Playing UT4 with UT4UU and other options

This video explain very well the different options available to log in for playing offline, online, setting up a hub and adding it to the new master server 😀

The end of UT4… hummm nope, finally!!!

For now, if you already had UT4 and the UT4 Editor in Epic Games Launcher (EGL) library, you can still download them. After January 24, those, will be remove and won’t be available anymore. It’s the official end date of UT4 and the UT4 Editor so be sure to have a backup of the game just in case before Epic remove the game from the launcher because after that, forget it, sadly 😦

Since Epic officially abandon the entire UT franchise and not just UT4 after January 24 2023, finally, a viable solution exist to continue playing UT4 😀 And that solution is Unreal Tournament 4 Unofficial Update or UT4UU in short! Clicking on the link will lead you to the official UT4UU Discord channel.

UT4UU dev is made by 1 guy only, named timiimit. Dev is not new, he started that project in 2019. He decided to create something which could add new features to the game. UT4UU is the resulting creation and is essentially just a plugin with a nice installer for it.

The latest version 10.1.2 can be downloaded from Discord. For that, you need a Discord account, join UT4UU channel and in the “#Self Role Assignment” channel, add yourself to the “React with” by clicking on the erase-like green icon. Then the sub-channel “Tester” will appear and the latest version will be available. I did all this process, download + install UT4UU. In fact, since I play offline, what I like the most about UT4UU is the faster loading time. It takes 8 secs instead of ±40 in my case to get to UT4 interface!

That means that I’ll be able to continue making levels for my favorite game! Lucky me AND lucky you since I share them with everyone 🙂

Iceland by Aurélien Brion

Iceland is another terrific project made by Aurélien Brion 😀 Interestingly, the music has a touch of the North Indian peoples 🙂

DM-Y z e n 1.1 update!

DM-Y z e n as been updated to version 1.1. The update fix some materials compatibility with my work in progress level DM-Alpu 2050 which both levels are using the same asset pack and was causing some very weird issues in game 😮

Please, leave your feedback at my level page. THX in advance 😉

Tokyo, Japan by Jhosep Chevarria

Tokyo, Japan is another awesome UE5 cinematic made by Jhosep Chevarria 😀

The end of UT4…

Saw it when it was put online few weeks ago and that video represent 100% of what I feel for the game.

Apocalyptic church by JVAD3D

Apocalyptic church is one of JVAD3D latest project. This guy as enormous talent for sure releasing quality scene one after another 😀

Meridian by Leo Torres

Meridian is Leo Torres entry to the KitBash3D, Mission to Minerva community art challenge. He got into the top ten for the in-motion category 😀