DM-Cruel post # 3

Dev is going slowly as you might expect, but still, I’m progressing. I put the map a bit on the side since I started DM-Thaq.

Now, I’m working on the last area of the map, the Shock room (showed in the yellow rectangle) which I started to mesh. It’s hard meshing a map with those assets (I know, I’m repeating myself lol).

So for now, the room is extremely basic but I wanted you to see how much work left I have to do to obtain a nice look. I have ideas to test and I need to finish the meshing before starting the lighting.

The scavenger’s colony by Arnaud Claudet

This project is very detailed and big, and the narration while it showcases the area sounds really cool and adds to the idea. This project, ‘The Scavengers Colony’ in which a tiny city is built by a miniature species with everyday-life objects. This is Arnaud Claudet first 3D environment 😀

My new map with Mothership service rooms assets


Now that I bought the Mothership service rooms assets. It’s time to use them 😀

First, there are assets I really don’t understand their use. Like a vent that you can’t see outside when you’re in it. It’s logical, but since they are half size the player, I don’t intent to use them for traveling… There another mesh which is a wall corner but doesn’t have the wall to go with it… Bah, at least there as many great assets I can play with and make an entire level out of those meshes 😀

I took a break from DM-Cruel and start my new map. It’s called DM-Thaq. And I’m happy to finally create something futuristic AND also dirty. It won’t be a big level. Something to accomodate 8 players max. Since past friday night, I worked on this room to finally finish it and I’m satisfied by the result so I’m happy to share the pics with the world 🙂

Preview build quality

Full build quality

Enjoy and let me know what you think 😉

Mothership service rooms assets

In 2016, I’ve saw this awesome speed level design called Maintenance room. I always found those assets amazing and since all that time, they are available on Epic Marketplace. Therefore, I didn’t want to buy Marketplace assets for many reasons.

Objectively, UT4 is a free game and the community, for what remains, is almost indifferent to my maps that I take the time to share with it. Simply take the time to go to Epic forums and look at the response rate I got for each of the final maps. The result is exceedingly disappointing. Sad but true. So, why invest from my pocket in a pack and share maps made with those assets with the community if 99% of the community doesn’t care? Well, I still decided to buy this fabulous pack, finally UT4 compatible, for my next level because these assets, unlike the usual free sci-fi packs, are not super shiny, rather dirty and worn. Whether I’m going to continue sharing my maps with the community after DM-Cruel’s final release, I’ll think about it.

The video is the speed level design I’m talking about 😀