Free Substance Designer material by Angel Fernandes

Angel Fernandes is creating HQ Substance Designer materials and is giving away his ‘Old Terracotta floor’ for free 😀 Click Gumroad to get the files 🙂

Free Substance Designer materials by Jura Andreev

Jura Andreev is giving away free HQ materials : ‘Wood floor’, ‘Terracotta tiles’, ‘Herringbone brick’ and finally ‘Old brick wall’ created entirely in Substance Designer 🙂 All are available individually on Gumroad.





Standard material presets for beginner by Udorn

Another great found!!! This UE4 standard material presets for beginner by Udorn EPIC Studio will surely be VERY helpful for any UE4 beginner 😀 It include 2 basic presets materials as follow :

Basic material options
Base Color + Diffuse & AlbedoTexture
Velvet Fuzzy
Normap + Bump
Ambient Occlusion
UV Rotate and Scale

Basic glass material options
Glass Color
Glass Normal
Reflection IOR
Reflection Falloff

Download at et Gumroad.

8 free materials by Sergei Kushnir

Another discovery!

8 HQ free materials by Sergei Kushnir 😀 Download the materials of your liking on Gumroad.

Paragon content available for free by Epic!

Yesss, you’ve read right everybody!!! Epic Games has released 12 000 000$ of content from Paragon, Epic’s high-end action MOBA, for free to all UE4 developers. The assets, built at a cost of over 12 000 000$, encompasses 20 triple-A characters and over 1500 environment components from Paragon 😀

All of this content is now available inside the Unreal Engine Marketplace. Download the Paragon packs for free and use them in your own UE4 projects, with no strings attached! And this isn’t the end of it! Additional characters from Paragon will be released over the coming months 🙂

All info available on the Marketplace 🙂

IDKWIAD 4 by Nobiax

Nobiax release ‘I don’t know what I am doing’ 4 pack. Go here to download from Cubebrush, write 0 to get it freely and go on DeviantArt to leave your comments 😀

DM-Aly remake post # 4, optimizations

DM-Aly post # 3, video preview as been watched more than 230 times, but sadly, only 3 peoples had leave a comment… so… a big THX to you 3 m8’s 😀

Since, I’m polishing the map the more I can and the most important part at this stage is the optimization step. I’m doing my best (THX to my UT3 experience!) to optimize the map and this is what as been done so far :

. All decals, particles are visible only in high mode.
. All hidden surfaces (BSP and SM) are using the stock ‘RemoveSurfaceMaterial’ to reduce memory usage.
. Landscape hidden areas have been set invisible.
. Manually determine culling values on many, many SM so they won’t be rendered if they aren’t visible to the camera.
. Finally, the longest part… many SM as been merged together. Doing this make the map file larger (the map file size as reach 506MB) BUT provide much more FPS reducing draw calls which is a must for low-mid end GPUs. I also made 2 to 4 additional LODs for each SM (imported and merged) depending on the SM.

Below, pics to show you few meshes with their LODs values just to show how drastic the draw calls as been reduced! Remember that everything is a WIP 😉