Enjoy my UT4 levels

My last map for UT4 is DM-Alpu 2050. I now stop sharing any new maps automatically as I always have, not because UT4 is officially discontinued but rather due to the lack of feedback, appreciation and recognition from the part of the UT4 community towards them.

Until DM-Alpu 2050, I shared any new map automatically with everyone so that way, others can play something else than stock maps. Yep, I was very generous because many maps I created cost me real money by buying packs on Epic Marketplace! It seems that even if I dedicated myself to creating awesome maps from scratch, on top of costing me $$$, doing it all on my own time and for free above that, players didn’t care. It’s quite the opposite, players should encourage the little creator that remains by giving their feedback, add their likes on videos, commenting them, sharing them, etc.

For those of you who took the time to comment my maps, you will recognize yourself. Thank you, because it is thanks to you alone who encouraged me to continue sharing these.

For a quick download, all maps are available on UTCC, under the ‘Stevelois maps’ collection. If a problem happen on a map and need a fix, I’ll release a fixed version but I won’t share any new map anymore.

Thanks for all the support by commenting in the map pages, or on Facebook, or on YouTube, it’s a good way of showing your appreciation for high quality free content.

Enjoy them, have fun 😀

DM-Aly 1.4 update

I’ve made updates to DM-Aly.  There was issues I always wanted to fix that was bugging me that I couldn’t fix at the time. In all, the updates are :

  • Before the match begun, a close up of only half of the player near the Sniper rifle was showed for few secs. Now, it will show the player entirely at different locations.
  • Bots weren’t using all the lifts properly, they only use the Bio / Shock one. Now, they do use all 3 of them and even perform lift jumps to grab the vest or land at the highest floor. So gameplay is way better, more fun now playing against bots.
  • Bots didn’t use the jumpad that land at the Flak platform, now they do.
  • Made few subtle changes in the Post Process volume and in world settings.
  • Reduce the sun brightness from 200 to 100.
  • Tweak the jumpad particle.
  • Tweak the wood lift material.

DM-Alpu 2050 available!

I’m very happy to release the final version of DM-Alpu 2050 😀

The issues mentioned in my previous post are now things of the past 😮 I could fix all of them! So enjoy my latest project 🙂 For leaving a comment, just post at my level page. THX in advance!

DM-Y z e n 1.1 update!

DM-Y z e n as been updated to version 1.1. The update fix some materials compatibility with my work in progress level DM-Alpu 2050 which both levels are using the same asset pack and was causing some very weird issues in game 😮

Please, leave your feedback at my level page. THX in advance 😉

DM-Trivial available!

Good news, DM-Trivial is now available 😀

Therefore… it might be my last UT4 level folks 😮 I wanted to release it December 23th as my Christmas gift for all UT4 players but with the latest news about Epic turning off online services and servers for some older games including all UT’s, I decided to release it right now since it’s freshly cooked 🙂

I hope there will be a solution to continue playing UT4 and make level for it. UT4UU seem to be the way to go but it’s to early to see how it will turn out. There is a Discord channel. If I can continue making levels, I’ll do for sure. Or else, this is my last UT4 project, sadly 😦

Epic is turning off online services and servers for all UT games!

News from Epic…

This is a punch in my face from Epic after making more than 20 levels for UT4! Full post here. It look like the end of UT4 😦

DM-Trivial, progress

DM-Trivial, my current WIP level, will be my Christmas gift for all UT4 players 😁 I plan to release it December 23th if I finish it in time. So stay tune!

Stevie’s corner on Facebook

Hello everybody 😀

I have been a member of the Unreal Old Friends (UOF) group since its inception. However, since the early days of UT4, I have remained the only active member of the group. We have a UOF Facebook page of which I am one of the administrators but since I am the only one to create and share stuff on this page, it was time to create my own Facebook page. UOF page won’t get any new stuff from now on from me so don’t hesitate to follow / subscribe on my new Facebook page 😉