DM-FonDuality, final available!

DM-FonDuality is finished 😀

This is a small and simple duel level using the same assets as DM-Fondation. Except a major bug / flaw / issue, this is the only release I’m making. Have fun!

DM-Dystopia update

I’ve made few changes to DM-Dystopia 😀 Head over the level page for the download link 🙂

Those are the changes :

  • Adjust collisions and add blocking volume on the platform with ramps in front of the Bio Rifle.
  • Reduce the lift time from 1.0 to 0.85.
  • Add LiftExits to enhance AI. It make a noticable difference!!
  • Remove Lighting Gun.
  • Move Link Gun where Lighting Gun was.
  • Move Shock Rifle where Link Gun was.
  • Move Belt where the Shock Rifle was.
  • Rebalance the ammos.
  • Speed up the big reactor fan near the Flak.
  • Switch the 25 and 50 armors.
  • Fix bad reflection in the Grenade Launcher entrance / exit near teleporter.
  • Tweak the fog.
  • Tweak the ground material near teleporter.
  • Tweak the lighting.
  • Tweak the PostProcess.
  • Tweak the water swamp material.

Modern staircase by Vollgaser

Vollgaser release freely this Modern staircase available on Gumroad 😀

DM-Fondation, final available!

I’m very happy to share the final version of DM-Fondation 😀

Final changes, in no particular order :

  • Switched Shock Rifle and Rocket Launcher and their ammos. By design, the player standing on the Belt platform can be kill from the opposite of the map by a hitscan weapon. Only with those changes made, the gameplay is better, to my surprise 😮
  • Decreased the lift time near the Belt. From 0.7 to 0.65 so players can jump a bit higher without hitting their head on the ceiling blocking volume.
  • Adjusted few static meshes collisions here and there.
  • Adjusted blue and green light materials colors.
  • Corrected the English story.

A big THX to Achernar, ÐutchSmºke, Mac Apex, Mic and Wulfgar63 for their RC1 feedback 🙂

Oh squirrel- what a year!  by Pieter Hardeman

A little review of some of the year’s events and some fireworks / best wishes for the new year from Pieter Hardeman! 😀

DM-FonDuality, the next level

Dev on DM-Fondation is practically finished. The final will be released this Friday 😀

I had 1 week off in the holidays, so I started DM-FonDuality using the same set of awesome assets!

The post pic is the view from the Sniper Rifle, my bud ÐutchSmºke will be happy to know his favorite weapon is there 😉 Meshing of the play area is finished (I didn’t start the surrounding yet), lighting is mostly done, post process isn’t activated. Eventually, the level will look up to my standard, as for now, it’s just to provide a basic look and feel of the level 🙂

The well by Treehouse Digital

The well by Treehouse Digital is another instalment in Treehouse’s series of Scary tales… when a shy teen reveals a secret well to three ‘friends’ they get a terrifying reminder to always be careful what you wish for…

It’s an excellent job ALL around! Storytelling, camera usage, editing, sound, art design and the incredibly long list of other equally important elements that have gone into this production. Wonderful job!

Also, the very interesting making of :

Autumn season by José Luis Revuelta García

Autumn season by José Luis Revuelta García, short and superbly well done, relax and enjoy 😀