Highly recommended stuff !

This is all about stuff that have something interesting in a way or in another. It stand out from the crowd for several reasons & I’ll let you discover those reasons by yourselves. I’ve been participating very intensively on some of the stuff listed below. I list them here because they’re worth your time & not because I was involved in the mapping process.

There is a plethora of UT2004 remakes that I found rather good but the difference between the UT2004 & UT3 map isn’t high enough to convince me to put them here.


CTF-Immulsion, Bret Hart Epic
CTF-React, Pinnacle Epic
DM-AudioRoyalle Deluxe, KazeoHin Epic
DM-BeyondUnreality, Odedge Official
DM-Botanica, Bret Hart Epic
DM-Campgrounds2008, Spank$hot_BT Epic
DM-Delhon, sklare BU
DM-Downpour, Setheran Epic
DM-Egitim, Odedge Official
DM-Foundry, SmokeRingHalo Epic
DM-Hyraxis, xViperAKx Epic
DM-Lyncsis, Wolverine Official
DM-MaidenLike, Dan ‘Green’ Rožañski Official
DM-Monastery, Xyos212 Epic
DM-NewEden, Remus Official
DM-Saturation, Cr4zy Official
DM-Spectrum, Matthew Bradley Official

Maps for The Haunted mod

BackwaterBayou, SmokeRingHalo Epic
LightHouse, Wolverine Epic

Map pack

CBP3 (Community Bonus Pack 3, volume 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Official
COMP (COmpetitive Map Pack) 1, 2, DM-Deep-Pro, DM-Kabal-Pro
Evil Map Pack Official
GOW (Gods Of Warfare) Map Pack 1, 2
Halo Map Pack Epic
HOLP (Hardcore Oldskool Low Poly, volume 1, 2, 3) Official
Moloch Map Packs Unofficial


Jailbreak Official
Prometheus MODDB
Renegade X Official
RuneStorm, Ballistic Weapons Official
RuneStorm, Pitbull Shotgun Official
RuneStorm, The Crucible Official
The Ball Official
The Haunted Official
XS vehicles Epic


  1. Hiya,

    Just wanted to leave a thank you for your recommendations!
    The link to both the Jailbreak Bloody Mappack and the UOF Mappacks is pointing to the wrong target I guess (Moloch Mappack 6, which is awful IMHO 😉 )

    If you happen to have a working link for the Bloody Mappack I would looooove to have it, I am searching high and low and cannot find it…..

    Greetings from Germany,


    1. Hello,

      Time has passed and many great UT stuff has vanished, sadly. I cannot find the Jailbreak Bloody Mappack neither 😦

      UOF Map packs link is fine. It leads where all packs are.

      Have a nice day 🙂


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