All CTF / Greed custom maps

I thought that UT3 players would like to see a centralized spot to grab those types of maps so I decided to do it. This list is the most completed list for CTF / Greed custom maps since the game came out. The idea is to regroup the finals and all the others (Alpha / Beta / Release Candidate) in 1 page. You will find a gigantic list of finals and Work In Progress stuff. Some maps had been designed to be played in Greed only. Those are under the Greed sections (Finals and non finals).

Take note that I do this map listing for the community, not for myself and it take a considerable amount of time to stay up-to-date. To add something that isn’t listed, the only thing I ask is that you post the correct info and the link. Please be as much detailed as possible.

Description: Game type, map title, author, bonus pack (if coming from) and links


CTF-1on1-Joust, Death Dream Epic
CTF-1on1-Joust Reloaded Edition, Sunshine1709Str Epic
CTF-1on1-T Remastered Edition, t8z5h3 Epic
CTF-1on1-Training day, Ignotium Epic
CTF-420, BloodK1nG Epic
CTF-Acropolis, Ordzo Epic
CTF-Acropolis, WoLvErInE Official
CTF-AcrossSpace, TwelVeR Epic
CTF-Aetherdale, Horror Epic
CTF-Agonas, Raz and Sjosz, CBP3 vol. 2 Official
CTF-AlienExplorer, Moloch Direct dwn
CTF-AllAlong, [ADP]-Dirty AdrenalineParty
CTF-AndAction! 2009, 1XTreme Epic
CTF-AndAction! 2010, 1XTreme, UOF vol. 1 Official
CTF-Andhera, nELsOn Official
CTF-AnkalaBubble, Gloryroader Official
CTF-AnkalaKeeps, Gloryroader Official
CTF-AnkalaTower, Gloryroader Epic
CTF-Antediluvian, Greenloves, CBP3 vol. 4 Official
CTF-ArahanCrown, KazeoHin Epic
CTF-Arboretum, opiumunknown Epic
CTF-Arean, KaMi, CBP3 vol. 2 Official
CTF-Aria galactica, Moloch Epic
CTF-Armadus, »TheHitMan« Epic
CTF-Athea, Thrallala Official
CTF-Athea Competition Edition, Thrallala Official
CTF-Atlantea, oMLeTTe- Official
CTF-Atonement, CrudeJUNN Official
CTF-Aurora, Sam Kaplan Official
CTF-Austere, musilowski Epic
CTF-Babylon, Lord PorkSword UOF
CTF-BarnBurner, TwïsteD UP
CTF-BattleCreek, »TheHitMan« Epic
CTF-BeyondUnreality, Odedge Official
CTF-Bhutan, dura1198 Epic
CTF-BioDump, OpTYk Epic
CTF-Biomium, jayoplus Epic
CTF-Bird, Mclogenog Official
CTF-Blitz, NØØb Zaibot, COMP vol. 2 Epic
CTF-BloodWorks, Ace_The_Great Epic
CTF-Bloxeh, dark_elf Epic
CTF-Bloxeh 2008, Flying Epic
CTF-Bloxeh 2010, Coreper Epic
CTF-BloxehEgypt Second Edition, poppersia Epic
CTF-BogWar, Proddeh Epic
CTF-Botanic, Sonic-len Epic
CTF-Botanica, Bret Hart Epic
CTF-BrokenLimits classic,
CTF-Bunker, jayoplus UTZone
CTF-Burial, Christian Eggert Direct dwn
CTF-Cardinal, Sjosz, HOLP2 Official
CTF-CastleDiscordia, Gloryroader Official
