UT3 resources

Welcome to my UT3 resources page 😀

This section consist of links to help a mapper start to build a level. Some links will help you optimize your level, some will provide very useful information and some are related to a specific topic. Something I want to point out is Odedge site. This friend of mine as build a complete list of level editing links for all the steps while your building a level. My list isn’t a huge one but these are essentials. I see them as a reference. You will find other very useful tools to 🙂

Please share this page so others can discover and create something out of these HQ assets ! Note: I do not host the assets in this page except if there is a (D) so you can download the stuff from my GoogleDrive. All assets from my GoogleDrive are compress with 7-Zip. 7-Zip, is a free and extremely efficient file archiver and use the 7z extension, the new archive format. For all other assets, it is the author responsibility to make their stuff available for download.

Learning Unreal Engine 3 Editor from scratch and essential info

3D Buzz UE3 tutorials (This is a single video pack that combines all 3D Buzz videos on Fileplanet and has several hours of tutorials, a must ! 3.3 GB)

Waylon Brinck
The complete static meshes catalog
Unreal Developer Network (UDN)

General level design tips and highly recommended tutorials

Chris Albeluhn’s
Chris Hatchie
Gamasutra’s visual guide to multiplayer level design
Isaac Sukin aka IceCreamYou
Oliver aka mAlkAv!An
Rachel Cordone aka AngelMapper

Odedge extensive UT3 tutorials list
Odedge Blender tutorials list
Odedge GIMP tutorials list

More specific “how to do” things

3D Buzz (Check the Unreal main menu)
Passion3D (French)
Stevelois (Various tuts made by me on specific things)


Kismet tutorials by Matt Bromley (AVLD)

Specific subjects

Create a animated sky shader by Cr4zy
Create a mini map for VCTF / WAR game types by Cr4zy
Creating background using Spacescape by Achernar
Convert models to .ase for import into Unreal Engine by Achernar
Editing and compiling with UScript: An introduction by Achernar
Flashing / Pulsing lights by Lord_PorkSword
Make a ramp for dodging up in UT3 by Chong Lee
Setup a DOM map by Lord_PorkSword
Setup a WAR map by Cr4zy
Unreal 3 sound and music implementation by Richard Stevens
Warp zone by Bloody Cervian 91


Optimize your level by me


List of all the editor button reference
List of colors, a very helpful Wikipedia page (Note; to translate the RGB values in UT values, have to divide by 255 & more than a 1.0 value introduce bloom)


Caustics Generator by Dual Heights Software

Can be described as the light pattern you see at the bottom of a pool on a sunny day. This tool will let you render such caustics light patterns.The rendered images can be animated and are tileable in both space and time. This means that they are ideal for use in real-time graphics such as games and simulations, but can also be used for architectural renderings, film rendering or advertisement renderings where water needs to be illustrated.

Mod authoring for the PS3

You can now import mods for PS3 using Epic tools. This means that many of the latest and greatest mods, especially TC Mods using entirely original assets, can now be ported over for the entire PS3 community to enjoy. Install the tools (PS3ModTools v2.1) from here on top of your existing UT3 installation which enable the cooking of PC mods for use on the PS3. Your UT3 must be patched to 2.1 version minimum. Also, if your using custom sound, you need to install the custom sound tools available here.

Custom content (textures, static meshes aka SM, etc)

Those content are released by various individuals and groups. It can be anything like custom textures, SM, emitters and such.

CBP3 Soundtrack by zYnthetic

An audio treat for Community Bonus Pack 3 fans. The music written by zYnthetic for the CBP3 is now available for instant stream and download in several formats / bitrate. Also include album art.

Custom assets by Scott Coxhead

A nice set of textures and static meshes. These textures are the ones used in his DM-Edge map, they were created from scratch and inspired by the Mirrors Edge game.

Custom assets by mAlkAv!An

He made awesome assets (meshes + textures) that can be use in UT3 and UDK as long as very well made tutorials. Really pro stuff !

3 fern models

Concrete barrier models

Tileable maps (stone #1)

Tileable maps (stone #2)

UT3 parallax occlusion mapping material

Custom assets by Nobiax

This guy make awesome meshes and textures. Note that Achernar, a fellow UT3 mapper took the time to convert many of the meshes into ASE file format here, which is useful for UT3 mappers. He also added adequate lightmap support as well as proper collision models. You will still need to download the textures files which can be found at Nobiax page. Below, all Nobiax’s meshes and textures are downloadable from my GoogleDrive account by clicking on (DL) above the images 😀

Bamboo (DL)

Bushes (DL)

Cannabis plants (DL)

Cardboards (DL)

Chest (DL)

Circuits (DL)

Concrete barriers (DL)

Concrete pipes (DL)

Customizable tiles (DL)

Decals Sci-Fi 1 (DL)

Decals Sci-Fi 2 (DL)

