All UT99 / UT200x remakes

Originally, the map listing was started by Sneh, then rebooted by 1XTreme on Epic forums. For some reasons, 1XTreme wasn’t active anymore, so the list was left in a unfinished state. Since I’m use to maintain many map lists, I’ve decided to continue the job. So I’ve check all the links and then make all the necessary updates and add many, many missing stuff 😀

Now 1XTreme is back and continue to maintain the list on Epic, as I, maintain the list here, so we have 2 pages available for our needs 🙂

I think that UT3 players would be pleased to replay with all the classics maps and weapons in UT3. Take note that I maintain this list for the community, not for myself and it take a considerable amount of time to stay up-to-date.

I regroup maps and weapons by sections, starting with maps and then weapons. To add something that isn’t listed, simply post the correct info and the link and be as much detailed as possible. I’ll update this page ASAP 🙂

Description: Game type, map title, author, bonus pack (if coming from) and links

CTF finals

CTF-1on1-Joust, Death Dream Epic
CTF-1on1-Joust Reloaded Edition, Sunshine1709Str Epic
CTF-1on1-T Remastered Edition, t8z5h3 Epic
CTF-1on1-Training day, Ignotium Epic
CTF-Acropolis, Ordzo Epic
CTF-Acropolis, WoLvErInE Official
CTF-AndAction! 2009, 1XTreme Epic
CTF-AndAction! 2010, 1XTreme, UOF vol. 1 UOF
CTF-Barn burner, TwïsteD UP
CTF-Bedrooms, poppersia Epic
CTF-Biomium, jayoplus Epic
CTF-Bloxeh, dark_elf Epic
CTF-Bloxeh 2008, Flying Epic
CTF-Bloxeh 2010, Coreper Epic
CTF-BloxehEgypt Second Edition, poppersia Epic
CTF-BrokenLimits classic, Angelus UTZone
CTF-Bunker, jayoplus UTZone
CTF-Checkmate CWL3, The_grey_man Epic
CTF-Citadel, dura1198 Epic
CTF-Command classic, Angelus UTZone
CTF-DefniteChance, Grendel{HoC} Epic
CTF-Desolate state 2, Foufoune_Rose Epic
CTF-Diamond 2007 InstaGib only, DJStoney69 Epic
CTF-Diamond 2007 Weapons Version, DJStoney69 Epic
CTF-DiamondSword 2009 Second Edition, HO0815XX Epic
CTF-DrearyOutpost, Bazzwano Epic
CTF-Duku classic, Angelus UTZone
CTF-EgyptianThorns, Poppersia Epic
CTF-EpicBoy, Axeman Epic
CTF-Extortion UT3 NM, ]UkE|Prodigy[ GameFront
CTF-FaceToFace, Dosse Epic
CTF-FacingWorlds][, UTGangster Epic
CTF-FacingWorlds classic, hi-ban Epic
CTF-FacingWorlds 3, Coreper and HO0815XX Epic
CTF-Faithless, Diesalot Epic
CTF-Fluxion (Flux Remake), Lord PorkSword UOF
CTF-Football 2010, 1XTreme Epic
CTF-FragWhore, FrontAXL Epic
CTF-Freespace, VoodooFox Epic
CTF-Gauntlet, Angelus GameFront
CTF-Glacier FPS, Revanchist GameFront
CTF-GrendelKeep 3, jayoplus Epic
CTF-HallOfGiants 2008, HO0815XX Epic
CTF-HallOfGiants 3, sneh Epic
CTF-Icefields, keyser325 Epic
CTF-LavaGiant classic 2009, HO0815XX Epic
CTF-LavaGiant classic 2009 Second Edition, HO0815XX Epic
CTF-Maelstrom, 1XTreme Epic
CTF-Magma, Thalos Epic
CTF-MagmaRedux, keyser325 Epic
CTF-Niven Classic Edition, sneh Epic
CTF-November, Nawrot Epic
CTF-Nucleus, Syphix Epic
CTF-Orbital 2007, oMLeTTe Official
CTF-Ranel, BaD-KarmA gamershell
CTF-Romra, WoLvErInE UTZone
CTF-Sesmar, WoLvErInE Official
CTF-Sprinta 3, Foufoune_Rose Epic
CTF-Sprinta classic, Angelus UTZone
CTF-Switchback, Donzi Epic
CTF-Switchback, Tolstoy the Cat Epic
CTF-Terra classic, Angelus UTZone
CTF-TokaidoGardens Joust, Snorkelbottom Epic
CTF-W00TF, XYZ8000 Epic
CTF-W00tabulous, VoodooFox Epic

