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They’re classified from the newest to the oldest. Clicking on the level name will lead you to the level page.
You might wonder where I get inspiration? Inspiration come from my imagination, I have a lot 😀 It consist of putting together the scene I have in mind and adapt it for the game so gameplay fit’s well.
Static meshes (SM) for me are like Lego blocks, even the greatest SM pack can look bad, uninteresting, repetitive in a scene if all those SM aren’t well combined at the right scaling. Level design is a form of art, putting all those SM together require artistic skills and some have those skills more than others, naturally. I like detailed levels for casual gaming and of course, gameplay is really respected and well tweaked. After come the other aspects of the scene like materials fine tuning, blocking volume, lighting adjustments, post-process tweaking, ambient audio, music, VFX, etc. which are as much important of putting the SM together to obtain a really good immersive experience.
The biggest challenge I had was to find the right SM pack that match the most what I have in mind. UT4 editor is so obsolete that most time I import SM in it, it’s a pain to make them work AND look good in this old editor.
For me, level design as always been a hobby. I still make levels in my free time for myself & I make them simply for the love of making them. Until DM-Alpu 2050, I shared automatically any new levels with everyone so others can play something else than stock levels. I have stopped sharing them automatically, not because UT4 is officially discontinued but rather due to the lack of feedback, appreciation and recognition from the UT4 community towards them. I was very generous because many levels I created cost me real money by buying packs on Epic Marketplace! It seems that even if I dedicated myself to creating awesome levels from scratch, on top of costing me real $$$, doing it all on my own time and for free above that, players didn’t care. It’s quite the opposite, players should encourage the little creator that remains by giving their feedback, add their likes on videos, commenting them, sharing them, etc. Now, I share them only on demand, if players ask for it in the level page or by writing at my FB page. For showing your appreciation and support, add your ‘like’ to the level page & leave your appreciation by writing a comment. For those of you who took the time to comment my levels, you will recognize yourself. Thank you, because it is thanks to you alone who encouraged me to continue sharing these.

For a quick download, DM-Alpu 2050 and previous levels are available on UTCC, under the ‘Stevelois maps’ collection. If a problem happen on a level and need a fix, I’ll release a fixed version. New levels are available on demand only.

Thanks for all the support by commenting in the level pages, or on Facebook, or on YouTube, it’s a good way of showing your appreciation for high quality free content.

DM-S.M.C. 65

DM-Kyron GrP.

DM-Alpu 2050


DM-Y z e n







Journey to Oblevia project

Part 2, Terra is a variant of the space version.

Part 2 (remake of UT99 DM-Stalwart XL) space version

Part 1 (remake of UT99 DM-Oblivion)







DM-Chroma FPS




DM-Akar-CE (Competitive Edition)






For my UT3 maps click here. Enjoy this video presentation of my UT3 maps 🙂


  1. Hi Stevelois, I just read your post on UT4 forums. I’ve been playing on the Loping Arena for a while, and more often lately. I played many of your maps (you should have seen me in the replays). Most of them I played only a few times. Your maps are really awesome! I consider them a true piece of art and belong to my top list of most appreciated maps. Also the background music is highly appreciated. It seems to melt with the map-experience, and I would miss it, if not there.

    I do look around and try to find all the possibilities the map offers, it is the high pace of the game that does not give you much time to look around. A rule in every match is: standing still for even a fraction of a second result in a headshot. Especially with Dutch around 🙄

    Earlier I’ve been playing a few of your maps (Elik and Coda) against bots and took a bit more time to look around. But in the heat of the game against real human players I am having a hard time not to get fragged. I wish I had more time to explore, but I play UT now only online because it is more fun to play, and I just don’t have more time at the moment. Still I have the feeling that every time I discover a new little thing, so I will slowly make more use of the possibilities. But I don’t think I can comment you on the improvements because I haven’t been playing the older versions very much. I am new to most maps on Loping server. There are so many that most maps I play only few times. And for myself I am also still learning how to make optimal use of maps. I am not a high-end player and am sure I miss out on a lot of things. I will try to play more attention next time I play your map and hopefully give significant feedback.

    It is not that when you don’t see comments in the replays that I don’t appreciate it. On top of that, during the game I speak to DutchSmoke via Mumble and I sometimes comment this way how I appreciate the map and the creativity of the mappers, I think Dutch can confirm this 😉 Of course you can’t hear that, and I should have posted that here 🙄

    Anyway, don’t think that all your time, effort and creativity is not appreciated, because it surely is. I can only speak for myself, but I am sure this counts for most players. In general I appreciate every mapper, and respect the work you all do. I look up to it, I wish I could do it.

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  2. Amazing work. In any case you need some music for these maps with electronic combined with some metal or vise versa, let me know. I would love to support you. Could be very inspiring to paint the maps into music.

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  3. Stevie’s maps are amazing in detail and design. Always beautiful and fun to play! Glad to have someone who is so dedicated to providing such high quality content. Keep up the good work!!

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  4. Since I started playing your maps in Unreal Tournament 4 Pre-Alpha, I’ve become a fan of yours, you impress me as a creator and artist, I really can’t get enough of your maps, especially the Chroma Fps maps, Oblevia, they all look impressive! great job – for me you are a master, I would like to be able to create such maps too, someday I will start learning Unreal Engine 5 tool 🙂

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