Fern (DL)

Fern 2 (DL)

Fuel can (DL)

Gaz tank (DL)

Grass 1 (DL)

Grass 2 (DL)

Grass 3 (DL)

Grass 3 (Alternate meshes) (DL)

Hedges (DL)

Hesco box (DL)

Hi-Tech Sci-Fi IT (DL)

House plants (DL)

Impacts (DL)

Low poly gold (DL)

Magnetic bomb (DL)

Medieval (DL)

Metal barrels (DL)

Modular building assets (DL)

Money (DL)

Mundo commissions (DL)

Palm plant (DL)

Palm tree (DL)

Palm trees (DL)

Parviflora (DL)

Pillars (DL)

Pillars 2 (DL)

Plants models (DL)

Plastic (DL)

Plastic barrel (DL)

Rocks (DL)

Rocks 2 (DL)

Rocks 3 (DL)

Stone coffin (DL)

Stylish plants (DL)

Stylized grass (DL)

Suitcase (DL)

Textures branches 1 (DL)

Textures branches 2 (DL)

Textures branches 3 (DL)

Textures branches 4 (DL)

Textures pack 1 (DL)

Textures pack 2 (DL)

Textures pack 3 (DL)

Textures pack 4 (DL)

Textures pack 5 (DL)

Textures pack 6 (DL)

Textures pack 7 (DL)

Textures pack 8 (DL)

Textures pack 9 (DL)

Textures pack 10 (DL)

Textures pack 11 (DL)

Textures pack 12 (DL)

Textures pack 13 (DL)

Textures pack 14 (DL)

Textures pack 15 (DL)

Textures pack 16 (DL)

Textures pack 17 (DL)

Textures pack 18 (DL)

Textures pack 19 (DL)

Textures pack 20 (DL)

Textures pack 21 (DL)

Textures pack 22 (DL)

Textures pack 23 (DL)

Textures pack 24 (DL)

Textures pack 25 (DL)

Textures pack 26 (DL)

Textures pack 27 (DL)

Textures pack 28 (DL)

Textures pack 29 (DL)

Textures pack 30 (DL)

Textures pack 31 (DL)

Textures pack 32 (DL)

Textures pack 33 (DL)

Textures pack 34 (DL)

Textures pack 35 (DL)

Textures pack 36 (DL)

Textures pack 37 (DL)

Textures pack 38 (DL)

Textures pack 39 (DL)

Textures pack 40 (DL)

Textures pack 41 (DL)

Textures pack 42 (DL)

Textures pack 43 (DL)

Textures pack 44 (DL)

Textures pack 45 (DL)

Textures pack 46 (DL)

Textures pack 47 (DL)

Textures pack 48 (DL)

Textures pack 49 (DL)

Textures pack 50 (DL)

Textures pack 51 (DL)

Textures pack 52 (DL)

Textures pack 53 (DL)

Textures pack 54 (DL)

Textures pack 55 (DL)

Textures pack 56 (DL)

Textures pack 57 (DL)

Textures pack 58 (DL)

Textures pack 59 (DL)

Textures pack 60 (DL)

Textures pack 61 (DL)

Textures pack 62 (DL)

Textures pack 63 (DL)

Textures plants 1 (DL)

Textures plants 3 (DL)

Textures plants 4 (DL)

Tiny weeds (DL)

Tiny weeds 2 (DL)

Tiny weeds 3 (DL)

Trashes (DL)

Tropical plant (DL)

Tropical plant 2 (DL)

Tropical shrubs (DL)

Weapon box (DL)

Weapon box 2 (DL)

Weapon box 3 (DL)

Weapon box white (DL)

Wood barrels (DL)

Wood pallet (DL)

Wood pallet 2 (DL)

Wooden crates (DL)

Custom assets by Rumplehedskin

Backdrop meshes

Western and tube meshes

Custom textures by Alun David Bestor

This guy made really awesome textures for the Thief game. Brief, the website is a repository for the art assets that he created for is own personal use in Thief missions, which he wanted to share with other designers. There is no pics that regroup all of them. Just head to his site to discover them 🙂

Custom textures by Lunaran

He gathered together tons of textures he have made for the Quakes games over the years and made them available as downloads separate from the maps for which they were made. Nearly every set includes some unused textures that weren’t seen in the original, and some sets were never used in a map at all. So, various textures sets are available.


Lun3DM2 (Lunbase)

Lun3DM3 (Lunmetal)





Custom textures by Philip Klevestav

Two Quake 4 texture set, namely PK01, PK02 available for Source (HL2 engine) and in full TGA’s for everyone to use as they want. You can download those texture sets by looking at his portfolio 🙂

Directional jump pad squares by Odedge

A set of emitters that can be used as replacement for the stock jump pad. They arch in a specific direction to give the player a better idea where they will be traveling.

