Started another map, DM-Kir

Just for the fun of creating something new for UT4, I started a new map, which I called DM-Kir. It’s a low poly, BSP level.

I’m using HQ free textures packs available on 🙂 I don’t know where I’m heading with this but anyway, I’ll see 🙂 The pics are with PostProcess activated.

Tropical coral reef 2 by Anastasia Concept

Found this beautiful and free environment Tropical coral reef 2 by Anastasia Concept 😀 It’s a full pack (1.32 GB) that include a map and all assets and is completely free to use 🙂 You only need to give the creator the credits.

DM-Dakylian final release!

At last, DM-Dakylian is finished and I’m releasing the final 😀 I’m very happy with the end result after all the time spend in it!

The map size is still big, 410 MB, the beta was around 430 MB so it’s a tad smaller. Unless Epic can show me how to apply some magic tricks to reduce the size, there is nothing more I can do about it.

You can leave your comment at my map page or at my Epic thread 😉


Now that I’m done with DM-Dakylian, it is time to experimenting with new assets. I’ve started a Island type of map (DM-Lost). Dunno what I’ll do with that but anyway, enjoy the pics 😀

UT4 maps update

Except DM-Dakylian, all my other UT4 finals maps as been updated and the official release is today!!! 😀 You can quickly access My UT4 maps page and start from there to go at each map page and access the download links 🙂

For all maps, I’ve made several things which are :

1. Remade or fine tune post-process.
2. Lighting changes and performed a full rebuild, production quality.
3. Various materials changes.
4. Map size as been reduced a bit in some case.