I always been amazed by anything made in 3D whatever the subject. I’m a huge fan of sci-fi, techy, fantasy, fantastic stuff, martial arts and all kind of animation (3D, anime, cartoons, etc), manga, matte painting and such.

By browsing the Internet, I constantly found awesome artists. Some artists release samples of their works and if your interested, you can buy the full version to own the complete product, for those, it’s their way of living. For others, it’s only an hobby. I’ve decided to create this section to share with you the awesome works made by those artists I found while browsing. Of course, it must be related to level design 😀

By looking further, if you intent to build something on your own with the UE editor, all of those awesome resources are very inspiring. If you don’t know nothing about editing, you can build a very nice collection of wallpapers 😉

I add one of the pics I really like to provide a quick view of the artist general illustration style. Their collection is much wider so go ahead and discover them 😀

Adam Burn

Alexander Chelyshev

Anas Riasat

Andree Wallin

Anne Marte Markussen

Christian Quinot

Dylan Cole

Frederic St-Arnaud

Gary Gray

Igor Vitkovskiy

Jaime Jasso

Jamshed Jurabaev

Johan Espling

Jonas De Ro

Jordan Grimmer

Kentaro Kanamoto

Martina Stipan

Mathieu Latour-Duhaime

Nicholai Kropat

Paul Chadeisson

Pete Amachree

Phuoc Quan

Reid Southen

Sebastien Hue

Seung Jin Woo

Steve Burg

Thomas Stoop

Tierno Beauregard