DM finals

DM-1on1-Judith, Nawrot Epic
DM-1on1-Judith SE, Nawrot Epic
DM-1on1-Metus, Bl!tz Epic
DM-1on1-Pure Pro, Neillithan Epic
DM-Agony, aLeX Epic
DM-Agony, Sjosz, HOLP2 Epic
DM-Agony SE, LordStrider Epic
DM-Albatross 2007, SkubiXTX Epic
DM-Albatross, TKBS Epic
DM-Alps Dawn Duel 2, Thrallala Official
DM-ArcaneTemple, The Shak MapFactory
DM-Barricade, Remus Epic
DM-Codex, CreepyD Epic
DM-Codex 2008, Pitch~Black Epic
DM-Codex Necris, V3n Epic
DM-Conveyor, Bret Hart Epic
DM-Conveyor OG, Bret Hart Epic
DM-Crash, Snorkelbottom Epic
DM-Curse UT3, WrATH Epic
DM-Curse V, D3tox Epic
DM-DeathFan, M^vL Epic
DM-DeathFan 1.0, Tempus Epic
DM-DeathFan 2.0, Tempus Epic
DM-Fith, M^vL Official
DM-Flux, Bl!tz Epic
DM-Flux, Glowing_angel Epic
DM-Foundry, SmokeRingHalo Epic
DM-Fractal, Darkdrium Epic
DM-Gael classic, Revben Epic
DM-Goose 2009, Bi()ha2arD BU
DM-Gothic 2008, Sneh Epic
DM-Grinder III, D3tox Epic
DM-Grinder Revised Edition!, Bret Hart Mediafire
DM-HealPod 3, Snorkelbottom Epic
DM-HyperBlast Classic Edition, Sneh Epic
DM-HyperBlast 3 SE, -=OUCH=- Epic
DM-Idoma FE, sheld Epic
DM-Idoma, Fartuess Epic
DM-Insidious, Bl!tz, UOF vol. 3 UOF
DM-Ironic, lordz Epic
DM-KGalleon 2008, Pitch~Black Epic
DM-Lea Pro, Neillithan Epic
DM-Liandri, Ignotium Epic
DM-Liandri classic, Ignotium Epic
DM-Malevolence LP, PlayForGG Epic
DM-Mojo][_RTS, Stalker729 Epic
DM-Morbias, M^vL Official
DM-Morpheus, bn_avit Epic
DM-Morpheus, Remus Epic
DM-Morpheus 3, Bl!tz Epic
DM-{BFG}-Morpheus 3, Bl!tz Epic
DM-JKMorpheus, Vengaurd Epic
DM-Oblivion]|[, CPTStewart Epic
DM-Oblivion Special Edition, sneh Epic
DM-Osiris, TKBS Epic
DM-Peak, Bl!tz, UOF vol. 1 UOF
DM-Phobos and DM-Phobos LG, Bl!tz Epic
DM-Plunge 2007, Dead_Rudy GameFront
DM-Pressure 3 Epic
DM-Pressure UT3-ET, EasyT UP
DM-Pyramid, Spect Epic
DM-Rankin classic, Lordz Epic
DM-Roughinery, MyLaRgO Epic
DM-Roughinery, TKBS Epic
DM-Shrapnel, TheHitMan Epic
DM-SpaceNoxx, M^vL Epic
DM-SpaceNoxx VF, VoodooFox Epic
DM-SpaceNoxx TvR, TwelVeR Epic
DM-Stalwart, KillBait! Epic
DM-Stalwart XL, KillBait! Epic
DM-Tempest X/X2, Morg002 Epic
DM-Tempest 3, JollyRulez Epic
DM-Tomac (DM-Antalus Remake), Odedge Official
DM-Tomac Winter Edition (DM-Antalus Remake), Odedge Official
DM-Viridian Tourney, Bret Hart Epic

