30 HQ free PBR materials by Artem Lebedev

Artem Lebedev release 30 HQ free PBR materials 😀 Many are showcase in those videos. I’ve downloaded the file and I can say the textures are looking amazing! File available at Gumroad (warning, it’s 5.6 GB file).

HQ free PBR materials by CC0 Textures

Looking for free and awesome looking high resolution PBR materials? Well, CC0 Textures is an excellent place to start looking 😀

Physically Based Rendering allows for incredibly realistic surfaces, but generating a good PBR texture ain’t easy: You need to wait for good lighting conditions, go outside and shoot the textures, stitch the images together to get one high-res image, make that seamless and then generate all the maps. This process does not only require equipment and software that not everyone has, it can also take quite a while.

That’s why most people usually rely on sites like Textures.com or Poliigon.com to get all the surfaces they need. And that works great if you are willing to spend some money or live with the free low-res versions on Textures.com. It does not work however, if you wish to distribute your work in any other way than just a render! Reselling textures from Poliigon or Textures.com on sites such as the Blender Market is a slippery slope to say the least.

That’s why that site exists, all textures and maps are licensed under the Creative Commons CC0 License, which allows you to do pretty much whatever you like with these images. Use them in your renders (even commercially!) or bundle them with your models! If you have ever heard of HDRI Haven – It’s basically that, but for PBR textures!

Site update

Hello my readers 😀

In case you didn’t notice, the top and right side menu as changed a bit. In fact, I’ve created a Substance Designer free HQ materials page under the renamed Tools and resources page 😀 The following pages : UT3 resources, UDK resources, UE4 resources, UE4 links (guide, tut), Softwares and assets have also been moved under Tools and resources. You might need to update your bookmarks 😉

As you can imagine, those changes are to help the community found the right tools for their needs for 3D content, sounds and music creation using free or costly online and standalone software. Hope you found it useful 🙂

Free Substance Designer material by Angel Fernandes

Angel Fernandes is creating HQ Substance Designer materials and is giving away his ‘Old Terracotta floor’ for free 😀 Click Gumroad to get the files 🙂

Free Substance Designer materials by Jura Andreev

Jura Andreev is giving away free HQ materials : ‘Wood floor’, ‘Terracotta tiles’, ‘Herringbone brick’ and finally ‘Old brick wall’ created entirely in Substance Designer 🙂 All are available individually on Gumroad.





Dread (re-lighting) by Jeffy Zachariah

Originally made by Liam Tart, his Scifi bunk room as been re-lightened by Jeffy Zachariah 😀

Jeffy : “I was trying to capture the mood of a deep space dreadful atmosphere, one that is prevalent in the Alien movies, and give it a cinematic quality treatment. I added some blood decals to spice up the vibe even more.

Porsche 911: The revolution by Fisher Dai

I’m not a big fan of 3D car render in general, still, when I’ve saw Fisher Dai gorgeous reproduction of the Porsche 911: The revolution, a huge WOW popped in my head 😀 Amazing work here! You can post your comment in Fisher Dai thread.