DM-Coda, progress…

DM-Coda is shaping out nicely. I’m at ±90% done I think? The actual area which I found very hard to craft is the Rocket Launcher area. Like I already mention, I don’t like the original RL layout so my goal is to craft a new and interesting area to replace the original. I must say, I truly enjoy playing the map. Not only it look awesome but plays very well on my rig 😀

Site updates

Hello readers 😀

In case you didn’t notice, under UE4 in the right side menu there is 2 more pages. Brief :

Architectural Visualization (or Archviz) as been added.
Cinematics as been added.
Cinematics and environments is now Environments.

I’ve made those additional pages to really separate the content to specific categories 🙂 I’m also a big fan of CGI animations. while it as nothing to do with Unreal Engine, I might add a page in the top menu about this subject…

DM-Chroma, FPS version planned soon

Hello all,

Since the release of DM-Chroma final version. I work non stop on DM-Coda. When I play both of them, even if I’m enjoying very much playing my maps on my main PC, I can’t say the same on my laptop (you can check my pc’s specs here). So, I’ve decide to release a less demanding version of DM-Chroma and maybe DM-Coda too, I’ll see. It depend of the community feedback.

Therefore, there is no magic trick. The only way I can obtain more FPS is by redoing the lighting. And the reason why DM-Chroma look crisp & clean is mainly because the majority of light actors are Stationary instead of Static. After few trials, Static lighting combine with the materials in use in this map is looking, well… hummm… dull & flat. But maybe it’s because of this obsolete engine version, I don’t know.

Still, I hope players with lower end GPU’s would appriciate playing the FPS version. The actual version simply can’t look better with UE4 v. 4.15 and don’t expect the FPS to look as good, it can’t. I expect the FPS release soon, maybe friday.

Shared dig (5.0) by Jo.7

Shared Dig (5.0) is the latest update by Kristian Huuki aka. Jo.7 😀 Listen the track on Soundcloud and comment at his Epic thread 🙂

I also upload the track to my custom music collection so my readers can enjoy a true lossless listening and you can also download all the tracks. All tracks are encoded in Flac from the original WAV provided by all the authors 😉

Free PBR textile materials pack by Tomas Buran

This HQ PBR textile materials pack made by Tomas Buran contains 8 realistic photoscanned tillable textile materials at 4K resolution in high quality. There is also a Substance Painter materials (.sbsar files) very easy to use. All of them were enhanced with Substance Designer 🙂

Download on Gumroad & use discount code : freeholidays