Bonus pack, other maps & mods

In this section, I consider what is a must so you will find the best map pack & also my top mods available for the game. There is a infinite number of maps, mods, skins, etc so keep in mind that this is Stevie’s choice, not all ‘what exist for the game’ choice. You will find a description for the majority of the stuff I suggest. Some links may not work anymore. I have all that content since they’re available but the host may have change or the project may be canceled. At least, if your willing to search on the Internet, those content worth your searching time. This page content is only subject to grow 😉

Bonus pack

For those packs installations, I strongly suggest you follow this order. Read the descriptions below.

1. Epic UT2004 mega pack
2. Community bonus pack 1
3. Community bonus pack 2 vol. 1 de 2
4. Community bonus pack 2 vol. 2 de 2
5. Ultimate Community map pack
6. Ultimate Community map pack 3
7. Ultimate Community map pack 4
8. Classic DOMination 1 & 2 map pack

Epic UT2004 mega pack Official
Description: This pack contains the patch v. 3369 + the ECE bonus content + several new maps. Featured are 5 Assault, 2 CTF, and 2 DM maps.

Community various must have map pack

Classic DOMination 1 & 2 map pack Official
Community bonus pack 1 Official
Community bonus pack 2 vol. 1 de 2 Official
Community bonus pack 2 vol. 2 de 2 Official
Ultimate Community map pack Official
Ultimate Community map pack 3 Official
Ultimate Community map pack 4 Official

Other HQ maps, tiny bonus pack

Epic bonus map: DM-Forbidden BU
Onslaught bonus maps : ONS-Aridoom + ONS-Ascendancy BU
Pwnage maps BU
Streamline bonus map: AS-Confexia BU


Alien swarm: The Ortega campaign Official
Description: Alien Swarm is an overhead view tactical squad-based shooter for UT2K4. Set in the the distant future, the players take the role of a Commander in the Interstellar Armed Forces. They must guide their squad of marines through Swarm infested colonies, overrun bases and outposts, to achieve a variety of objectives. Featuring Assault Rifles, Heat Tracking Guns, Sentry Guns, Flamethrowers and more. Supports co-operative multiplayer.

Alien swarm: The Telic campaign Official
Description: The Telic Campaign is an unofficial expansion pack for the Unreal Tournament 2004 award winning total conversion, Alien Swarm. In Alien Swarm, you control a squad of space marines through dangerous missions against hordes of hostile aliens. Alien Swarm isn’t just another bug hunt, in order to succeed you will need to command your soldiers strategically and make use of each marine’s special ability and equipment to achieve different objectives throughout the mission. Alien Swarm supports single player or multiplayer cooperative mode with up to 8 players. If you haven’t played it yet, download it now and connect to a server or add it to your next LAN party.

The Telic Expansion Pack builds upon this extremely fun gameplay by bringing eight new, unique missions in the form of a complete campaign. In addition to the maps, Telic expands the Alien Swarm universe with new weapons, extra items, more dangerous enemies, original mission objectives and various modifications to the standard game rules.

Ballistic Weapons Official
Description: Is a unique and feature filled mod for UT2004, which adds many new aspects and features to the original game.

BW strikes a very enjoyable balance between a realistic shooter, and a sci-fi arena style of play. Players will wield more than 40 unique weapons, from “ordinary” Assault Rifles and Shotguns, to alien armaments and even the devastating Minigun, Flamethrower or Mobile Artillery. The expansive mod adds an extensive weapon system with reloading, recoil, iron-sights, dual-wielding, scopes and more, an elaborate blood and gore system featuring all sorts of messy effects, and tons more features such as crosshair configuration, weapon selection UI, conflict gametypes and various weapon implementation methods.

Fling enemies into the sky and shove them around with the Lightning Gun, annihilate opponents with 3600 RPM of pure Minigun death, scorch with the flamer thrower, destroy with rockets, grenades and energy weapons, and mow down the opposition with Machineguns, shotguns and assault rifles! Exploding flamethrower tanks, mountable weapons, heat-seeking rockets, dual-wieldable handguns, and stylish weaponry, are just some of the many things that BW offers to players !

Because of all this, Ballistic Weapons is one of the most acclaimed and most popular mods for UT2004.

Chaotic dreams: Evolution BU
Description: ChaosUT2: Evolution (also known as ‘ChaosUT2’, or ‘CUT2’) was developed by Chaotic Dreams. The Chaos mod was first made for Quake2 (ChaosDM for Q2), and that version was eventually included on the retail CD called ‘Extremities’. The Chaos team then moved on to Unreal Tournament and produced ChaosUT, which was later included on the retail CD released by Epic Games called the ‘Unreal Tournament Game of the Year Edition’.

