Remakes for UT4

I think that UT4 players would be pleased to replay with the classics (maps, vehicles, weapons, etc.) remade for UT4 😀 This page will lead you to all remakes I’m aware for UT4 🙂 Note that I maintain this list for the community, not for myself and it take a considerable amount of time to stay up-to-date ! If your aware of a remake that isn’t listed, please inform me by commenting on this page or send me an email so I can add it to the list 😉 Only the finals have a pic below their link.

Maps: AS, CTF, DM and DOM

AS-Ballistic 2021 by BloodK1nG (UT99)
AS-DesertStorm 2021 by BloodK1nG (UT99)
AS-Desolate 2021 by BloodK1nG (UT99)
AS-FallenCity 2021 by BloodK1nG (UT99)
AS-Frigate 2021 by BloodK1nG (UT99)
AS-Guardia 2021 by Raste (UT99)
AS-Huron 2021 by BloodK1nG (UT99)
AS-MagmaFort 2021 by BloodK1nG (UT99)
AS-Nemphis 2021 by BloodK1nG (UT99)
AS-Overlord 2021 by BloodK1nG (UT99)
AS-Riverbed 2021 by BloodK1nG (UT99)
AS-Rook 2021 by Urgamanix (UT99)
AS-Subrosa 2021 by BloodK1nG (UT99)
AS-Siege 2021 by BloodK1nG (UT99)
CTF-Abreez SE by Café (UT99)
CTF-Agony by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Akbal by garuDa (UT200x)
CTF-AndAction by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-AndAction by tresq (UT99)
CTF-Aquatica by Prescovio (UT200x)
CTF-Archanastre by itsinthemind (UT200x)
CTF-Azcanize by cafe (UT99)
CTF-Barricade by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Bathrooms by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Beatitude by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Bedrooms2 by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Bedrooms2-SB by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-BlackRiver by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Bleak by Tigerclaw (UT99)
CTF-Bloxeh by platnumspider (UT200x)
CTF-Bloxeh by vl49 (UT200x)
CTF-BrokenLimits by Loque- (UT99)
CTF-CampersCrossing by Wowbagger (UT99)
CTF-CandyCanyon by dsercs (SweetSweetCanyon from Mario Kart 8)
CTF-Cheops by Prescovio (UT200x)
CTF-Clarion by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Closer by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Command by aniviron (UT99)
CTF-Command by Loque- (UT99)
CTF-Command by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Control League Edition by code187 (UT99)
CTF-Coret by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-CoretFacility by ~SPECTRE~ (UT99)
CTF-Cybrosis by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Cynosure2 by cafe (UT99)
CTF-Darji16 by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Decrepit by aniviron (UT200x)
CTF-DiamondSword by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Dreary by Delfigamer (UT99)
CTF-Dreary by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Dreary by rawlph (UT99)
CTF-Drunklet by garuDa (UT200x)
CTF-Duku by Loque- (UT99)
CTF-Duku by platnumspider (UT99)
CTF-Dynex by info25 (UT99)
CTF-EpicBoy by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-EternalCaves by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Extorcion CE by AdrianUT (UT99)
CTF-Face by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Face SE by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-FeelGood Inc by Megasporwic (UT3)
CTF-FlagShip3 by platnumspider (UT99)
CTF-Flumadiddle by PayBack (UT3)
CTF-FragWhoreArena by code187 (UT99)
CTF-Gauntlet by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Grendelkeep by jayo_ (UT200x)
CTF-Grudge by Loque- (UT99)
CTF-HallOfGiants by GGaben (UT99)
CTF-HallOfGiants by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-HelmsDeep by platnumspider (UT99)
CTF-High by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Hydro16 by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Joust by Barsam2 (UT200x)
CTF-Klondike by Loque- (UT99)
CTF-Kosov by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-LavaGiant by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-LavaGiant by pikachu1001000 (UT99)
CTF-LiandriDocks by {S.o.W}DeathMask (UT99)
CTF-Mesmerize by Loque- (UT99)
CTF-Niven by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-November by Atomicfire (UT99)
CTF-November by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Noxion16 by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Nucleus by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Orbital by CaptainMigraine (UT200x)
CTF-Orbital by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Orbital SE by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-P4ce LE101 by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-PistolaBattleGrounds by Jayoplus (UT200x)