Halo Forerunner materials / textures pack by Teltaur on Epic forums

Mappers that want to make maps based on Halo series textures can rejoice 😀 For convenience, I made a archive that contain the original materials pack by Teltaur which comes with fully-custom recreated Forerunner materials from Halo: CE, 2 and 3, +, a huge amount of optimized and new textures in TGA files again by Teltaur . You can download this pack here.

Hubble Textures by Lord_PorkSword on UOF forums

A superb collection of 34 hubble images for mappers to use in their maps. Textures are generated from the highest rez pics on hubblesite.org so they should enlarge with no visual problems ingame. Almost all textures are 2048×2048 in size with the occasional one being 1024×1024. Also, instructions included in the pack so you can easily get the material setup!

Jumpad without sound by Sebastien-Nova on Epic forums

For mappers who want to create a custom jumpad without the default ambient sound (the one you ear when you’re close to it).

Liquid texture samples (Slime, oil, blood, water, etc) by ShadeMistress on Epic forums

Contains different water, blood, oil, grease, tar, and goo textures.

Quake textures / materials pack for UT3 / UDK Editor by WedgeBob on BU forums / Epic forums

WedgeBob have compiled some textures / materials for use with Unreal Technology 3 (either UDK or UT3), from the classic shooter, Quake. Although these may not exactly have the same graphics quality as the Tenebrae port, it is, however, about as close to the original as you can get.

Retro custom SM pack by Remus on Epic forums

This pack contains 45 very nice retro SM. Here is a small preview.

Skies by DGUnreal

19 skies in 2048 and 4096 sizes, plus spherical and hemisphere sky SM.

Sky dome textures by Remus on Epic forums

This texture pack contains 6 high resolution sky dome textures. Each one is 4090×1024 and in an uncompressed bitmap format.

Sky dome textures by ShadeMistress on Epic forums / Direct dwn

Most of the sky dome textures are in 4096×1024. Need an overcast day, overcast, creepy almost black night, a misty morning in a magical glade, dawn on the beach, storms on the horizon ? & there is more 🙂

Solar system texture SM pack by Remus on Epic forums

This texture pack contains 17 textures of the sun, planets and moons from our solar system. Each one is 2048×2048 and in bitmap format. These textures are meant to be used with the hemisphere static SM.

Tropical assets by ShadeMistress on Epic forums / From my own dwn

Wall angel statues, wall lion statues, 3 types of ferns (also a fern group SM containing a nice smattering of all 3 to cover a whole area with one SM), brick column, concrete-like base for the brick column, a large round rooftop thing, a wall torch with runic engravings, and a standing flame sconce. All Materials for all of these and also included a few texture samples that never got used for door arches. Here is a very small bunch of them.


  1. Hello! I do not know if you still monitor this at all, but I just want to say, I love visiting this site and showing my students some of your resources for their projects (I teach Game Design courses learning the Unreal Engine). I have been visiting here since 2013. Recently however, all the links with “DL” on them say that access is denied when trying to download the associated zip file for the asset(s). My initial thought is that Google’s new mandatory 2 Factor Authentication made it so another step is needed, or broke the links.

    I do not know if the links need to re-directed, or if something changed with Google Drive directories as a result of the policy change, but I was wondering if anyone else has been having issues, or if the links will be fixed in the near future? Thanks!


    1. Hi,

      I don’t maintain this page since years but all the assets are still there on my Google Drive and I didn’t change the sharing options. So everyone is supposed to be able to download the assets from the provided links.

      I clicked on few of them and I was prompted to connect to my Google account? Like you, I think it is related to the new policy changes. Therefore, I don’t know what as to be done to fix this and I’m sharing few hundreds assets. If you have an idea of how to fix all those links quickly, I’m all ears 🙂


      I’ve deactivate the 2 Factor Authentication. Let me know if it’s ok now or else I’ll reactive it.


      1. Thanks for the response. For some reason, I did not get a notification until now, but thanks for taking the time. I tried clicking on some links and I’m still getting the request access page. Maybe those links still maintain the old google policies, so they would have to be re-made under these new provisions? I don’t know. But like you said, you have hundreds of links and it would take a loooong unrealistic time to do that. So no need to keep it deactivated on your end. I’m just glad I was able to share your awesome work and library when I could. Thanks a bunch!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow Dude im pretty late to the party haha but wanna say thx alot man UDK is still a true Beast of a Game Engine and its much easier to use than UE4/5 (ofc in my opinion) but its hard to get realy good informations to UDK especially the Tutorials are pretty rare and hard to find…. ^^

    Maybe you know where i can get the UnrealScript Masterclass Tutorials by Eat3D ? They looks exactly like the stuff i want 😀

    Thx alot again and cheers 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, I’m happy my website could help you out. I’m not aware of those tuts. If ever you find them, plz let me know so I could add them to the list 😁



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