CTF-Catwalk, Gloryroader Official
CTF-Caved, [ADP]-Dirty AdrenalineParty
CTF-CDDSpace, ShockHunter Epic
CTF-Cellar, FioPro Epic
CTF-Chamber, Bullet_Bait UP
CTF-Checkmate CWL3, The_grey_man Epic
CTF-ChemicalRefinery LFE Lee’s Favorite Edition, xfuture Epic
CTF-ChickenPancakes, dauthi Epic
CTF-Christcrusher distant horizons, Moloch Epic
CTF-Citadel, dura1198 Epic
CTF-Citius, Stevelois Official
CTF-CityDay, [ADP]-Dirty AdrenalineParty
CTF-CityNight, [ADP]-Dirty AdrenalineParty
CTF-CloseCall, Gloryroader Official
CTF-Command classic,
CTF-Complex, opiumunknown Epic
CTF-Compression, Sjosz, HOLP3 vol. 2 Official
CTF-Cosmic, Ordzo Epic
CTF-Courtyard Mk II, Gloryroader Official
CTF-CrowdedDowntown, Moloch Direct dwn
CTF-CrossFire, Ice.T Epic
CTF-CubeBall, Mclogenog Official
CTF-Cyanide, aCRaSSiCauDa BU
CTF-Cyberfuturism, Moloch Direct dwn
CTF-Daedalus, Gloryroader Official
CTF-DDay CE, poppersia Epic
CTF-DeathMill, ToasterMongoose Epic
CTF-Debris, LtClifff Epic
CTF-DefniteChance, Grendel{HoC} Epic
CTF-DefensePlatform, DoomAng3l Epic
CTF-Delta, TwelVeR Epic
CTF-Delude, Mclogenog Official
CTF-Desilation, Steelfalcon001 Epic
CTF-DesolateState 2, Foufoune_Rose Epic
CTF-Detained, inferyes BU
CTF-Diamond 2007 InstaGib only, DJStoney69 Epic
CTF-Diamond 2007 Weapons Version, DJStoney69 Epic
CTF-DiamondSword 2009 Second Edition, HO0815XX Epic
CTF-Dirt’s, [ADP]-Dirty AdrenalineParty
CTF-DragonScale, VikingWasDead Epic
CTF-DrearyOutpost, Bazzwano Epic
CTF-Duality, Gloryroader Official
CTF-Duku classic,
CTF-Dumster, Ordzo Epic
CTF-Dynex, Blackstarting Epic
CTF-EagleNest, Manun UTU
CTF-EgyptianThorns, poppersia Epic
CTF-EpicBoy, Axeman Epic
CTF-Edreneh, WoLvErInE Official
CTF-Element, Ice.T Epic
CTF-Ephemeral, aeternus BU
CTF-EternalCave III blue, poppersia Epic
CTF-EternalCave classic, poppersia Epic
CTF-Eternity, Thrallala BU Official
CTF-Eurus, cooloola BU
CTF-Evergreen, Jimmy Steorts Direct dwn
CTF-Exeter, jayoplus Epic
CTF-Extortion UT3 NM, ]UkE|Prodigy[ GameFront
CTF-Face classic, [ADP]-Dirty AdrenalineParty
CTF-FaceToFace, dosse Epic
CTF-FacingWorlds][, UTGangster Epic
CTF-FacingWorlds classic, hi-ban Epic
CTF-FacingWorlds 3, Coreper & HO0815XX Epic
CTF-Faithless, Diesalot Epic
CTF-Fasader, Christian ‘Berjj’ Berg BU UP
CTF-FastAction iGib, Donzi Epic
CTF-Fatima, Stevelois, UOF vol. 2 Official UOF
CTF-FlakArena, Rigel Epic
CTF-Football 2010, 1XTreme Epic
CTF-ForbiddenCity, Gloryroader Epic
CTF-FragWhore, FrontAXL Epic
CTF-Freakopolis, Realpope Official
CTF-Freespace, VoodooFox Epic
CTF-FullThrottle, Mozi, CBP3 vol. 3 Official
CTF-Gauntlet, [CB]Angelus GameFront
CTF-Generals, Proddeh Epic
CTF-Geppetto, Soah Epic
