Camera control 2.0 by Xyx Epic
Control the vehicle camera distance with the mouse scroll button like in UT2004.

Color control 1.0 by Xyx Epic
Restore the maximum missing colors, up to 30% to the game if the map use color saturation. The maps look less bland, less washed out restoring the true colors like previous UT’s.

Free FOV 1.1 by Mr Evil Official Epic
Allows field of view adjustments beyond the normal range of 80-100 with widescreen support (16:9, 16:10 AR) instead of stretching the image (default engine behavior).

Jump mod 2.1 by Bob_Gneu Official Epic
Multi jump configurable via the configuration file that allows you to do just that, Jump multiple times. This kind of mutator was stock in UT2004.

Liandri Hacker 2.0 by Fraghouse Official Epic
Designed as a reinstatement of a blade-based melee weapon for the Tournament and replacing the Impact Hammer.

MapMixer 3.01 by Sinx moddb
It’s designed to give you more control over the way you launch and manage your game session in UT3. At it’s core it works as a Mutator that hooks into the game, providing it’s unique management operations, however, it does much more. It replaces the UT3 main menu and provide direct links to the MapMixer menus as well as the standard settings menus. MapMixer has been specifically designed from the ground up for both standalone and server environments.

MK3rdPerson 2.4 by HideInLight Epic
Turns UT3 into a third-person shooter. It also allows the sniper zoom to work as intended (first-person view). Better than ActionCam imho. It was originally made by Jeremy J. Collins. Therefore, the 2.3 final version didn’t work anymore when the Titan Pack was released. This 2.4 version is Titan Pack compatible 🙂

Nyan Cat Redeemer 1.0 by Azurescorch, Bi()ha2ard and Cr4zy
This mutator replaces the stock redeemer, the weapon is the same, only the redeemer missile, effects, sounds and kill messages have been changed. You do not need to use weapon replacement with this, just enable the mutator!