DM-Elik updated

I’ve made some updates to DM-Elik. THX to Mictēcacihuātl for informing me of a issue 😉

Brief, a player could translocate out of the map near the Shock by aiming in the outside hole in the rocks. It was possible only depending on your location and angle of throwing the translocator. I modified the blocking volume and since I was at it, I modified, added other blocking volumes all around the map. You will see now, before starting a match, the layout preview is much cleaner and precise 🙂 There is a big difference between before & now :



I also tweak the more I could the AI. I’m aware since day 1 that bots didn’t go collecting the vials above the chest armor but now, they do 😀 Learning from DM-Qu0, I could achieve this tweak. At the time, I didn’t had the knowledge. Therefore, after all my attempts, they still don’t collect the vials in front of the belt because the path is to thin for them to travel. I’ve made numerous attempts on this & that in the AI volume settings but couldn’t make it work in the end 😦 I put enough time on that, time to pass on other things.

Enjoy the enhancements!

Music collection updated

After contacting TheMultiX PGDM to ask him if he wanted to share the WAV file of his new Save me (TMX Remix) released few days ago, he was kind enough to send me the original file and also give me his permission to share it with all of you, your lucky ones 😀

Today, I’ve create a Flac file from the WAV file, added all info and upload it to my collection. I made also many updates to my UT4 custom music collection, uploading the updated files to my Google Drive. Brief, many authors have a new website now and I know their real names so I renamed my files, replacing all of the previous files to my Google Drive. More of 60% of my collection as changed!

Enjoy the listening 🙂

UT99 save me – TMX Remix by TheMultiX PGDM

Save me was one of the stock music track in UT99 made by the famous Alexander Brandon.

TMX Remix is a new remix made by TheMultiX PGDM released few days ago. Can you believe that remix are still done 21 years after the game release! Incredible 😀 You can leave your comments on Soundcloud author page 🙂 The video is also very cool to watch 😀

Museum and art gallery slideshow by PixelFox147

I’m not a fan of classic music nor this type of scene, BUT, it’s refreshing, unusual and very well made 😀

Textures look very HQ, really like the “grain” aspect of many of them. Lighting represent very well the kind of lighting we can see in common museum. You can leave your comments at his Epic thread 🙂

DM-Sarr post # 1

Finally working on my new map, DM-Sarr 😀 My previous post was showing only a room but I’ve decided to use the Spaceship interior environment set to build an entire level.

I’m progressing. So far there is the Link, RL, Shock, 100 armor, UDamage and few medium health & ammos. I don’t have layout in mind. I’m crafting it while playing with those assets, which are very limited btw… As you can see, it’s all about dirty sci-fi assets and I love it! Those are finished areas.

DM-Sarr room

Just for fun, I spend all my Saturday making what I’m about to show you.

Now that DM-Qu0 is done, I was wondering how could I use the meshes of the Spaceship interior environment set I put aside ±2 month ago? Sadly, there isn’t enough meshes to build an entire level, or at least it would have to be a small duel map. So I thought, hey, why not make a small room instead for a weapon or health pickup?

So this is the result with fog, final lighting, post process, reflection, etc. You can found around 75% of all the meshes included in the pack. Not sure if I’ll make an entire map with the pack, time will tell.

DM-Qu0 final!

It’s the weekend, what a cool day for release a new map 😀 I’m extremely happy to share the final version of DM-Qu0.

So, what’s new for this final? Many things ;

  • Added ambient sounds.
  • Added awesome custom music.
  • Added decals and few pipes.
  • Added preview pic.
  • Added reflection.
  • Made a sci-fi JumPad with custom cue to replace the stock one.
  • Made few material changes here and there.
  • Reduced the map file size from 470 MB to 352 MB. A well appreciated 118 MB reduction without scarifying the visuals 🙂

It’s the first time that I release the final version of my map only 1 week after a RC release. It’s short but I’m happy with the current state. Enjoy!