CTF-Garnlx, Slicer Epic
CTF-GrateWorld, Ordzo Epic
CTF-Gravis, Sjosz BU
CTF-GrendelKeep 3, jayoplus Epic
CTF-Griever, Sabo Epic
CTF-Grit, Gloryroader Official
CTF-Haco, Hourences, HOLP1 Official
CTF-HallOfGiants 2008, HO0815XX Epic
CTF-HallOfGiants 3, sneh Epic
CTF-Hang ’em high, Vicious3745 Epic
CTF-Hero’s leap, Cirian Epic
CTF-Hexakaidecagon, ekyman Epic
CTF-Hosh, Sjosz, HOLP1 Official
CTF-Hosh 2, Sjosz BU
CTF-Icefields, keyser325 Epic
CTF-Ilya, nELsOn Official
CTF-Immulsion, Bret Hart Epic
CTF-Impasse, ls206 Epic
CTF-ImperialPagoda, apophis3d Epic
CTF-Incinerate, Thrallala, UOF vol. 1 Official
CTF-Infiris, ShadeMistress Epic
CTF-InnerSanctumsArena, Eldraad Epic
CTF-Isis, Sefyra, HOLP3 vol. 1 Official
CTF-IsolatedGrounds, DavoX BU
CTF-Isometric, p3rplx3d BU
CTF-Jigoku, Dark and McLogeNog and Sébastien Nova, UOF vol. 4 Official
CTF-Jugo, Daze Epic
CTF-Katzenjammer, Blackstarting Epic
CTF-Kokki, Gonk Epic
CTF-Krodan, Hourences, CBP3 vol. 2 Official
CTF-Lapse, Slainchild, HOLP3 vol. 2 Official
CTF-LavaGiant classic 2009, HO0815XX Epic
CTF-LavaGiant classic 2009 Second Edition, HO0815XX Epic
CTF-Legacy, Thrallala, UOF vol. 2 Official
CTF-Liandrium, Moloch Direct dwn
CTF-LiandriUnityChurch, Gloryroader Official
CTF-LightHouse PhysX, TKBS Epic
CTF-Lime, Sefyra, HOLP3 vol. 2 Official
CTF-Longest, Era Epic
CTF-Lopo, Hourences, HOLP1 Official
CTF-LRC in space training, HD4850 Epic
CTF-Madoz, Realpope Official
CTF-Maelstrom, 1XTreme Epic
CTF-Magma, Thalos Epic
CTF-Magma Redux keyser325 Epic
CTF-Mako, Stevelois Official
CTF-Malaku, Realpope Official
CTF-MarketDistrict, [Apoc]Cerberus Epic
CTF-MatrixLobby 2007, DJStoney69 Epic
CTF-MatrixLobby 2007 InstaGib only, DJStoney69 Epic
CTF-McSwartzly, poppersia Epic
CTF-Minimal, wael Epic
CTF-MistyElegyOfTheFutureCity, Moloch Epic
CTF-MoonMaze, iwilliams Epic
CTF-MoonRun, poppersia Epic
CTF-Morgoth, Monger, CBP3 vol. 2 Official
CTF-Mosque, briano Epic
CTF-Mustafar (iG and WP), SpY Official
CTF-Mythos, poppersia Epic
CTF-Nayr, poppersia Epic
CTF-NecronTemple, Brian Johnson Official
CTF-Niven Classic Edition, sneh Epic
CTF-NotBarnBurner 3, MrZeaL Epic
CTF-November, Nawrot Epic
CTF-Novorapid, Blackstarting Epic
CTF-Nucleus, Syphix Epic
CTF-OldSpaceStation, HD4850 Epic
CTF-OneWay, ZP32 Mapraider
CTF-OptiExtract MSUC Edition, gorgesucks Epic
CTF-OptiExtract 2, gorgesucks Epic
CTF-Orbital 2007, oMLeTTe- Official
CTF-OrbitalDebris, Lord PorkSword UOF
CTF-OrbitalPipes, Gloryroader Official
CTF-OrderOfMagnitude, Robert Ciullo Direct dwn
CTF-Orestes, Ignotium, HOLP3 vol. 1 Official
CTF-Phalanx, Nidas Epic
CTF-Politicos, Mclogenog Official
CTF-Rabalder, Daze and Dennis Vizins, HOLP3 vol. 1 Official
