DM maps

DM-CyberPunk, next level

DM-CyberPunk is the new level I’m working on since May using this new CyberPunk pack I bought.

I released it for private testing the first of July on Mega so my friends can play it. To access Mega, it takes 2 mins to register, and it’s completely free. You’ll be able to join the dev and play it too with a bunch of friendly and respectful folks if you make the “effort” of register.

Until the final version, there no need to put any WIP versions on UTCC or even share it on UT Discord / UOF Facebook since no one care to to give me even the tiniest form of feedback or appreciation for sharing my works. My actual dev version differ from the released Mega version. The list of enhancements is very long :

  • Add flying cars.
  • Add more decals (arrows, graffitis, etc).
  • Add pipe meshes at the Belt “bridge” area.
  • Add blocking volumes at the Belt “bridge” that cover the new pipes.
  • Add blocking volumes that covers both cars located near the Stinger entrance.
  • Add pipe sounds at some areas.
  • Add preview screen.
  • Add story.
  • Change the back of the car located between the lifts that lead to to the Belt, KEG and UDamage so now the Boots can be taken from the Link gun or Shock rifle side.
  • Fix UV lighting issues on both sky scrapers.
  • Refine lighting here and there.
  • Replace default jumpad by the custom one I’ve made for CTF-Ahead.

First pic I shared showing the meshing, using only the Directional Light and the SkyLight.

This is the final look (much more recent than the Mega version).

With this video, you’ll see what to expect :

Unreal Heist CTF V2 by h1sto

h1sto made this very nice animation 😀 No idea how it can be done! It’s a clever idea to use the screens in my DM-Oblivia, part 2 level as a starting point and with the sci-fi announcer, it fits like a glove 🙂 It’s like watching a short movie, really cool!

DM-FutureMine, final!

I’m happy to release the final version of DM-FutureMine 😀

Note that I couldn’t find a way to fix the bots issues 😦 It piss me off, seriously, but unless a very experienced AI user can’t help me out, it will stay like that.

So this is what as been done for the final version :

  • Added few vents meshes in the Sniper Rifle area.
  • Changed the story a bit.
  • Made BV’s for all the big doorways, it make the layout preview more accurate too.
  • Tweaked few BV’s here and there.
  • Made the readme.

DM-Dakylian, 1.3 update

Hello all!!!

  • After few matches on DM-Dakylian, I notice weird bots behavior. I found the way to fix them.
  • I found a spot where I could see through a static mesh 😮 That mean a blocking volume was missing, so I’ve added one. It must has been deleted by error.
  • While working on BV’s, I add others here and there so the preview layout is much more refine.
  • Before starting a match, for a few seconds, the player was floating in the void. Now, the player will see the environment.
  • Speed up the lift a bit near the Grenade Launcher, from 0.8 to 0.7. It’s a tad faster now and just not enough to hit the ceiling above it.
  • Added BV’s under all lifts so a players won’t be able to stay under the lifts when it goes up.
  • Added some arrows near the lifts.
  • Massive lighting enhancements, had to rebuild few times to get the result I wanted ingame. That was very, very, very time consuming!
  • Replaced Atmospheric Fog by Exponential Height Fog using a more blueish tint.
  • Subtle Post Process changes.
  • Tweaked few materials and the sky.
  • Remade preview screen.
  • Update the readme.

Brief, it look better and play better so head over UTCC to grab it! THX in advance to give me some feedback on this updated version 😉

DM-Quo, DM-Sarr, DM-Thaq updated

Hi all 🙂

Since the last update, while the editor didn’t show any warning in the cooking process, after playing them, I realize something went wrong somewhere with those 😮

On some, materials was missing leaving the meshes with the default checkerboard material, or decals was missing so you could see some yellow square on many surfaces and or on others, meshes was missing. I fix all that and upload a 1.2 version of all of them on UTCC. The readme files as been updated too, as always.

Grab them and have fun 😀 And it would be nice of you to let me know is everything is fine on your end.

DM-Qu0, DM-Sarr, DM-Thaq.

DM-FutureMine, available!

After 3 months of hard work, I’m please to release the RC1 version of DM-FutureMine 😀

I’m releasing this version for “bugs hunting” and your pickup suggestions, if you have some 😉 To follow and participate to the level development, register on Mega. It takes 2 mins to register and it’s completely free 🙂

I’m also aware of some issues regarding bots. I did everything possible to fix them without success 😦 What I’m already aware is :

  1. Bots don’t use the lift near the Shock Rifle to go up to the Sniper Rifle.
  2. Sometimes, bots get stuck on the various stairs across the level, while other times, they don’t, passing on the same stairs! Same at the junction of the 3 long pipes above the Shock Rifle, even if other times, they travel without any issues.
  3. When the lift near the Flak reach the upper level, bots inside the lift, stay in the lift or face the wall behind the lift instead of going out of it and sometimes they exit as they should.

All my UT4 levels updated

Hello all 😀

I made a small change to all my levels which is the removal of the prefix in the level title you see ingame. I removed “CTF-” or “DM-” so the name will only be the level name now, like Epic levels. You can download them all on UTCC and my Google Drive as always 🙂

PS, furthermore, the hashes codes are part of the first section in all the levels page. I always add it before uploading the level to UTCC.

DM-Aryth, 1.3 available

I’ve made some Post Process tweaks in DM-Aryth. Go at the map page to download it.

Enjoy the update 😀