DM-Chroma FPS

Players: 8 – 12
Version: 1.1.1
Released: 24-03-2022
Download: UTCC
Readme: Google Drive
Checksum: 8ae5f61cdae9d7fd4b9fafdf2cef618b

Story / Histoire

Chroma is a research station on the various gaseous elements of the different atmospheric layers. Chroma is located in the exosphere, which allows to obtain the most thorough research results.

Chroma est une station de recherches sur les divers éléments gazeux des différentes couches atmosphériques. Chroma est localisée dans l’exosphère, ce qui permet d’obtenir des résultats de recherches des plus approfondies.


Put the files into :

Local Drive:\Users\YourUsername\Documents\UnrealTournament\Saved\Paks\DownloadedPaks or
Local Drive:\UT4\UnrealTournament\UnrealTournament\Content\Paks

If this directory is not currently on your system, you can safely create it.


The only difference between DM-Chroma and DM-Chroma FPS is the lighting.

The reason why DM-Chroma look so crisp and clean is mainly because all light actors are set to Stationary instead of Static. Stationary lights will make your scene look much better than Static lights BUT require way more GPU power to handle which my main PC can handle with ease.

In the FPS version, all light actors are set to Static. It’s the fastest rendering. Therefore, for me, Static lighting combine with the materials particularly used in this level make the level look rather dull, sadly 😦 Still, you’ll get more FPS than the regular version 😀 I’m getting more then the double FPS playing on my laptop (Geforce GTX 965M) 🙂

Note, for all my levels I use Temporal AA since it offers the best visuals.


  1. An Exosphere research lab Existentially prove’n that Higher is Better!
    Thanks again for looking out for the lesser GPU blessed folks Steve! 😀

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  2. I remember playing your Unreal Tournament 3 maps for the first time and those are some good memories, but even these days it is the same **** thing. Simple because of the fact, that Unreal Tournament 3 rocks.Because of this fact, you being a superior entity at creating marvelous looking maps/environments, the visual style you shape and accomplish in Unreal Engine 4 is simply mind-boggling. I gotta say, I truly like what I see and over the past years, when you released one of your maps for this Unreal Tournament prototype, I was excited and still am. Regarding this, I’m glad to see you are still creating maps for the Unreal franchise. It is wonderful to see people still having interest and joy by playing this immortal franchise. Nevertheless, looking at your maps, I have to admit they looks gorgeous and I can’t wait to play them. Each and every single one of them is a sight for sore eyes. It is obvious that all your Unreal Engine 4 maps harness and embody visual harmony and a terrific ambience. One thing is for sure, once I upgraded my PC, I’m gonna take a real closer look at your maps and you can quote me on that. Anyway, keep up the good work, because you rock!

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  3. I played Chroma and Chroma FPS. I like the map, good concept!, as all of your maps. Only the FPS is a bit too bright for me to be honest. Items like health or plasma ammo seems to trail a bit. It might be the settings of my monitor.
    I play on a 2K monitor 32” (32GK850G) with G-SYNC, 144Hz

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    1. THX for stopping by Mic 😀

      The FPS use Static lighting in the contrary of the regular which use Stationary lighting. Static is less reflecting and surfaces get a mate look, much less reflective.

      For the FPS issue, it is supposed to look like the pics, not brighter. I make the maps so they look good using Epic settings with TAA on. I would tend to look at your GFX settings first.

      Second, it might be your monitor profile. I too have a 2K 144Hz G-SYNC monitor and I don’t have this issue even in gaming mode. Many recent monitor tend to add LOT of contrast in gaming mode or other GFX mode so already bright items will sparkle for sure.


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