All ONS2 / VCTF / WAR custom maps

I thought that UT3 players would like to see a centralized spot to grab those types of maps so I decided to do it. This list is the most completed list for UT3 vehicles based maps since the game came out. The idea is to regroup the finals and all the others (Alpha / Beta / Release Candidate) together. The upper section is about Finals maps, the lower section is about maps that aren’t officially finals.

Take note that I do this map listing for the community, not for myself and it take a considerable amount of time to stay up-to-date. To add something that isn’t listed, the only thing I ask is that you post the correct info and the link. Please be as much detailed as possible.

Description: Game type, full map title, author, bonus pack (if coming from) and links


ONS2-AlienSands SE (ONS-Crossfire remake), Sanch3z Epic
ONS2-DawnRevisited (ONS-Dawn remake), Sanch3z Epic
ONS2/WAR-HauntingTheChapel, Sanch3z Epic
ONS2-TooDarkPark (ONS-ArcticStronghold remake), Sanch3z Epic
ONS2-TorlanWinter (True classic 2004 remake), Sanch3z Epic
VCTF-42KargoNecris, Lishtenbird Epic
VCTF-42ColdRust, Lishtenbird Epic
VCTF-42Turgor, Lishtenbird Epic
VCTF-8Balls, Rumple Official
VCTF-AbrasiveArena XMAS, tarnationsauce2 Epic
VCTF-Absent NE, Chaosnight Epic (Include in a map pack)
VCTF-Absent RE, Chaosnight Epic
VCTF-AggressiveAlleysClassic, Marnodor UP
VCTF-AggressiveAlleys3 Hot, Pro and Wet Edition, ChainsawFilms Epic
VCTF-ActionCity RE, Rumple Official
VCTF-Alexandria, abraham2 Epic
VCTF-AltasCity, Kantham Epic
VCTF-AnarchyHallsCoda, TheVoid34 Epic
VCTF-Andromeda, plugh Official Epic
VCTF-ApA][Starrz2 classic, Jeffrey Titan Onslaught
VCTF-Apex, plugh Official Epic
VCTF-ArenaOfDeath, Rumple Official Epic
VCTF-Artemisa, KaMi, CBP3 vol. 3 Official
VCTF-Asunder, Xyius Epic
VCTF-AutumnSky NE, Chaosnight Epic (Include in a map pack)
VCTF-Avalanche, [Apoc]Cerberus Epic
VCTF-BadNeighbors, counterblast Epic
VCTF-BadVibrations, Daze Epic
VCTF-Backyard BBQ, Rumple Epic
VCTF-Barricade, Alton07 Epic
VCTF-Basically, plugh Epic
VCTF-BattleLine, plugh Official Epic
VCTF-Bay and Greed-Bay, Cosmix Epic
VCTF-BinarySpace, plugh Epic
VCTF-BiohazardX, Rumple Epic
VCTF-BlackBriar, Christian Eggert Direct dwn
VCTF-BlockFort, HardPCM UP
VCTF-BloodGulch, HardPCM UP
VCTF-Caedem, Prutsor Epic
VCTF-CanalWarfare, plugh Official Epic
VCTF-Celestial, Chaosnight Epic
VCTF-Celotex, Nickq2007 Epic
VCTF-Chasm, schiZm22 Epic
VCTF-ConkersWar, lightweaponx Epic
VCTF-Corruption AE, 1.0, Morgfyre Epic
VCTF-CraterMiningCamp, Sonic Wallpaper UP
VCTF-CraterMiningCamp EE, Sonic Wallpaper UP
VCTF-Crucifictions, counterblast Epic
VCTF-CrudeOcean, ekyman Epic
VCTF-CrudeOocean SE, ekyman Epic
VCTF-DarkTower, Zathlord UP
VCTF-DeathIsland, HardPCM UP
VCTF-DeathShaft, Rumple Official
