Players: 2
Version: 1.0
Released: 21-01-2022
Download: UTCC, Readme
Checksum: f09e1823818c94eb239aac5f77c36450

Story / Histoire

Fondation managers offer the opportunity for two players to compete against each other from a Cargo-type vehicle garage, a garage usually accessible only by specialized mechanics.

Les gestionnaires de la Fondation offrent l’opportunité à deux joueurs de pouvoir s’affronter à partir d’un garage de véhicules de type Cargo, garage habituellement accessible seulement que par des mécaniciens spécialisés.


Put the files into :

Local Drive:UsersYourUsernameDocumentsUnrealTournamentSavedPaksDownloadedPaks or
Local Drive:UT4UnrealTournamentUnrealTournamentContentPaks

If this directory is not currently on your system, you can safely create it.


Layout ; to start with, I inspired myself on another level in my UT3 collection, DM-CogWorks made by ‘Cooloola’. This level is focusing on Duel. It can be played by more players, but it’s not made for. Before starting the creation of this level, I’ve check the layout and pickups placement as a reference and start from there. DM-FonDuality is not a remake and many little things as been made for a better UT4 experience. There are also more room to move since the level is a bit bigger to fit the UT4 scale. In most areas, wall dodge and wall run are possible.

Gameplay ; For comparison, the original as is 1 lift, in mine, there is 2 for various reasons. In UT3, bots didn’t make liftjumps at all. I put lot’s of time to be sure they do and it make the level more fun to play 😀 There is also an addition of a support pillar under the Bio bridge to get a bit of cover from the Link Gun attacker. Now, the vest isn’t in water so players won’t be slowed down by a physic volume. At the time, when playtesting the original, it was a cool to have the vest in a water volume, but for UT4, the idea isn’t really fitting to me, instead, I enlarge the area a bit so the player is more exposed but have more freedom to move. I didn’t want to slow down the flow, in the contrary, I want to push the player to move faster to grab the vest quickly. I also add a bit more vials and replace the Stinger by the Sniper.

Visuals ; To create this level, I’ve bought several sci-fi packs which in all, cost me more than 200$ 😮 The assets are the same used in DM-Fondation but, for this level, I wanted a more dirty, grime look. It’s suppose to be a garage after all 🙂

Note, for all my maps I use Temporal AA since it offer the best visuals.

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