My maps

The first map I wanted to make was a low gravity CTF in space. I had no idea where to start so even less how to do things! Since it seem to much complicated, I decided to do a DM map instead to learn how it works. The first map name I had in mind was CTF-SpaceJump, after CTF-StationAlpha12 then CTF-Station12 and finally I end up with DM-Station 12. This was my 2008 concept of CTF-SpaceJump (done in Paint LOL) :

This is a video presentation of the levels I’ve made for UT3 🙂

Below, all maps I’ve made. They’re classified from the newest to the oldest. Clicking on the map name will lead you to the according page.




Greed-Mégane Winter Edition

DM-Mako L2




DOM-Itarion, part of UOF EG map pack

DM-Itarion, part of UOF DM map pack

Greed-Amissa Night Edition, part of UOF EG map pack

DM-Amissa Night Edition, part of UOF DM map pack

DM-Amissa, part of UOF DM map pack


CTF-Fatima, part of UOF map pack 2

DM-Aly Second Edition

DM-Aly Night Edition FPS

DM-Aly Night Edition


DM-Nano, MSUC P4 best graphics in map finalists 😀

DM-Station 12


UOF DM Map Pack





DM-Station 12


  1. Say what you want, but you definitely released some of the best UT3 maps and there is no way to deny that. Every map has a certain unique style, vivid atmosphere and good gameplay. Besides, if you take a closer look at your maps, from first to the latest one, it is pretty obvious that over the time you have learned and improved a lot. In the end, you have done a great job and yeah, keep up the good work! :)

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