DM maps

DM-Vallas, post # 2

This week, my UT4 editor time as been mostly put on Vallas. I made some small progress on Thaq too. There is only 1 corridor that I need to mesh and R1 (Release 1) will be release. I didn’t get inspiration to finish meshing Cruel yet. But I made progress few weeks ago on the Shock room 🙂

I made 2 rooms in Vallas. The first post was the LinkGun room which I made some changes. The pics in this post show the second room (far away room with red light door) and up close, the third room. The second room have health and ammos while the third room is for the Flack and small armor. First pic is without Post-Process and the second with Post-Process. Notice how everything is looking way much sharper, vibrant and define with very nice occlusion and all 😀

DM-Vallas, post # 1

Few days ago, I mentioned that if I make another map after DM-Thaq, I’ll use the free Bunker pack, remember that?

Well, this afternoon, I started to play with those assets. I’ve got a couple of not so good surprises concerning the scale and alignment of the meshes but it’s not too bad neither to work with them. I started the first room and after few hours, I got this.

This is the basic meshing, with basic lighting. No Post-Process added at the moment, only reflection box’s. This map is call DM-Vallas 🙂

DM-Thaq, post # 3

Making progress on crafting up DM-Thaq 😀

While the default materials look already dirty and worn, I’ve added some leak decals (dust, rust, etc). The first pic show the default meshes and the second with the added decals 🙂

Enjoy and let me know what you think 😉

DM-Thaq, post # 2

Making progress on crafting up DM-Thaq 😀

Not obvious since the limited amount of the meshes included in this pack. I’m trying to make the overall look not to much repetitive but I can’t make miracle neither.

What the pack misses is deco meshes, like pipes, barrels, wires, etc. I’ve found some nice free LP pipes meshes on CGTrader I could use in this level. Like the barrel that I added founded in one of the marketplace free HQ sci-fi pack, I had to tweak the material so it look dirty and worn.

The pics are to show the geometry I’ve obtained so far and the lighting scheme using a combination of static & stationary lights with various roughness & fallout values. Quite a long process to tweak but the result is awesome 🙂

Enjoy and let me know what you think 😉

DM-Cruel post # 3

Dev is going slowly as you might expect, but still, I’m progressing. I put the map a bit on the side since I started DM-Thaq.

Now, I’m working on the last area of the map, the Shock room (showed in the yellow rectangle) which I started to mesh. It’s hard meshing a map with those assets (I know, I’m repeating myself lol).

So for now, the room is extremely basic but I wanted you to see how much work left I have to do to obtain a nice look. I have ideas to test and I need to finish the meshing before starting the lighting.

My new map with Mothership service rooms assets


Now that I bought the Mothership service rooms assets. It’s time to use them 😀

First, there are assets I really don’t understand their use. Like a vent that you can’t see outside when you’re in it. It’s logical, but since they are half size the player, I don’t intent to use them for traveling… There another mesh which is a wall corner but doesn’t have the wall to go with it… Bah, at least there as many great assets I can play with and make an entire level out of those meshes 😀

I took a break from DM-Cruel and start my new map. It’s called DM-Thaq. And I’m happy to finally create something futuristic AND also dirty. It won’t be a big level. Something to accomodate 8 players max. Since past friday night, I worked on this room to finally finish it and I’m satisfied by the result so I’m happy to share the pics with the world 🙂

Preview build quality

Full build quality

Enjoy and let me know what you think 😉

DM-Cruel post # 2

Dev is going veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery slowly… but still, it is progressing 🙂

It’s hard to mesh the map with those assets. They look awesome but man, it’s hard!

Anyway, I post this pic just to give an idea of the actual look. Note that I added a skylight but for a reason I can’t explain it isn’t active?! I never saw that in any of my previous maps.

DM-Cruel post # 1

Dev is going slowly…

I honestly found it very hard to mesh the map base on the Modular SciFi Season 2 Starter Bundle.

When you look at the demo maps, everything is looking awesome because all of the assets are a part of the scene and all fit together. Therefore, when building a UT4 map, you just simply can’t reproduce a cool scene in the demo map in UT4, it would be way to easy. You must use of A LOT of imagination & mapping skill to create a map that look awesome without looking to boring & repetitive. Many meshes are made to use in a certain way and using them in another way doesn’t work at all. So I’m very limited in the way of using the meshes. For example, I have access to 158 meshes in all but can use only around 5 for walls, 4 for floor and ceiling. All the remaining are for deco.

Anyway, I’m doing my best to build a remarkable level. Meanwhile, you get a pic of the layout and 2 on mostly finished areas 🙂