Vehicles finals

Onslaught 2.0 MOD (required for ONS2 maps) Official

ONS2-AlienSands SE (ONS-Crossfire remake), Sanch3z Epic
ONS2-Dawn Revisited (ONS-Dawn remake), Sanch3z Epic
ONS2-TooDarkPark (ONS-ArcticStronghold remake), Sanch3z Epic
ONS2-Torlan winter (True classic 2004 remake), Sanch3z Epic
VCTF-IslandHop, Diesalot Epic
WAR-ArajaMountains SE (ONS-Araja remake), minifloppy Official
WAR-ArchCliffs (ONS-RedPlanet remake), BigDog Epic
WAR-ArchCliffs OE (ONS-RedPlanet remake), BigDog Epic
WAR-Cavern OE (ONS-Torlan remake), BigDog Epic
WAR-Rivalen (ONS-Dria remake), BigDog Epic
WAR-Rivalen OE (ONS-Dria remake), BigDog Epic
WAR-Sentinels (ONS-Severance remake), BigDog Epic
WAR-Sentinels OE (ONS-Severance remake), BigDog Epic
WAR-SantaBites OE (ONS-Frostbite remake), BigDog Epic
WAR-SnakeBite (ONS-Frostbite remake), BigDog Epic
WAR-SnakeBite SE (ONS-Frostbite remake), BigDog Epic
WAR-Torlan [UT2004] (ONS-Torlan remake), Cosmix Epic
WAR-Torlan Forever! (ONS-Torlan remake), UnShame Epic
WAR-Torlan Necris Rumple Edition (ONS-Torlan remake), Rumple Epic

Weapons finals

Mr. Pants’ Excessive Overkill, MadNad Epic
Ripper Lite, Parser BU

Mixed WIP’s maps

CTF-BridgeOfFate, Bl!tz Epic
CTF-Coret, TheHitMan Epic
CTF-Flux 2, Thalos Epic
CTF-Gael 2, WedgeBob Epic
DM-1on1-Trite, Pookycs09 Epic
DM-Asbestos, Akybron Epic
DM-Asbestos, Net Lizzard Epic
DM-Barricade, Bl!tz Epic
DM-Crane II, Furor Epic
DM-Curse, M^vL Official
DM-Gael UT3, Air-A-Cobra Epic
DM-Gothic 2, Sneh Epic
DM-HyperBlast 3, ArcAne Epic
DM-IronDeity, Theadvanced1 Epic
DM-Leviathan, M^vL Official
DM-Malevolence, Barballs Epic
DM-Rankin 2010, NØØb_Zaibot Epic
DM-Rankin Necris, Pop_s Epic
DM-Rankin Pro, Neillithan Epic
DM-Sulphur, Snorkelbottom Epic
DM-TokarisForest (DM-TokaraForest remake), BigDog Epic
DM-Waisten 2011, Elcrolonosios Epic
DM-Zeto, Axeman Epic
WAR-ArtOfWar OE (ONS-Sun Tzu remake), BigDog Epic

WIP’s weapons

Best of Unreal part1 (UT99 Hammer, Ut2003 Shock Rifle, UT2003 Link Gun), Muscat Epic
UT2004 Weapons beta thread, TKBS Epic


  1. Thanks so much for everything you do for the UT community Steve. Your remake guide/links is a wonderful resource and your dedication to UT is amazing. As a regular UT/UT2004/UT3 player and big fan it is good to know that there are still gamers like you keeping the UT spirit alive. Keep fragging friend and thanks again for everything you do for the community!

    – phil


  2. Hey Phil 🙂

    It make me happy to help new UT fans discover what UT is all about since 1999 by making this page full of remake links that guide them directly to the stuff. They are lucky indeed, they don’t need to bother searching héhé 😉

    My reward is when people like you take a little moment of their time to express kindly their gratitude.

    Also, I love mapping & contributing in many ways for the game. It make me happy.

    THX for stopping by. You make my day 😀


    1. Hello. Nope, no idea or else it would be in the list. Let me know if you find it so I can add it and that way, it wull be helpful for others.


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