Greed-Amissa NE

Name: Amissa Night Edition
Game type: Greed
Version: 1.0
Players: 6 – 12
Requirements: UT3 + patch 2.1 + Titan Pack
Released: 20 / 12 / 11

Part of ‘UOF EG Map Pack’: UOF forum, Epic forum
Standalone version: GoogleDrive, MediaFire

Story / Histoire

You have been put on this peaceful, lost island in the middle of nowhere called ‘Amissa’ to win the tournament. This classic place has been renovated and redesigned to once again bring in the fate of bloodshed. Do not be fooled by the island simplicity or else, you will get yourself blow into pieces… and you will loose!

Vous avez été mis sur cette paisible île perdue au milieu de nulle part appelée ‘Amissa’ pour remporter le tournoi. Cet endroit classique a été rénové et repensé une fois de plus pour promouvoir des effusions de sang. Ne vous laissez pas berner par la simplicité de cette île, ou bien, vous allez vous faire exploser en petits morceaux… puis allez perdre !


The map files from the pack are (note; the standalone version doesn’t have the ‘UOF3′ prefix):



I wanted to make another small & simple map but I didn’t wanted to spend some time elaborating the layout so I started to build the map based on 1 of my top UT2004 map called DM-1on1-Albatros made by Ryan Brucks. This map is NOT a remake. I only look at the original layout as a starting point. I’ve recreated everything from scratch and add some Stevie’s twist 🙂


– For gameplay additions, when standing on the wood plank (near the vest armor, tight armor, KEG, UDamage and you will ear the wood cracking
– You will also ear a falling rock sound near the tight armor when getting close to the rock edge
– Custom materials, 95% of them are custom, made by me using mostly Nobiax textures
– Custom music. It’s an edited track from my UT2004 music collection called ‘Blowout’ by The Crystal Method
– Custom plants meshes which I add a slow wind effect. Again, coming from Nobiax static meshes
– All torches use a dynamic light
– To create the night theme, I redid the lighting and ambient sounds completely, tweaked some materials and changed some decoration
– To balance the map for Greed, I changed all pickup completely and removed the Belt armor, the KEG, the Vest armor and the UDamage

One comment

  1. Like I suspected, this was crazy fun with Greed at 5on5. I’m guessing online you really would have to try and get someone just before they score a bunch of times for your team to win this one.


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