DM-Oblevia, part 2 post # 1

Meshing on Oblevia, part 2 is going good BUT slowly.

The scale is the same as the original. A tad bigger in some areas so we have more space to dodge, slide, etc. which is for the better 🙂

The biggest challenge for this remake is that the original use a grounded, industrial theme and mine is a space one, therefore, the story as been adjusted accordingly. Meshing the level to make you feel you’re in space is not obvious! Furthermore, I want this space station to feel alive so proper ambient mechanical sounds are crucial as well as moving parts in some spots.

For the dev, this post is about showing the meshing progression. The main area is the ‘pillar’ one with the minigun and UDamage. Here, you get different POV and while it doesn’t seem like, the layout and size of all areas are the same as the original. All pickups are located at the same spots, even the original spawn actor (playerstart) are at the same location.

Here is the Link area. I replace the BSP crates with meshes obviously BUT I made sure the used space and size are the same. I took the opportunity to place the crates in a way you have an opening on the other side of the crates to provide precise attacks.

In this corridor connecting with the minigun and RL, I made it non symmetrical for a change.

The RL area, notice the positioning of the crates 🙂

The area that as the most changes, geometry speaking is the Sniper area. Instead of having multiple small pillars across the corridor, I made 2 big one instead. That way, players can wall dodge and/or wall run and/or take cover behind the pillars which are made from several meshes.

Here is the small room near the Sniper where you collect small pickups. It might seem like an insignificant room but it add lots of cool gameplay. I need to learn how to make doors open / close automatically when getting closer to them.

I really like it in lighting mode 🙂

From this POV, you can clearly see the computer panels that control the monitor screen.

Again, in lighting mode.

My real challenge was to NOT over meshed the small room because I have plenty of really nice computer assets I can use to make awesome control panels 😀

I wanted to use a combination of various lights colors in this specific room (green + purple + red). It took me several lighting builds to reach a good balance.

I still have lot’s to do, new things to learn. I’m playing the map a lot. I really enjoy it, even more than I thought. You will have it too, someday.

DM-Oblevia, part 1, final!

I’m please to release the final version of DM-Oblevia, Part 1 😀

For the final version, this is what as been done :

  • Added ambient sounds like computer, engine, fan, etc.
  • Added 2 small ships escorting the main ship. Animation is very basic but it still add a little touch.
  • Added preview screen.
  • Added text decals to fit the story (B30, chambers and few numbers).
  • Added VFX (smoke and steam).
  • Finished lighting (production quality).
  • Fixed little bugs and small forgotten things.
  • Made the readme.

Enjoy and for comment, plz leave it at my map page, THX 😉 🙂

DM-Oblevia, part 1, RC1 ready!

Meshing, music, collisions and blocking volumes are finished on Part 1 😀

I might add some few pipes in the corridors for the final. The biggest challenge I had was to mesh the level in the way it look and feel you’re inside a space ship!

For lighting, it’s the first time I use purple. I think it fits well. But I must say I had a hard time to figure out the lighting scheme. I like the actual lighting but it still a WIP. For the final version, this is my to-do-list (in no particular order) :

  • Add preview screen.
  • Add sounds (computer, engine, fan, etc.).
  • Add VFX (smoke, steam).
  • Add text decals (like B30, chambers, etc.).
  • Add local fog (fog in the spaceship only). I’m looking for a tutorial for that!
  • Finish lighting.
  • Fix bug if any (it depend on players feedback…).
  • Make the readme.

I’m happy to share this version with you all. Now you’ll have a better taste of what I had in mind since the beginning 🙂

DM-Oblevia, part 1 post # 1

Meshing on Oblevia, part 1 is going good 😀 The biggest challenge is to mesh the level in the way it look and feel you’re inside a space ship 😮 I also want to see more outside so more windows are necessary. I really want to feel I’m in a spaceship traveling in hyperspace!

The scale is a bit bigger than A1. Its a small level but it doesn’t feel cramped like the original. Dodging is doable in all rooms except the corridors. After many playtests, I made the ceiling much higher so you’re not hitting the ceiling all the time. Not that I jump often but I hate to hit the ceiling when I must jump.

For the dev, this post is about showing the meshing progression 🙂 So, you see the Shock room, the mid room and the lower corridor under the mid room. Only addition in this corridor is a small armor. All weapons and ammos are the same as the original.

DM-Sarr available!

Exactly 1 month after the final release of Qu0 (this is a pure coincidence), I present you DM-Sarr 😀

This is the first and final version. So, unless a major bug, issue I didn’t found, this is the final one.

PS: Most valuable items (armor & powerup) are in the center of the level. Except the belt that is located in a corner of the level but is exposed to Grenade Launcher, Shock & Sniper rifle. This design is forcing players to go around the map to collect the items 🙂

NO, you can’t use the translocator to translocate in the mid field or other platforms in the center of the level, thinking you can collect the UDamage + 100 + 50 armor + hitscan ammo in few seconds. This would result in lazy camping players that would dominate the level all the time, ending in boring, dull, unfair gameplay. In short, move your ass 😛

Have fun! For feedback, you can post here or at DM-Sarr page, your choice 😉

DM-Sarr post # 1

Finally working on my new map, DM-Sarr 😀 My previous post was showing only a room but I’ve decided to use the Spaceship interior environment set to build an entire level.

I’m progressing. So far there is the Link, RL, Shock, 100 armor, UDamage and few medium health & ammos. I don’t have layout in mind. I’m crafting it while playing with those assets, which are very limited btw… As you can see, it’s all about dirty sci-fi assets and I love it! Those are finished areas.

DM-Sarr room

Just for fun, I spend all my Saturday making what I’m about to show you.

Now that DM-Qu0 is done, I was wondering how could I use the meshes of the Spaceship interior environment set I put aside ±2 month ago? Sadly, there isn’t enough meshes to build an entire level, or at least it would have to be a small duel map. So I thought, hey, why not make a small room instead for a weapon or health pickup?

So this is the result with fog, final lighting, post process, reflection, etc. You can found around 75% of all the meshes included in the pack. Not sure if I’ll make an entire map with the pack, time will tell.

DM-Qu0 final!

It’s the weekend, what a cool day for release a new map 😀 I’m extremely happy to share the final version of DM-Qu0.

So, what’s new for this final? Many things ;

  • Added ambient sounds.
  • Added awesome custom music.
  • Added decals and few pipes.
  • Added preview pic.
  • Added reflection.
  • Made a sci-fi JumPad with custom cue to replace the stock one.
  • Made few material changes here and there.
  • Reduced the map file size from 470 MB to 352 MB. A well appreciated 118 MB reduction without scarifying the visuals 🙂

It’s the first time that I release the final version of my map only 1 week after a RC release. It’s short but I’m happy with the current state. Enjoy!