DM-Aly and DM-Aryth to be release soon

Hey 😀

I’m very happy to announce the soon to be release DM-Aly and DM-Aryth maps 😀 In fact, I’ll release both the same day and it should be this week-end. My idea was to wait for the next game update, but I might wait forever… and would be the only one on the planet that play the maps. I put so much time on them that I don’t want to keep them only for myself, so, you will be able to play them too 😉

Also, I made some small updates to DM-Delta and CTF-Infiltrate. Nothing major, rather tiny things that I wanted to fix (BV’s, materials and such). I’ll also release new versions.

Meanwhile, enjoy the new videos :

Old painted brick wall by Sergei Gereev

Sergei Gereev release another free ‘Old painted brick wall’ material 😀 Go here to download from Cubebrush, write 0 to get it freely 🙂

Old red bricks by Sergei Gereev

Sergei Gereev release free tiled red bricks textures made of photogrammetry data 😀 Go here to download from Cubebrush, write 0 to get it freely 😀

Displacement blend materials by Lincoln Hughes

A free set of Displacement blend master materials for Unreal Engine 4 by Lincoln Hughes that can be used to add depth to the surfaces in your scene. They can be used to seamlessly blend between multiple texture layers, or to add puddles to your materials with vertex-blending 🙂 Get the free materials at Gumroad 😀 Any contributions made on Gumroad will be put into making more free content for everybody 😉

– Vert-blend between height maps and puddles
– Two-layer displacement texture blending
– Easy puddle customization
– Foliage master shader for grass and leaves
– World space UV’s
– Distance-based tessellation
– Comes with example scene
– Easily test out your assets and textures without the complication of shader creation

Chesterfield couch and vintage TV by Auke Huys

Another HQ discovery!

Free chesterfield couch and vintage TV by Auke Huys 😀 Download on Gumroad.

Chesterfield sofa Substance by Bryn Felton-Pitt

Bryn Felton-Pitt is a pro working on AAA games and is giving away this HQ Substance Designer material, ‘Chesterfield sofa’ for free 😀 Click Gumroad to get the files 🙂

DM-Aryth, post # 2, video preview

DM-Aryth is the new level I’m working on since the last ±5 months.

A DM for 6 – 10 players. The next step is the audio since there is no sound at all in the level but it doesn’t matter in UE 4.15, simply because the audio isn’t captured with the video 😦 Still, I’m very happy with the actual result 😀 I’m curious to know what the community think about this first preview?