CTF-Radiant, Daniel-Green-Rozański, CBP3 vol. 5 Official
CTF-Raed, nELsOn, CBP3 vol. 5 Official
CTF-Railway, Dark_stranger Epic
CTF-Ranel, BaD-KarmA gamershell
CTF-Razor, h00k, HOLP2 Official
CTF-React, pinnacle Epic
CTF-Recycle lab, ZP32 Epic
CTF-Reverse CTF, Fes Epic
CTF-Rising, DarK, UOF vol. 4 Official
CTF-Rlyeh, Moloch Epic
CTF-Romra, WoLvErInE UTZone
CTF-Sabr, chonglee Epic
CTF-SacredArt, Raz, CBP3 vol. 3 Official
CTF-Safeguard, Bazzwano Epic
CTF-Saray, Mike J. Drake Official
CTF-Seraph, DarK Epic
CTF-Sesmar, WoLvErInE Official
CTF-Sigma, Xyius Epic
CTF-Simplicissimus SE, Sp4der Epic
CTF-Sinkhole, Coreper Epic
CTF-SkyBound, Kibbler Epic
CTF-SkyBridge, Remus Official
CTF-SmallRun, SonicusZ Epic
CTF-Spirito, Nidas Epic
CTF-Sprint, Mojonick Epic
CTF-Sprinta 3, Foufoune_Rose Epic
CTF-Sprinta classic,
CTF-StairwayToHeaven, Ordzo Epic
CTF-StarBase, Ice.T Epic
CTF-Stargate, Fibbes Epic
CTF-Starship, dosse Epic
CTF-Stormfront, Nidas Epic
CTF-Str8Control, Hyrage Epic
CTF-StraightFrag, Duobix Epic
CTF-Strand, Hazel.H Epic
CTF-Stratus, Bazzwano BU
CTF-SundogFalls, Gloryroader Official
CTF-Switchback, Donzi Epic
CTF-Switchback, Tolstoy the Cat Epic
CTF-Tangled, Hazel.H, HOLP3 vol. 1 Official
CTF-TantraMultiversum, Moloch Direct dwn
CTF-Temple, Slayer_2 Epic
CTF-TempleOfBeatitude, Net Lizzard Epic
CTF-Tengoku, McLogeNog, UOF vol. 4 Official
CTF-Terra classic, ?,
CTF-TheExcavation, Plutonic, CBP3 vol. 2 Official
CTF-TheUrb Z, choel Epic
CTF-TheVeryEndOfYou, TwelVeR Epic
CTF-Thermostate, Thrallala Official
CTF-Thorns classic, Nawrot Epic
CTF-Thorns classic, syphir Epic
CTF-Thorns classic, WoLvErInE Official
CTF-Thorns Necris, Nawrot Epic
CTF-Thorns UT3, Jelloh Epic
CTF-TitanTestingGrounds, JoeXL Epic
CTF-TokaidoGardensJoust, snorkelbottom Epic
CTF-Touch, Spoondog, CBP3 vol. 1 Official
CTF-Transcendence, Inferno Modacity
CTF-TransloPuzzle, DJorKID Epic
CTF-TsukiyamaGardens, Mike J. Drake Official
CTF-Turbo, Sefyra, HOLP1 Official
CTF-TwistedFace, NeoGzus Epic
CTF-TwistedFace Pro, NeoGzus Epic
CTF-TwistedFace Ultra, NeoGzus Epic
CTF-Ultra, h00k, HOLP1 Official
CTF-Umber, Gloryroader Official
CTF-UndergroundAcidTrip, Rumple Epic
CTF-Unikon, sklare, CBP3 vol. 5 Official
CTF-Vengeance, N3oDoc, CBP3 vol. 2 Official
CTF-VenicianRush, Th3 Duk3 Epic
CTF-Vogel, Mclogenog Official
CTF-VortexLegacy, Lord PorkSword, UOF vol. 3 Official
CTF-WalkWay, [ADP]-Dirty AdrenalineParty
CTF-Wallbounce, xerofighter Epic
CTF-Watermaze, benbearuk Epic
CTF-W00TF, XYZ8000 Official
CTF-W00tabulous, VoodooFox Epic
CTF-Xerces, SpY Official
CTF-Xpire, OpTYk Epic
CTF-Yaijm, XYZ8000 Official
CTF-Yoghourt, Ignotium, HOLP2 Official
CTF-Zeus, LtClifff Epic

