Neon street by Abraar Bala

Neon street is Abraar Bala latest 😀

The golden valley by Fazal Ullah Khan Taemoor

What can I say more than fantastic project??!! The golden valley is Fazal Ullah Khan Taemoor latest personal project 😀

Etchū-daimon station by Lorenzo Drago

Freely based on a real-life train station in Toyama, Japan, Etchū-daimon station is Lorenzo Drago latest environment. This is the most photorealistic project I’ve seen so far in UE5 😀 It look like he just made a video in HQ with his phone! You can watch his breakdown too 🙂

The legend of the skull castle by LiQUIDjAR

The legend of the skull castle is made by LiQUIDjAR. Really like the environment and the mood of this, specially the audio track 😀

CTF-Ahead, final available!

There you are, the final version of CTF-Ahead 😀

The map as been in the wild for an entire month. Players had well enough the time to test it out and provide feedback. Therefore, since the complete indifference or extremely poor feedback I received on Discord, Facebook and my website, if there is a problem, to bad, you had your chances.

I special thank to Alphaeridani, Dsmoke, Mic, Narayana and Wulfgar 63 🙂

Unreal Heist CTF V2 by h1sto

h1sto made this very nice animation 😀 No idea how it can be done! It’s a clever idea to use the screens in my DM-Oblivia, part 2 level as a starting point and with the sci-fi announcer, it fits like a glove 🙂 It’s like watching a short movie, really cool!

Master Arena by Powered Games Entertainment

Master Arena, made by Powered Games Entertainment is a FPS available on Steam and is completely free to play 😀

For what I understand about the game is that it as been in dev since years, using UDK, made by a bunch of individuals who are working full time job, hence why it took so long to compete and as released the completed game yesterday.

It look like a very good FPS. Movement are not as fluid and as quick as UT4, more like UT2004. Therefore, I must say that it seem very fun to play and as the equivalence of UT in term of weapons, environments, game modes and many more aspects. There is also an editor that can be started from Steam for interested content creator 🙂

They also have a Discord channel. The devs are working hard and answer as quick as they possibly can, so if you want to share your opinion, plz, stay polite and respectful 😉

Trailo by Omid Ghajar

Trailo by Omid Ghajar is a real-time ray tracing cinematic automotive of Koenigsegg Agera created and fully rendered in Unreal Engine 4 with RTX and DLSS 2.0.