CTF-Ranel by AdrianUT (UT99)
CTF-Ranel by Prescovio (UT99)
CTF-Ratchet by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Romra by PayBack (UT3)
CTF-SpiderCrossings by BloodK1nG (Quake 3)
CTF-SpiderCrossings by Tetsu (Quake 3)
CTF-Sprinta by Loque- (UT99)
CTF-Sprinta by Tigerclaw (UT99)
CTF-Switchback by garuDa (UT200x)
CTF-TechDream by Rainmaker_CZ (UT200x)
CTF-Thorns by de`pain (UT99)
CTF-Thorns by Elipter (UT99)
CTF-Thorns by LoRÐ. (UT99)
CTF-Trenches by smintili (Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force, BetaStation)
CTF-Tutorial by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-TwinTombs by DarkHell (UT200x)
CTF-VaultCity by fb.pb (UT99)
CTF-Veiled by _Lynx (UT200x)
CTF-W00tabulous by code187 (UT99)
CTF-W00tabulous by DarkHell (UT99)
CTF-W00tabulous by Francesco Biscazzo (UT99)
CTF-W00tabulous by Loque- (UT99)
CTF-W00tabulous by TheTrainStation (UT99)
DM-1on1-Aerowalk by FlamesoFF1 (Quake)
DM-1on1-Aerowalk by Flikswich (Quake)
DM-1on1-Pure by K-2 (UT3)
DM-1on1-Pure Pro by irridium77 (UT3)
DM-1on1-Toxicity by luauDesign (Quake)
DM-Agony by Metalfist (UT99)
DM-Agony by MoxNix (UT99)
DM-Agony4 by LoRÐ. (UT99)
DM-Agony by TomcaT (UT99)
DM-Akbal by garuDa (UT200x)
DM-Aly by Stevelois (UT3)

DM-Antalus by MoxNix (UT99)
DM-Antalus by sunnyxyed (UT200x)
DM-Apathy by Flylikeamouse (UT200x)
DM-Ariza by blm (UT99)
DM-ArcaneTemple by Metalfist (UT99)
DM-Ariza by IllpIll (UT99)
DM-Ariza by Metalfist (UT99)
DM-AtomSilo by EELIJVA (Half-Life)
DM-Backspace by Scinbed (UT200x)

DM-Barricade by Metalfist (UT99)
DM-BigDonut by Last Photograph (Mario Kart 64)
DM-Biohazard by Barsam2 (UT3)
DM-Bishop by Metalfist (UT99)
DM-Bishop by MoxNix (UT99)
DM-Campgrounds by bass3 (Quake 3)
DM-Campgrounds by FrostbyteGR (UT200x)
DM-CampgroundsIntel by Zulua (UT200x)
DM-Cheops by [PHX]Big_Deal (UT200x)
DM-Cheops by MoxNix (UT200x)
DM-Cheops by Prescovio (UT200x, DM-OSR-Cheops)
DM-Chillout by Silent_Scope (Halo 2 Lockout)
DM-Closer by Metalfist (UT99)
DM-Closer by MoxNix (UT99)
DM-Codex by Metalfist (UT99)
DM-Codex by MoxNix (UT99)
DM-Complexo by luauDesign (GoldenEye)
DM-Compressed by garuDa (UT200x)
DM-Compressed by konseptzzz (UT99)
DM-Conduit by Mozi (UT3)