Greed finals

There are also ‘Unofficial Greed Maps’ that are stock and Titan DM converted for Greed here. THX to Diesalot and Odedge for doing that great job 😉

CTF-GRD-Amissa Night Edition, Stevelois Official, UOF vol. 3 UOF
CTF-GRD-Apodos GE, Nawrot Epic
CTF-GRD-Arena, Diesalot Epic
CTF-GRD-Arena, Diesalot Epic
CTF-GRD-ArenaRelic (DM-OceanRelic conversion), ekyman NE
CTF-GRD-BeyondUnreality, Odedge Official
CTF-GRD-Conveyor, »TheHitMan« Epic
CTF-GRD-DarkMess (DM-DarkMatch conversion), ekyman Epic
CTF-GRD-Deck42, Lishtenbird Epic
CTF-GRD-DeckFPS, Akybron Epic
CTF-GRD-DeReZDe, Odedge Official, UOF vol. 2 UOF
CTF-GRD-Fluxion, Lord PorkSword UOF
CTF-GRD-GoldenMountains 2009, HO0815XX Epic
CTF-GRD-HeadRush, Slainchild Epic
CTF-GRD-Hibernate, Thrallala, UOF vol. 1 Official
CTF-GRD-Hidrotrik, Odedge Official, UOF vol. 1 UOF
CTF-GRD-Insidious, Bl!tz, UOF vol. 3 Official
CTF-GRD-LavaGiant classic 2009 SE (Second Edition), HO0815XX Epic
CTF-GRD-NapaliKeep, Bl!tz, UOF vol. 2 Official
CTF-GRD-Nano, Stevelois Official
CTF-GRD-O*bert, Odedge Official
CTF-GRD-Observatory, dasKaRmA Epic
CTF-GRD-OrbitalFlux, Lord PorkSword, UOF vol. 1 Official
CTF-GRD-Peak, Bl!tz, UOF vol. 1 Official
CTF-GRD-Pulse, Superking17 Epic
CTF-GRD-Pulse AE, Superking17 Epic
CTF-GRD-Skives, Achernar Official, UOF vol. 3 UOF
CTF-GRD-Tapinak Night Edition, Odedge Official, UOF vol. 3 UOF
CTF-GRD-VortexLegacy, Lord PorkSword, UOF vol. 3 Official
VCTF-TheGate HED, Rumplehedskin Epic