VCTF-Decked (DM-Deck conversion), ekyman Epic
VCTF-Defection SE, Cr4zy Official
VCTF-DevourerInLiandriCity, Moloch Epic
VCTF-District, Ice.T Epic
VCTF-DoomSoldier, Morgfyre Epic
VCTF-DreamingRuins, Sp4der Epic
VCTF-DustBowl, WildmouseX Epic
VCTF-Electro, plugh Official Epic
VCTF-Excelsior!, Morgfyre Epic
VCTF-FeelGoodInc, karmatized Epic
VCTF-FickGoodInc, YourParents Epic
VCTF-Flare (converted from WAR-Flare originally made by Setheran), ekay Nervous Energy
VCTF-Foresaken, Chaosnight Epic
VCTF-Foundry, bastardbrain Epic
VCTF-Fragasm!, ekyman Epic
VCTF-FunZone, Morgfyre Epic
VCTF-Gasometer, Scud Epic
VCTF-Goddess, Christian Eggert Direct dwn
VCTF-GoldDigger SE, TheVoid34 Epic
VCTF-Harbour, haslo Epic
VCTF-HangingGardens, _N_ Epic
VCTF-HangingGardensNightfall, _N_ Epic
VCTF-Heatray, Rumplehedskin Epic
VCTF-Hedsteem’s BeaverBeach MSUC, [H3D]Pendragon Epic
VCTF-Hedsteem’s Jackie’s Birthday, [H3D]Pendragon Epic
VCTF-HostilityArena, dave neun Epic
VCTF-IceFields, HardPCM UP
VCTF-IcyCanyon, Ice.T Epic
VCTF-InDust, Daniel-Green-Rozański, CBP3 vol. 5 Official
VCTF-Industria, plugh Official Epic
VCTF-InfectionForest SE, Sanch3z Epic
VCTF-IslandHop, Diesalot Epic
VCTF-KargoNecris, Chaosnight Epic
VCTF-Kelahf, Wael Epic
VCTF-KickInTheFace MSUC, [H3D]Pendragon Epic
VCTF-KlinikaResemblance, VoodooMaster Epic
VCTF-Lapse, plugh Official Epic
VCTF-LavaGiant99, counterblast Epic
VCTF-Locks, TheVoid34 Epic
VCTF-LuigiRaceway, HardPCM UP
VCTF-Luracia SE, twigsby Epic
VCTF-LuxLunae, Beastenator Epic
VCTF-MarketDistrict, [Apoc]Cerberus Epic
VCTF-MassDestructionClassic, Jeffrey Titan Onslaught
VCTF-MassExplosion, ekay Nervous Energy
VCTF-MassExplosion, ekyman Epic
VCTF-Megastructure SE, Setheran Epic
VCTF-MPU-DJRoom, unrealloco Epic
VCTF-Necrospace, Moloch Direct dwn
VCTF-NecrotankInRlych, Moloch Epic
VCTF-Necrotic, tarnationsauce2 Epic
VCTF-NesPad, Duobix Epic
VCTF-Octopus, N3odoc, CBP3 vol. 3 Official
VCTF-OffTheRails, plugh Official Epic
VCTF-Officer’sRow, Gloryroader Epic
VCTF-OilRig, Scud Epic
VCTF-OogesFunMapClassic, Jeffrey Titan Onslaught
VCTF-OutpostBonanza, various authors Direct dwn
VCTF-Plateau, Oldskool0482 Epic
VCTF-PorkchopExpress, CaptainSnarf Epic
VCTF-RedRooms, ekyman Epic
VCTF-Refuge, Plutonic CBP3 vol. 3
VCTF-Revelations, inferyes BU
VCTF-Retribution, Ice.T Epic
VCTF-RöcketForst, scarface BU
VCTF-RumplesRacewayTwisted, Rumple Official
VCTF-Sacriliege, Tom Hodgetts Direct dwn
VCTF-Sanctum, BlewChunks UTZone
VCTF-Satellite, Kantham Epic
VCTF-SigmundBlack, Median12 BU
VCTF-SilentHill, Nickq2007 Epic
VCTF-SilverPoint, Kantham Epic
VCTF-Sinkhole, Coreper Epic
VCTF-Skyland, MJpoland Epic
VCTF-Skyscraper, Empty_Soul and Oldskool0482 Epic
VCTF-Skytown, Squiggles Epic
VCTF-Slax, Kantham Epic
VCTF-SledHill, MapMonkey Epic
VCTF-Spaceballs, Morgfyre Epic