DM-Conveyor by Fury44de (UT99)
DM-Conveyor by Metalfist (UT99)
DM-Conveyor by MoxNix (UT99)
DM-Corrugation by MoxNix (UT99)
DM-Crane by MoxNix (UT99)
DM-Crash by jonzie23 (UT200x)
DM-Crusher by CDMcGwire (Quake 3)
DM-Curse by d3tox (UT99)
DM-Curse by Fury44de (UT99)
DM-Curse by Metalfist (UT99)
DM-Curse by MoxNix (UT99)
DM-Curse by Trinatek (UT99)
DM-Cybrosis by Fury44de (UT99)
DM-DeathFan by Metalfist (UT99)
DM-Deck16 by MoxNix (UT99)
DM-Deck246 by Tigerclaw (UT99)
DM-Deck8 by ChongLee (UT99)
DM-Deck-CLee by ChongLee (UT99)
DM-Deck-Duel by chicken- (UT99)
DM-DeepRuins by CaptainMigraine (UT3)
DM-DeepInside by BloodK1nG (Quake 3)
DM-DeepInside by phyloni (Quake 3)
DM-DM7 by Venguard (Quake 3)
DM-Edge by Cr4zy (UT3)
DM-Faze by Cr4zy (UT3)
DM-Fearless by Barsam2 (UT3)
DM-Fetid by MoxNix (UT99)
DM-Flustered by bcogan (UT3)
DM-Foundry by Darksteel (UT99)
DM-Fractal by Metalfist (UT99)
DM-FractalCore by Venguard (UT99)
DM-Gael by Mr. Special (UT200x)
DM-Gael by aniviron (UT200x)
DM-Genku by Mitch Mitchell (UT3)
DM-Goose by garuDa (UT200x)
DM-Gothic by Metalfist (UT99)
DM-Gothic by Kyben (UT99)
DM-Gothic by Daniel ‘Sneh’ Jacob (UT99)
DM-Grendelkeep by jayo_ (UT200x)
DM-Grendelkeep by MoxNix (UT99)
DM-Grendelkeep by konseptzzz (UT200x)
DM-Grinder by aniviron (UT99)
DM-Grinder by Metalfist (UT99)
DM-Grinder by MoxNix (UT99)
DM-Guardian by Bmikes (Halo 3)
DM-HeatRay by MoxNix (UT3)
DM-HellsGate by JamyzGenius (Quake 3)
DM-HyperBlast by Daniel ‘Sneh’ Jacob (UT99)
DM-HyperBlast by Metalfist (UT99)
DM-Idoma by garuDa (UT200x)
DM-Idoma by Trev and Mariomguy (UT200x)
DM-Intercept by LoRÐ. (UT3)
DM-IronMaiden3 Mozi (UT200x)
DM-Ironic MoxNix (UT200x)
DM-Ironic Nonemm (UT200x)
DM-KGalleon by Metalfist (UT99)
DM-KillBillyBarn by Teddie (UT200x)
DM-LeaObservatory by CaptainMigraine (UT200x)

DM-Liandri by Metalfist (UT99)
DM-Luci by Tetsu (UT200x)
DM-Malevolence by Metalfist (UT99)
DM-Malevolence by MoxNix (UT99)
DM-MatrixPort by TrumpetPro (UT200x)
DM-MikesRoom by Last Photograph (UT200x)
DM-Mojo by Metalfist (UT99)
DM-Mojo by MoxNix (UT99)
DM-Morbias by Metalfist (UT99)
DM-Morbias II by Laokin (UT99)
DM-Morpheus by Fury44de (UT99)
DM-Morpheus by Ch0ng (UT99)
DM-Morpheus by FelipeHC (UT99)
DM-Nitro by MoxNix (UT99)
DM-Morbias by Metalfist (UT99)
DM-Osiris by bass3 and lo2dk (UT200x)
DM-Oblivion by Metalfist (UT99)
DM-Oblivion by Stevelois (UT99)

DM-Peak by Metalfist (UT99)
DM-Peak-CLee by ChongLee (UT99)
DM-Penetrated by LoRÐ. (UT3)
DM-Phobos by Metalfist (UT99)
DM-Phobos by MoxNix (UT99)
DM-Phobos3 by MonsOlympus (UT99)
DM-Phobos Moon by Fury44de (UT99)
DM-Plunge by jonzie23 (UT200x)
DM-Pressure by NKos (UT99)
DM-Pressure by Metalfist (UT99)
DM-Pressure by MoxNix (UT99)
DM-Psi by Mitch Mitchell (UT3)
DM-Pyramid by Metalfist (UT99)
DM-Q17 by Taki (Quake 3)
DM-Q3DM4 by LoRÐ. (Quake 3)
DM-Q3DM7 by Venguard (Quake 3)
DM-Rankin by bass3 (UT200x)
DM-Rankin by Crocopede (UT200x)
DM-Rankin by MataChungos (UT200x)
DM-Rankin by MoxNix (UT200x)
DM-Rankin by Teln3t (UT200x)
DM-RelentlessMachine by darksinn3r (Quake Live)
DM-RisingSun by Barsam2 (UT3)
DM-Roughinery by itsinthemind (UT200x)
DM-Roughinery by MoxNix (UT200x)
DM-Sentinel by LoRÐ. (UT3)
DM-Shrapnel by Metalfist (UT99)
DM-SpaceNoxx by Metalfist (UT99)
DM-SpaceNoxx by M^uL (UT99)
DM-Spirit by Barsam2 (UT200x)
DM-Spirit by itsinthemind (UT200x)
DM-Stalwart XL by Metalfist (UT99)
DM-Stalwart XL by MoxNix (UT99)
DM-Stalwart XL by Stevelois (UT99)

