Scenes and environments

Unlike videos made by a MOD team, a gaming company or Epic (which you can watch some awesome videos in my Unreal Engine games trailers page or my Mobile gaming page), here are videos of projects conceived by individuals. Those videos are really high quality. They show original content, HQ visuals, a proper audio track (frequently in sync with the visuals) in most case and a great immersion. They are very inspiring for all designers and also very interesting to watch even if your not a designer 😀

Art deco building real time 3D fly through by Phillip Phair (aka psine)

Autumn park by Mauricio Redondo

Brave new world by Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader

Buddha’s tree by Lucas Hug

Compass rose space depot by Josh Trevisiol

Converted church 3D building render by Phillip Phair (aka psine)

Delirium by Polymath Creative Lab

DYSTOPIA shortfilm + alt. music version by Paul Mader

Environment 1 by Marcin Winkowski

Escape 2085 by Andrew Maximov

Garden of eden by Josh Caulton

Hamster Pinball

Jungle environment by Francesco Camarlinghi (aka minifloppy)

Kermit the frog by Lucas Hug

Midgard by Simon Pennington

NaissanceE by Mavros Sedeño

Oasis by Damian Lazarski

Period red brick 3D building render by Phillip Phair (aka psine)

Realtime Antarctic Time by Anton Migulko

Sci-fi environment by Mike Sneath

Sci-fi hallway by Lucas Hug

Sci-fi scene by Leonard Gonzalez

Sea Defense by Simon Pennington

Something Unreal by Elude

Subway station by Gaëtan Montaudouin

Swarm Protocol

Tesseract Group Offices by JDVI

The desert by Andrew Maximov

The dock by Andrew Maximov

The lighthouse by David Miranda

The lost island (architectural visualization) by Svoy

The machine by Chris Zukowski

The physics dance! by Elude

The PhysX butterfly by Josh Caulton

The PhysX silo 3.0 by Josh Caulton

The swamp by Andrew Maximov

The tower by Esa Nietula

The waterfall by David Miranda

UDK demo by Francesco Bruschi

University of Hertfordshire animation showreel 2012 – 2013 by UHAnimation

University of Hertfordshire, Arnold showreel January 2013

UE4 demo reel by Alden Filion

Water mill valley by Andrew Maximov


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