VCTF-Sundog, Morgfyre Epic
VCTF-TargetPractice, Superking17 Epic
VCTF-TarydiumMiningCave AE, bclagge Epic
VCTF-TarydiumMiningCave, Empty_Soul Epic
VCTF-TheConundrum, plugh Official Epic
VCTF-TheConundrum, T3KT0N L4Y
VCTF-TheDig, Plutonic, CBP3 vol. 1 Official
VCTF-TheGreatWall, konsept Epic
VCTF-Torlan, [Apoc]Cerberus Epic
VCTF-Torlan 2004 RE, Rumple Epic
VCTF-ToweringTowers, benbearuk Epic
VCTF-TrainCrossing, _N_ Epic
VCTF-Trickier NE, Chaosnight Epic (Include in a map pack)
VCTF-Tundra, plugh Official
VCTF-TwilightZone, Rumple Official
VCTF-UndergroundAcidTrip, Rumple Official
VCTF-UnrealPlayground, Oldskool0482 Epic
VCTF-Valhalla 2010, Sp4der Epic
VCTF-Valhara, »TheHitMan« Epic
VCTF-Valhara NE, »TheHitMan« Epic
VCTF-Valhara SE and NE), Bret Hart Epic
VCTF-Valhara WE, Bret Hart Epic
VCTF-Volcanix and Outcast map pack (Volcanix v. 3.0, Volcanix-SE, Outcast and Outcast-Xmas), Chaosnight Epic
VCTF-Volcanix RE, Chaosnight Epic
VCTF-Wastelands, SmokeRingHalo Epic
VCTF-WinterBridge, »TheHitMan« Epic
WAR-AirMars, Sean Henry Direct dwn
WAR-AirMars LP, Sean Henry UP
WAR-Airlock, Mozi, CBP3 vol. 1 Official
WAR-ArajaMountains SE (ONS-Araja remake), minifloppy Official
WAR-ArchaicBluffs, Squiggles Epic
WAR-ArchCliffs (ONS-RedPlanet remake), BigDog Epic
WAR-ArchCliffs OE (ONS-RedPlanet remake), BigDog Epic
WAR-ArcisOutpost, Dakilla & Nootsac GOW
WAR-Artica, Lord_PorkSword UOF
WAR-AtrocityFalls, Cimmerius Epic
WAR-AvalancheTitans, T3KT0N L4Y
WAR-BattleExtreme, )o(Riddick Epic
WAR-Beachfront, _N_ Epic
WAR-BitterSands, brianXm Epic
WAR-BlackBriar, Christian Eggert Direct dwn
WAR-CarPark SE, bclagge Epic
WAR-CarnageCanyon, ShadeMistress Epic
WAR-Cavern OE (ONS-Torlan remake), BigDog Epic
WAR-Colosseum, Scud Epic
WAR-Containment, Dakilla & Duragesic & Nootsac GOW
WAR-Corruption, NarkyBark Epic
WAR-CrossF1re, nomadicus Epic
WAR-DeckTitans, T3KT0N L4Y
WAR-DarkWalkerNightMare, 50_Caliber UP
WAR-Deforia, Dana Willoughby Official
WAR-DeathDome, Dakilla & Nootsac GOW
WAR-Dev1lsN1ght, Sanch3z GOW
WAR-DevidedBros, smirna_RUS Epic
WAR-Diesel, Rumplehedskin Epic
WAR-DowntownNecris, Bi()ha2arD & Cr4zy Official
WAR-Dune, ShadeMistress Epic
WAR-FacingWorlds, Dakilla & Duragesic & Nootsac GOW
WAR-FlakAttack, Rumplehedskin Epic
WAR-Flare, Setheran Epic
WAR-FloodgateWinter, azurescorch Epic
WAR-Flux, Cr4zy Official
WAR-Gizeh, belzaran Epic
WAR-HolyWar, spacedemonebu Epic
WAR-Hostile ONS remix, Sanch3z Epic
WAR-HotZone, ShadeMistress Epic
WAR-HydroExtractor, CaptainSnarf Epic
WAR-IceTower, Matthew Elvey Price Direct dwn
WAR-Imperia, Cosmix Epic
WAR-Imperialism, spacedemonebu Epic
WAR-Industrial, evilmrfrank, CBP3 vol. 3 Official
WAR-InfectionForest, Sanch3z Epic
WAR-InfectionForest SE, Sanch3z Epic
WAR-Insomniac, TKBS Epic
WAR-Intense, Oliebol Epic
WAR-Iscariot, Ignotium Epic
