DM maps

DM-Chroma, post # 2

Pursuing the making of DM-Chroma, I must say I found it extremely difficult to mesh this map. The map examples included in this fabulous Modular SciFi Season 1 Starter Bundle are very linear but in UT, it’s something that you must avoid.

Anyway, the layout is done, item placement also and meshing the last part is the most challenging part to date for me in this map which is the belt area. The belt area is sector 4. To give readers an idea of the mesh work, there some pics of sector 3 (top) and sector 2 (bottom), before and after meshing 🙂

My next map, DM-Chroma

This is something new for UT4 which I called DM-Chroma 😀

I’m using completely new assets from the Modular SciFi Season 1 Starter Bundle available on the Marketplace 🙂 Again, had to redo everything from scratch so I could use them in the UT Editor.

As for the layout, I inspire myself from one of my top UT99 called DM-Perihelion mining 🙂

Started another map, DM-Kir

Just for the fun of creating something new for UT4, I started a new map, which I called DM-Kir. It’s a low poly, BSP level.

I’m using HQ free textures packs available on 🙂 I don’t know where I’m heading with this but anyway, I’ll see 🙂 The pics are with PostProcess activated.

DM-Dakylian final release!

At last, DM-Dakylian is finished and I’m releasing the final 😀 I’m very happy with the end result after all the time spend in it!

The map size is still big, 410 MB, the beta was around 430 MB so it’s a tad smaller. Unless Epic can show me how to apply some magic tricks to reduce the size, there is nothing more I can do about it.

You can leave your comment at my map page or at my Epic thread 😉


Now that I’m done with DM-Dakylian, it is time to experimenting with new assets. I’ve started a Island type of map (DM-Lost). Dunno what I’ll do with that but anyway, enjoy the pics 😀

UT4 maps update

Except DM-Dakylian, all my other UT4 finals maps as been updated and the official release is today!!! 😀 You can quickly access My UT4 maps page and start from there to go at each map page and access the download links 🙂

For all maps, I’ve made several things which are :

1. Remade or fine tune post-process.
2. Lighting changes and performed a full rebuild, production quality.
3. Various materials changes.
4. Map size as been reduced a bit in some case.