Name: Fatima
Game type: CTF / Greed
Version: 1.0
Players: 8 – 12
Requirements: UT3 + patch 2.1 + Titan Pack
Released: 01 / 04 / 11

Part of ‘UOF Map Pack 2’: UOF forum, Epic forum
Standalone version: GoogleDrive, MediaFire

Story / Histoire

During a sea trip, a Lord discovered this island. It wasn’t on any maritime map? Since his initial exploration, he fell under it’s charm for it’s sublime atmosphere. He then decided to construct a temple in honor of his beautiful wife Fatima. Unfortunately for the Lord, when Fatima visited the temple, which was still under construction, the soil perpetual tremors made Fatima sick enough to make her leave the island. The Lord decided to leave the temple in an unfinished state. This place is now used as a training camp for his soldiers. Good training soldier!

Lors d’un voyage en mer, un seigneur découvrit cette île. Elle ne figurait sur aucune carte maritime ? Dès sa première exploration, il tomba sous son charme pour ses aires paradisiaques. Il décida donc d’entamer la construction d’un temple en l’honneur de sa belle épouse Fatima. Malheureusement pour le seigneur, lorsque Fatima visita le temple toujours en construction, les tremblements du sol perpétuels l’a rendirent malade au point ou elle dû quitter l’île. Le seigneur décida donc de laisser le temple dans un état inachevé. Ce lieu sert maintenant de camp d’entrainement pour ses soldats. Bon entrainement soldat !


The map files from the pack are (note; the standalone version doesn’t have the ‘UOF2’ prefix):



A day map with a medieval theme.

In the map making, to get a satisfactory result, I had to use a lot of imagination by mixing many custom stuff with stock stuff & make a huge amount of materials, all from scratch which took me a enormous amount of time to make them look the way I wanted. The map took me 14 months from start to finish to compete by working almost every day on it & many, many nights without sleeping! I can say I’m very proud now 😀


– Birds fly around the map, each one at is own speed
– The custom chains static meshes located on top of the Sniper tower are slowly moving
– The flags located on top of the buildings are animated
– The lifts are made of a bunch of stock static meshes. I wanted to add a old style lift instead of using a single static meshes. The stone wheels on each lift will turn / reverse when lift is in use and the chains static meshes will follow the platform
– When the Redeemer spawn, you will ear the wood plank beneath cracking…
– When the UDamage spawn, you will ear a short lasting ancient custom voice…
– Fatima include 76 custom materials, 8 custom emitters and 18 custom static meshes


  1. An extremely detailed map of high quality which has become a hallmark of the author. Gothic in architecture, yet somber in lore, its seems his Fatima sure missed something unreal. With so many custom materials its amazing how far the stock meshes have been pushed. Layout is a classic CTF with plenty of z-axis and balanced alternative paths. The crane tower makes a formidable defensive location perfect for the ‘Bishop’ in all of us. The background scene is so rich and detailed its easy forget your playing a game. This should be on servers everywhere!


  2. I liked the church ruins, architecture, rocks, water and the abyss; many paths to and from the flag bases with a very active central area with the bots being very good definitely doesn’t make the gameplay dull. This also sounds like it could be a great online map as well. You’ll also need the MegaHealth, unless your name is JD 😉


  3. I’m not much of a CTF player aside from a little Facing Worlds and Epicboy, but I liked this map because it is really straight forward and easy to learn. You got your high and low route which if you choose low its a bit more risky because you have to jump over a pit but you have a chance at getting the UDamage. I found that the most action occurred within the middle of the map which I think works very well. I really liked the look of both the upper and lower parts of the middle area (it was really well done), as well as the outside. I also liked the MegaHealth on the towers you can quickly grab on your way out before you head into the middle area where the action will be. The map has really good flow, and the items feel very balanced and I didn’t encounter any issues with it. Happy to have this one in my collection even though I rarely play CTF.


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