins, chirping birds, torches and surrounding mountainous islands. It also was lots of fun!


  2. I am digging the updated version. I really like the torches as they give the map some more dynamic elements. The FPS are still good. Thanks for taking the time to improve an already nice map.


  3. Well you should be proud, it’s a great level! 😀

    And cheers I still remember you helping me with my first map, so I should thank you for that!


  4. Very nice improvements to one of my favorite custom DM maps. – Great work again Stevelois!!


  5. And Steve, the torches are a definite improvement and I can surprisingly run this at 25-30 fps (very good for me)
    Great job improving Aly


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