WAR-IslandHop SE, diesalot Epic
WAR-Maelstrom]i[, bclagge Epic
WAR-Marooned, Cosmix Epic
WAR-MasterBath, Dakilla & Nootsac GOW
WAR-Meditation, Mozi, CBP3 vol. 2 Official
WAR-Midst, Greenloves, CBP3 vol. 4 Official
WAR-MinorUnrest, Branden Snowberger Direct dwn
WAR-MPU-DJRoom, unrealloco Epic
WAR-Nerok, xViperAKx Epic
WAR-Omikron, Xyius Epic
WAR-OrbitalDebris, Lord_PorkSword Epic
WAR-OrbitalDrift, Lord_PorkSword UOF
WAR-Pacman, Dakilla & Nootsac GOW
WAR-PlanetF*&$ed, Sanch3z Epic
WAR-Port29, slik_sh00ter Epic
WAR-PowerSurgeTitans, T3KT0N L4Y
WAR-Primeval SE, nomadicus Epic
WAR-PsychoTropix, ShadeMistress Epic
WAR-PyramidOfDoom, 50_Caliber UP
WAR-Rails (converted from VCTF), Sanch3z GOW
WAR-RealGar, jayoplus Epic
WAR-RedRoute (SE & RE), Tolstoy the cat Epic
WAR-ReverseTDRobotsVsCultists, lockdown1101 Epic
WAR-Rivalen (ONS-Dria remake), BigDog Epic
WAR-Rivalen OE (ONS-Dria remake), BigDog Epic
WAR-RocketRampage, Rumplehedskin Epic
WAR-RockPaperSpaceCruiser, FarbrorFisk Epic
WAR-RoyalFlush, Dakilla & Nootsac GOW
WAR-SantaBites, BigDog Epic
WAR-SeaSkirmish, Distant Land Epic
WAR-Sentinels (ONS-Severance remake), BigDog Epic
WAR-Sentinels OE (ONS-Severance remake), BigDog Epic
WAR-Serenity RE, ShadeMistress Epic
WAR-ShatteredRavines, Monasta GOW
WAR-ShogunTitans, T3KT0N L4Y
WAR-SimpsonsHomeInvasion, unrealloco Epic
WAR-SantaBites OE (ONS-Frostbite remake), BigDog Epic
WAR-SnakeBite (ONS-Frostbite remake), BigDog Epic
WAR-SnakeBite SE (ONS-Frostbite remake), BigDog Epic
WAR-SnowBound, Ice.T Epic
WAR-Spambox, Fribble Epic
WAR-StairsOfDoom2008, unrealloco Epic
WAR-Subway, Oldskool0482 Epic
WAR-SunriseCanyon, tarnationsauce2 Epic
WAR-Synapse, CaptainSnarf Epic
WAR-TanksForPlaying, CaptainSnarf Epic
WAR-TheArk, Ron Paul 2012 Epic
WAR-TheCrossing, »TheHitMan« Epic
WAR-TheHouse, unrealloco Epic
WAR-TombOfAmunrah, Oldskool0482 Epic
WAR-Torlan[UT2004] (ONS-Torlan remake), Cosmix Epic
WAR-TorlanForever! (ONS-Torlan remake), UnShame Epic
WAR-TorlanNecris RE (ONS-Torlan remake), Rumple Epic
WAR-ToxiqueVille, T3KT0N L4Y
WAR-Traverse, de.yrc.s Epic
WAR-Tropico, Neoduck Epic
WAR-Undercity, BloodK1nG Epic
WAR-UrbanSvensson, Andreas Larsson Direct dwn
WAR-UTterlyPlatformingGoodness, Dakilla & Nootsac GOW
WAR-Valley, Cr4zy Official
WAR-Venice, Scud Epic
WAR-Virus, Teg Epic
WAR-Wastelands, SmokeRingHalo Epic
WAR-W00t, Cr4zy Official
WAR-Xcavated OE, BigDog Epic
WAR-Yorda2009, unrealloco Epic
WAR-ZeroImpact (Day and Night Edition), brianXm Epic

Non finals

VCTF-42Turgor, Lishtenbird Epic
VCTF-ABridgeTooClose, TheDarkAlly Epic
VCTF-Accursed, TKBS Epic
VCTF-Aero, Beastenator Epic
VCTF-Amalgam, LutherP Epic
VCTF-AutumnSky, Chaosnight Epic
VCTF-Barrens and VCTF-Selva perdida, Chaosnight Epic
VCTF-Battle, cdiddy Epic
VCTF-BioGates, TKBS Epic
VCTF-BotArmy, SayUNKLE Epic
VCTF-ChristmasTreeLot, Oldskool0482 Epic