DM-Stalwart XL by Trinatek (UT99)
DM-StompingGrounds by FlamesoFF1 (Quake 2)
DM-Subterrane by trejam (UT3)
DM-Sulphuris by Paradox_ (UT200x)
DM-Swampgrounds by luauDesign (Quake 3)
DM-Tempest by Metalfist (UT99)
DM-Tempest by MoxNix (UT99)
DM-TheBadPlace by Immelmann (Quake)
DM-Tourney2 by waffl3head (Quake 3)
DM-TokaraForest by MoxNix (UT200x)
DM-ToxiCity by CHaCHi84 (Quake 3)
DM-TrainingDay by itsinthemind (UT200x)
DM-TrainingDay by MoxNix (UT200x)
DM-Tundra by Metalfist (UT99)
DM-Tundra by pBOOST (UT99)
DM-Turbine by Metalfist (UT99)
DM-Turbine by MoxNix (UT99)
DM-Under LE by itsinthemind (UT200x)
DM-UntoldStorage by Mitch Mitchell (UT3)
DM-Viridian by Barsam2 (UT99)
DM-Viridian by Metalfist (UT99)
DM-VoltHammer by Fury44de (UT99)
DM-Warlock by Snake Patriot (Halo)
DM-Zeto by Metalfist (UT99)
DM-Zeto by MoxNix (UT99)
DOM-Olden by Snake.Pliskin (UT99)
DOM-Vitamin by Basalt (UT99)


Assault Resurgence by Urgamanix
Betrayal by RattleSN4K3
Chaos by Vicarious
Domination by Snake.Pliskin


  1. Hi Steve. Thanks for maintaining this massive list. I know how much work this kind of thing is! One thing I happened to notice is that my DM-Maelstrom map is on here. There aren’t any DM-Maelstrom’s in previous UTs that I know of and its a brand new map so probably doesn’t fit under a remake list.


  2. This is GREAT… I have played UT99 thru UT3 and now to see work on UT4 underway, WoW.
    One of the best (IMHO) maps was DM-ZeitKind. Any chance of a remake for UT4?
    Thanks and keep up the great work.


    1. Hey Earl 🙂

      Yep, it’s already amazing to see all those remakes for a game that still is in alpha stage! I don’t know DM-ZeitKind? Maybe if you ask mappers for a remake on Epic forums, one could do it? THX for stopping by and your comments 🙂


  3. Just having a nostalgia trip on google about all things UT3, came across this, nice to see people taking the time to update the old maps.

    Unfortunately my UT mapping days finished long ago, may get back into it someday just for fun, the thought of doing another Stalwart remake is tempting :P.

    Not sure if its just me, but a lot of the links are dead.


    1. Hi m8 🙂

      Lot’s of UT4 remakes as been abandon a long time ago but still, we never know if the authors will restart working on their maps again 🙂 So I keep all the links just in case 😉


  4. I did fire up the UT3 UnrealED for the first time in about 7 years and was suprised how many unfinished projects i had going, i know a lot of people hated the grunge look back then, heck even when i released Stalwart and StalwartXL that was almost the first comment made.

    They would have hated the Fetid sewers remake i never finished ( but looked pretty damn good imho.

    I have dabbled in UE4 a little, play ARK Survival Evolved quite a bit and looked into modding that, but the Engine jump in complexity is something to be seen.


    1. For sure the UE4 editor is more complex but when you start to really work with it, it get easier to do many things in particular with landscape 😌


  5. Hi Steve! 🙂

    Nice list you have there. 🙂

    Your listed map CTF-Biohazard (started by TIGER, he handed the map over to me a while ago, cause he is extremely busy) is actually a DM Map:

    Some other Remakes (all WIP):

    CTF-Joust (UT2004):

    DM-Fearless (UT3):

    DM-RisingSun (UT3):

    DM-Spirit (UT2004):

    DM-Viridian (UT99):

    RisingSun and Viridian started as Conversions, the other maps are rebuild from scratch.

    Admin Info in Links 🙂

    Kind Regards from Austria


    Liked by 1 person

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