Non finals

CTF-1on1-Gong, CvP Epic
CTF-1on1-Joust, Iconoclast Epic
CTF-1on1-Joust, snorkelbottom Epic
CTF-2Fort, Biznarie Epic
CTF-2Fort, twigsby Epic
CTF-3rdMonkey, Median12 BU
CTF-Abandona, De Hupie Epic
CTF-Access, Neo Epic
CTF-Archive, Harsh Criticism Epic
CTF-Armageddon, Christian Eggert Epic
CTF-AS-433-LE101, PsychoKillaaah Epic
CTF-Athea2, Thrallala Epic
CTF-Barricade3, Sneh Epic
CTF-Basilica, Lonewolf2585 Epic
CTF-Berg, Jagnot Epic
CTF-BridgeOfFate, Bl!tz UOF
CTF-Bridges, Ice.T Epic
CTF-Brig, Valconeye Epic
CTF-CheckMateRedux, Roig Epic
CTF-Chrome3, teh.m3nt0r Epic
CTF-CitadelUT3, dura1198 Epic
CTF-CityStreets, Reinkai Epic
CTF-CladiteIce.T Epic
CTF-Confliction, Mistwaver Epic
CTF-ConnectFoursaken, lockdown1101 Epic
CTF-ControlIII, _Cox Epic
CTF-Coret3, »TheHitMan« Epic
CTF-Corridor, Xzodus Epic
CTF-Crap, Shivan Hunter BU
CTF-CrossingBridges, EpicJon Epic
CTF-DeepDepth, Sharpshotoo7 Epic
CTF-Depot, »TheHitMan« Epic
CTF-Dianos, Auxilium Epic
CTF-Dolmens, Bl!tz UOF
CTF-Downfall, EpicJon Epic
CTF-DrearyDisposalFacility, Syphix Epic
CTF-Dutchees, DarK Epic
CTF-Edo, Vergil88 Epic
CTF-Elevation, Lord_Takkera Epic
CTF-Elysium, robo422 Epic
CTF-Embargo, DarK UOF
CTF-Ender, Raven42 Epic
CTF-Ephemeral, gotthard Epic
CTF-Escalation, Grauth BU
CTF-Eternalhuatl, TrickyVein Epic
CTF-Eternity, Bret Hart Epic
CTF-ExcessiveForce, renanhei Epic
CTF-Extract, gorgesucks Epic
CTF-Exude, Cr4zy Epic
CTF-Faceless, DarK Epic
CTF-FallingVale, NATO UOF
CTF-ForgottenKargo, Yoshi_last Epic
CTF-Firestorm, ridley075 Epic
CTF-GoodVsEvil, max235 Epic
CTF-GreenGiant, Dark_stranger Epic
CTF-Impact, SibeRio Epic
CTF-IndustrialWar, noize Epic
CTF-Lab_X83, koala2283 Epic
CTF-LoadingBay, Saiya-jin Epic
CTF-LRCMetroRedux, Mike D. Epic
CTF-MarketDistrict, Coreper Epic
CTF-Marmo, Rocknificent Epic
CTF-Matrix, Lord_Takkera Epic
CTF-Maze, |Grayfox| Epic
CTF-McKinleyBase, Dopefish Epic
CTF-MetroStation, Akybron Epic
CTF-Mine, emscape2 Epic
CTF-MoistMechanics, Nagash Epic
CTF-Molcaxitl, LoveFest Epic
CTF-Monastery, Crater Creator Epic
CTF-Monument, FrontAXL Epic
CTF-NarrowSword, JureV Epic
CTF-Necroid, BlazeL Epic
CTF-Nightmare, »TheHitMan« Epic
CTF-NoName, Oliebol Epic
CTF-Nuance, Liv3 Epic
CTF-Obscure, TheDragonzord Epic
CTF-Orbital 2007, NEcRo- Epic
CTF-Outpost, Shivan Hunter BU
CTF-Outpost TS3, Cimmerius Epic
CTF-Pendulum, rRuuben Epic
CTF-Prickler, IronMan42 Epic
CTF-Prison, NightClucker Epic
CTF-Protresse, Liv3 Epic
CTF-Purification Necris, Symphonyhell Epic
CTF-RamPaGe, crazyfingers BU
CTF-Reanimation, Auxilium Epic
CTF-Reclaimation, Bah_Mee Epic
CTF-RomeOrbital, 4n71r14d Epic
CTF-Sacrosanct, Firefly Epic
CTF-Scabeiathrax, ambershee Epic
CTF-Scandinavium, Jelloh Epic
CTF-Sinkhole, Wail of Suicide Epic
CTF-Skyline, Wail of Suicide Epic
CTF-Sloth, Jayoplus Epic
CTF-SludgeFactory, ZensDeath Epic
CTF-SolaGratia, danjw_net Epic
CTF-SpineShatter, faultymoose Epic
CTF-StarViewAsylum, AlexHigh Epic
CTF-Steamplant, dasKaRmA Epic
CTF-StingerFactory, TheVDM UP
CTF-StockInTrade, SonicusZ Epic
CTF-TeamLifts, Jancelot Epic
CTF-Temple, Piranhi Epic
CTF-TempleTrial, Vitae Epic
CTF-TheLongestYard 2007, CrimsonDeath Epic
CTF-ThorBowl, molosev Epic
CTF-Transcendent, Christian ‘Berjj’ Berg BU
CTF-ThreeMonstersRipped, HardPCM Official
CTF-Triakossia, WoLvErInE Epic
CTF-TroubledWaters 3, Foufoune_Rose UOF
CTF-Tumba, Nidas Epic
CTF-TwoSides, HadezTheDark Epic
CTF-UndergroundFacility, KHCloud Epic
CTF-UnReaLActioN, 1XTreme Epic
CTF-Vertigo, Pitch~Black Epic
CTF-WasteManagement, BigBadSoup Epic
CTF-Windswept, Setheran Epic
CTF-Wreckage, Ghley Epic
CTF-w00tabulous (ReRobed), Robe Epic

Greed non finals

CTF-GRD-Facility 17, TheAgent Epic
CTF-GRD-GlassboxKillhouse, OpTYk Epic
CTF-GRD-Paradise, Diesalot Epic
CTF-GRD-Season, Chaosnight Epic
CTF-GRD-Terminal, Diesalot Epic
CTF-GRD-UTGreedXmas, NickG Epic
CTF-GRD-WarMachine, »TheHitMan« Epic


  1. Thanks for making this list, Stevie. I imagine it took a huge amount of time. It’s really helpful.


  2. Your very welcome 😀 I took me a lot of time indeed to find them all at first ! Now I just maintain it.

    THX for posting your appreciation, it’s always encouraging & pleasing to read that the time I spend for the community isn’t a big waste & is worth it;)


  3. My UT3 server is till up and running with loads from your archived maps collection – take that, Fortnight!
    Maps plus Sentinals, Geigers, and near-Godlike bots – hours of crazy entertainment. And now that common computers can handle the enhanced graphics – it is a whole ‘new’ visualization game – amazing details have been hidden to me all this time. Thanks for keeping your resource up and running.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Replying to both dfaldasz and dave,

    I found it very cool that my page could be useful for you 😀 THX for letting me know because it’s always rewarding when I can read that my time spend on this list worth very much for others 🙂


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