DM-Oblevia, part 2 post # 2, your opinion is needed

Dev of Oblevia, part 2 is going slowly, but at least I’m progressing. I’m playing around with lighting and Post Process settings and I need your opinion about colors saturation 🙂

I took pics and I need to know which of those pics you like the most. Pic 1, 2 or 3 :

1. Saturation = none

2. Saturation = 0.8

3. Saturation = 0.6

No saturation is what is the closest to UT99 colors was but I’m not sure for UT4… The original is also extremely bright, which I don’t intent to reproduce. I’m looking for way more contrast.

Your opinion is important, so plz, don’t hesitate to share it so I can make a better looking level 😀

DM-Aly, 1.3 available

I’ve made few updates to DM-Aly. Grab the latest versions at my map page.

There are few reasons why I made an update. Some little things bugged me and there are others I wanted to address. Those are the main enhancements for this 1.3 version :

  • Fix AI not covering the ground level well. Per example, bots didn’t use the door in front of the Belt at the ground level to pickup the KEG, they was always going by the other entrance under the Flak.
  • Made a unique JumpPad to replace the stock one.
  • Pass trough all blocking volume (added many et tweak others) so the play area is more accurate and cleaner.
  • Remove the stock decals under all medium health and armors.
  • Remove the stock static mesh under all weapons.
  • Tweak fog.
  • Tweak many static mesh collisions and also LODs.
  • Tweak Post Process volume. It look even better than before! Level look brighter, more detailed, sharper 😀
  • Tweak the sun.
  • Rebuild lighting, production quality.

You can clearly see the difference between the previous 1.2 version and the new 1.3 version 🙂

I’ve decided to include all stock meshes, materials, material instances, material functions and textures into the map. So the uncooked map is 2.5 GB. Therefore after many optimization and tweaks, the cooked file is 606 MB instead of 417 MB from the previous version which only contains custom stuff. I know, it’s bigger… but I made that since I don’t know what will happen to UT4 assets with the upcoming UE5 release in 2022. I don’t want to take any chance of ending with an unplayable level after all the time I invest in it because Epic decided to modify or remove UT4 content to a possible UT5 alpha game release. At least, if they decide to remove UT4 editor, who knows, the level will stay fully functional 🙂

Unreal Engine 5 Early Access Educator Guide

After the release of UE5 few days ago, today, Epic released the Unreal Engine 5 Early Access Educator Guide for everyone who wish to learn well all the new features the engine have to offer 😀

DMX Light Show by ViZmo Designing Motion

I present you DMX Light Show, by ViZmo Designing Motion.

First time I see UE for this kind of animation / presentation. The result is VERY cool and convincing. The music is a well chosen track, it as lot’s to offer 🙂

Really great work!!! 😀