UE4 and Unity real-time game art comp #4 by Stylized Station

I really like those UE4 and Unity Real-time game art compilation by Stylized Station 😀 It’s always pleasing to found new stuff 😀

DM-Thaq, post # 3

Making progress on crafting up DM-Thaq 😀

While the default materials look already dirty and worn, I’ve added some leak decals (dust, rust, etc). The first pic show the default meshes and the second with the added decals 🙂

Enjoy and let me know what you think 😉

Rural Village by Svend Kruse Rønslund

Rural village is Svend Kruse Rønslund submittion for the Exp Points & Dinusty Cyberpunk Challenge. This guy accumulate awesome projects! All the previous one are also amazing. If you missed them, go at his web page to discover them 😉

City depths – Cyberpunk challenge by Alec Tucker

Cyberpunk is my preferred style when it come to environment. It as always been. and the only reason I didn’t made a Cyberpunk map for UT through the years is simply because there is no HQ free package assets I could use to build a map 😦

Meanwhile, enjoy Alec Tucker masterpiece 😀