VCTF-CommunistBalls, D3L1R10US Epic
VCTF-CoagulationRE, »TheHitMan« Epic
VCTF-CorruptionSN, SibeRio Epic
VCTF-CrystalSkull, tarnationsauce2 Epic
VCTF-Deployment, jpaul1985 BU
VCTF-Encapsulated, robo_spy Epic
VCTF-ForgottenPier, Chaosnight Epic
VCTF-FSAMP (Fast Small Arena Map Pack-VCTF’s), Duobix Epic
VCTF-FunZone, Morgfyre Epic
VCTF-Hellir, Crayfish Epic
VCTF-Hydrotherapy, ArcAne Epic
VCTF-IceBases, Ice.T Epic
VCTF-IceBridges, Ice.T Epic
VCTF-ImpactWreckage, EX5050 Epic
VCTF / WAR-Imperialist, Chaosnight Epic
VCTF-Infinity, »TheHitMan« Epic
VCTF-InletControl, Brandon Quaal Official
VCTF-InsideTheBall, HardPCM UP
VCTF-Insomniac, TKBS Epic
VCTF-KargoShip, G-zu08 Epic
VCTF-Lotus, tarnationsauce2 Epic
VCTF-MoXie, Cosmix Epic
VCTF-NavPoint 57, Lilium_Atratum Epic
VCTF-NoParking, »TheHitMan« Epic
VCTF-Radiation, TKBS Epic
VCTF-RageQuit, Aim_This_Way Epic
VCTF-Relic, ToasterMongoose Epic
VCTF-Retro, Kantham Epic
VCTF-Reverie, Chaosnight Epic
VCTF-ShoresOfNecris, »TheHitMan« Epic
VCTF-SoccerField, Simo08 Epic
VCTF-StratusFear, ShadeMistress Epic
VCTF-SwimmingPool, CuCaDMuH Epic
VCTF-TheArena in the forest, Drakart Epic
VCTF-ThunderRavine, apophis3d Epic
VCTF-Trickier3, Chaosnight Epic
VCTF-TritonArena, sneh BU
VCTF-UltraDark, tarnationsauce2 Epic
WAR-ArtOfWar OE (ONS-Sun Tzu remake), BigDog Epic
WAR-Asteroid, Vicious3745 BU
WAR-AstroidField, DaKilla GOW
WAR-BeerBattle, bclagge Epic
WAR-Coastal, Owoc Epic
WAR-ColaWars, Dakilla & Nootsac GOW
WAR-ColdHarbor Alt, [GOW] Daquila Epic
WAR-Confluence, Brandon Quaal Official
WAR-Deadlock, twigsby Epic
WAR-Dawn, Sanch3z Epic
WAR-DeepFreeze, SlipStreams_65 Epic
WAR-DryIce (WAR-UGL-DryIce), nomadicus GOW
WAR-FallenKingdom, Christian Eggert Direct dwn
WAR-FlatlandMaze, Dakilla & Nootsac GOW
WAR-Flurry, Gonk Epic
WAR-FullWormGarden, Sanch3z Epic
WAR-Ginger, Cosmix Epic
WAR-GunShop, DaKilla GOW
WAR-IslandHop, DaKilla & Nootsac GOW
WAR-LeviathanCrossing, Brad Sheiness Direct dwn
WAR-MallTowerDefense, Albert M Epic
WAR-MidnightBreeze, slik_sh00ter Epic
WAR-MoltenCore, SmokeRingHalo Epic
WAR-Neon, SlipStreams_65 Epic
WAR-RilohnRidge, ? UP
WAR-Rizer, Bantis Epic
WAR-Sandstorm, TKBS Epic
WAR-SantaLand, MapMonkey + OldSkool0482 & Empty_Soul BGE
WAR-SerenityNightf1re, Sanch3z Epic
WAR-ShatteredRavines, ?, UP
WAR-Stargate, BloodK1nG Epic
WAR-StorageFacility, Dakilla & Nootsac GOW
WAR-Strife, Azurescorch Epic
WAR-SuburbanSprawl, Albert M Epic
WAR-TanglewoodLost, Hawkules Epic
WAR-TheHouse, Dakilla & Nootsac GOW
WAR-TheSeventhBridge, Zamerick Epic
WAR-TiberianSun UTVehicles, sgtmay Epic
WAR-TreeFortress, Dakilla & Nootsac GOW
WAR-Tropica, DukeNukemCZ Epic
WAR-Tropica, Enos Shenk UP
WAR-VolcanoHigh, Dakilla & Nootsac GOW
WAR-WinterBridge, »TheHitMan« Epic


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