DM maps

DM-Delta, 1.4 available

In my attempt to update my previous levels, the most important is about DM-Delta. The list of enhancements is rather extensive this time. I didn’t touch the meshing at all. I’ve put my time elsewhere. This is what as been done for this release :

  • Add blocking volumes on the dual pipe lines in front of the Keg (the pipes who enter into the rocks) and change static meshes collisions. Bots can now stand on those pipes which add some gameplay improvements.
  • Fix many spots where reflection was wrong.
  • Fix stretched static meshes.
  • Fix weird shadows on all lifts.
  • Made a custom BP Jumpad kitbashing the stock assets. The most complicated to do was the jump square emitter. Square are harder to do since the proper textures or material function are not easy to do or find.
  • Many material changes (adjusting emissive, roughness, metallic values, etc.). That as fix the lights like neon’s and lot’s of others from flashing.
  • Remove the decals under all armor, health and powerup.
  • Remove the weapon base static meshes.
  • Replace some decals with more appropriate one and add others.
  • Tweak and add many blocking volumes all around the level. This as contribute a lot to AI afterward.
  • Tweak the lift near the Bio so you have more speed when doing lift jumping. Previous value was 0.6 and now it’s 0.55. It give more “flying” opportunities.
  • Tweak materials dithering for certain rocks so they blend better with their surrounding.
  • Tweak most light actors (directional light, point lights, spot lights & skylight values).
  • Tweak navigation volume values. The preview play area is way more accurate now.
  • Tweak player starts.
  • Tweak Post Process.
  • Tweak the sky (clouds, colors, sun intensity, etc.).
  • Rebuild lighting, production quality.
  • Remade level preview pic.
  • Made other things.

DM-Delta was my first level for UT4 released in 2017 and I think it was time to fix a bunch of things from the previous  1.3 version. It’s my only level that use 100% Liandri assets and few TitanPass assets. Enjoy.

DM-Akar, 1.3 available

I’ve made many enhancements to DM-Akar. The list is long. The most apparent are :

  • Material changes (adjusting roughness, metallic values, etc.).
  • Remade the big smoke particle. There are 2 of them. First above the belt, the other above the mid building.
  • Remove the meshes that was put aside the level when making the lift kitbash.
  • Remove the stock static mesh under all armor & weapons base. Made a custom BP weapon base.
  • Tweak blocking volumes. Preview layout is really a lot more accurate!
  • Tweak BSP.
  • Tweak main lighting actors (directional light & skylight values)
  • Tweak most small light actors (point lights & spot lights values)
  • Tweak navigation volume values.
  • Tweak Post Process.
  • Tweak the sky (clouds, colors, sun intensity, etc.).
  • Rebuild lighting, production quality.

Grab the map, enjoy the enhancements and let me know what you think!

DM-Sarr, re-uploaded

Samir as reported me a problem with the DM-Sarr version available on UTCC. For a unknown reason, the downloaded file ash was not the same as the UTCC one? This situation is beyond my understanding because it make no sense. My conversation with Samir is in my map page.

Anyway, grab the map and for feedback, you can post here or at the map page 😉

Have fun! 😀

DM-Elik, 1.5 available

Playing the level, like all my recent levels updates, I’ve made some changes to DM-Elik. It’s all about visuals this time.

  • Add a HDR cubemap instead of the default sky capture to add more vibrant reflection overall.
  • Made few material changes (adjusting roughness, metallic values, movement speed on foliage, etc.).
  • Remove the stock decals under all medium health and armors.
  • Remove the stock static mesh under all armors and weapons base. I made a custom BP weapon base for the weapons pickups which are located on the ground. Those on woods or on stones didn’t need it.
  • Tweak JumpPad BP.
  • Tweak Post Process.
  • Tweak the sky (colors, sun intensity, etc.).
  • Rebuild lighting, production quality. All lights actors have a higher roughness value.

Enjoy the enhancements!

DM-Dakylian, 1.2 available

I thought I was done with my previous levels updates but I forgot DM-Dakylian in the bunch… I’ve finally made many enhancements. Go at the map page to download it.

DM-Aryth, 1.2 available

Been I while I had some things in mind to enhance my previous levels. For now, I’m done, so the last level I’ve made some updates is DM-Aryth. Go at the map page to download it. The main changes are :

  • Added decals for lifts and specific spots where slope dodge is doable.
  • Made a unique JumpPad to replace the stock one.
  • Remade preview pic.
  • Remove the stock decals under all medium health and armors.
  • Remove the stock static mesh under all powerups and weapons.
  • Tweak AI volume. New settings provide big improvements. Bots now cross the tight corridors between the Link and Bio and Flak. Also the wider corridor between the Link and RL.
  • Tweak Damage volume (when falling from Belt / Keg area).
  • Tweak Post Process.
  • Rebuild lighting, production quality.

Enjoy the update 😀

DM-Oblevia, part 2 post # 2, your opinion is needed

Dev of Oblevia, part 2 is going slowly, but at least I’m progressing. I’m playing around with lighting and Post Process settings and I need your opinion about colors saturation 🙂

I took pics and I need to know which of those pics you like the most. Pic 1, 2 or 3 :

1. Saturation = none

2. Saturation = 0.8

3. Saturation = 0.6

No saturation is what is the closest to UT99 colors was but I’m not sure for UT4… The original is also extremely bright, which I don’t intent to reproduce. I’m looking for way more contrast.

Your opinion is important, so plz, don’t hesitate to share it so I can make a better looking level 😀

DM-Aly, 1.3 available

I’ve made few updates to DM-Aly. Grab the latest versions at my map page.

There are few reasons why I made an update. Some little things bugged me and there are others I wanted to address. Those are the main enhancements for this 1.3 version :

  • Fix AI not covering the ground level well. Per example, bots didn’t use the door in front of the Belt at the ground level to pickup the KEG, they was always going by the other entrance under the Flak.
  • Made a unique JumpPad to replace the stock one.
  • Pass trough all blocking volume (added many et tweak others) so the play area is more accurate and cleaner.
  • Remove the stock decals under all medium health and armors.
  • Remove the stock static mesh under all weapons.
  • Tweak fog.
  • Tweak many static mesh collisions and also LODs.
  • Tweak Post Process volume. It look even better than before! Level look brighter, more detailed, sharper 😀
  • Tweak the sun.
  • Rebuild lighting, production quality.

You can clearly see the difference between the previous 1.2 version and the new 1.3 version 🙂

I’ve decided to include all stock meshes, materials, material instances, material functions and textures into the map. So the uncooked map is 2.5 GB. Therefore after many optimization and tweaks, the cooked file is 606 MB instead of 417 MB from the previous version which only contains custom stuff. I know, it’s bigger… but I made that since I don’t know what will happen to UT4 assets with the upcoming UE5 release in 2022. I don’t want to take any chance of ending with an unplayable level after all the time I invest in it because Epic decided to modify or remove UT4 content to a possible UT5 alpha game release. At least, if they decide to remove UT4 editor, who knows, the level will stay fully functional 🙂