Ancient temple ruins + Temples of Cambodia by Scans Factory

Ancient Temple Ruins and Temples of Cambodia are asset packs made by Scans Factory available on Epic Marketplace. They’re presentation are so well made and the environment so astonishing, they deserve to get more publicity! Enjoy 😀

Unreal Engine 5.1 now available!

There it is folks, new release of UE is finally available to all 😀 For all the details, head over the official post here. You can also check the release notes here.

Colorado nature by Vertex Interactive

This lovely presentation is ‘Colorado nature’ made by Vertex Interactive 😀

The Inkomer, a fan made tech demo

‘The Inkomer’ by Diorama Digital is a fan-made tech demo produced by the cinematics team at Diorama Digital. Made as a tribute to the 30th-anniversary celebration of Mortal Kombat 🙂 I must say this is extremely well made, top work 😀

Autumn forest by 6/88 Studio

‘Autumn forest’ by 6/88 Studio, is simply beautiful 😀

DM-Trivial, playing with Post Process

My current WIP level. I’ve made water effects when players are in a water volume. Wave, colors, etc. I’m only at the beginning of the construction of this level. This video concerns only the post process volume which is an important part of the immersion 🙂

Polar expedition by Chris B. Mathew

‘Polar expedition’ by Chris B. Mathew, love it 😀

What’s coming next Stevie?

Well, to be honest, nothing.

I have a lot of meshes that I haven’t used yet lying dormant on my hard drives. GB of meshes! It is a pity that they do not serve me. I started some maps and I work on them from time to time but I lack inspiration. In any case, I have no reason to rush.

The fact that I’m not supported by the community at large or by my followers here, on Facebook and YouTube doesn’t entice me to share anything at all. However, it is not difficult to like posts or videos or a page. However, it still seems like it’s too much to ask of everyone who prefers to like and comment on animal videos or funny stuff than thanking a passionate author who lets them have hours of fun for free. This is very disappointing.