And finally we come to this version, for UT2003/4 which is our latest effort (though almost certainly not our last!). It represents literally thousands of man-hours in planning, development, and testing, from a very dedicated team. All of whom have given freely of their spare time and valuable skills, simply for the love of the mod, and the satisfaction of a job well done.

ChaosUT2 brings an entirely new feel to the game of UT2004, but does so without removing anything from the original game. Each and every weapon, item, and feature included, covering everything from optional Chaos startup menus, to custom quit messages, has been designed and tested to work with the latest version of UT2004.

Perhaps the heart of the mod however, are the high quality, highly addictive Chaotic weapons. The current version contains a total of 15 weapons. And while some of them were inspired by the earlier Q2 and UT versions of our mod, each has been reegineered and rebuilt from the ground up. Eight of the weapons included are melee weapons, which come complete with their own custom animations. The melee weapons are available in our new game type called ‘Duel’, which was created specifically for them, and which is supported by a diverse set of new maps.

Fraghouse invasion BU
Description: Fraghouse invasion is a large collection of new maps, weapons, monsters, skins, models and a variety of other content that has been built from one code twist of the original Invasion. It takes the normal Invasion gametype and gives it a few subtle tweaks that make immense gameplay changes. Monsters are spawned at specific locations rather than player starts, meaning the players can start in a fort structure as a defense from the oncoming hordes of monsters!

Jailbreak 2004 ECE + Classic map pack 2004 Official
Description: In Jailbreak, like in many other game types, your objective is to frag the opposing players, but unlike other game types, fragged players go straight into safe custody in the enemy jail when they’re killed. To get them out of there, one of their teammates will have to fight his way into the enemy base and trigger the jail release switch that’s hidden there (Jailbreak!). It is your task to defend your prison release switch and to free your own teammates when they’re in jail. If your opponents
manage to get all members of your team in prison, the opposing team will score a point, and your team will die a horrible death.

Jailbreak strongly focuses on team play and forces players to take on different roles for their team as the game goes on: defending their release switch, going into offense to frag opponents, or attacking the enemy base to release your own team members from prison. You’ll have to be a versatile player to survive and win a game of Jailbreak.

Lawdogs Fileplanet
Description: Lawdogs is the first Wild Western style modification for Unreal Tournament 2004. Lawdogs aims to capture the exciting atmosphere and deadly gun battles from the American ‘old West. The mod will be a multiplayer only experience and will feature realistically replicated weapons from the era along with new gametypes, characters, maps & new features such as rideable Horses!

Out of hell Official
Description: It’s simply amazing, mappers as work 7 years of development on this mod by pretty much one man – Chicken & RibsCombo. They finally come to a head with the release of there mod, a single-player survival-horror total conversion for UT2004.

Unreal Tournament eXpanded MultiPlayer (UTXMP) Official
Description: Free Monkey Interactive is a group of talented content producing members of the Unreal community and game community at large. Currently Free Monkey Interactive is bringing the Expanded Multiplayer (XMP) action to Unreal Tournament 2004 in the form of a total conversion.

The Free Monkey Interactive team has been involved with the Unreal Engine and Unreal series of games for many years. Although UTXMP is the team’s first project under the Free Monkey name, the group has several years of individual experience with Unreal technology and has already worked together together on previous ventures such as the popular Unreal II XMP Community Bonus Pack. Free Monkey Interactive plans to actively engage in other content creation and game design projects in the future.

Xcalon Direct download
Description: Xcalon is a top-down shooter created using the Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 engine. It is a single-player game with the capability of two players playing on the same machine at the same time. The game includes two levels, three different bosses, and 12 different enemies. The game takes a lot of inspiration from various different top-down shooters, specially Ikaruga which is our main source of inspiration.

The basic gameplay design behind Xcalon is to give the player a very intense period of gameplay where he will find himself immersed in the action-packed scenarios and the subtle yet immersive gameplay element that brings life to Xcalon. Players are able to jump in the game and play it normally, however in order to proceed through the whole game, they need to learn and master its design. Xcalon is a very hard game, where players can instantly feel themselves getting better at the game, something that is very hard to be achieved in gameplay.

The game comes with 6 total modes of difficulty, with 2 of them being unlockable and an unlockable infinite life cheat. Certain elements of gameplay are still being worked on since the project is not yet completed.

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  1. I’m aware that many BU links aren’t working anymore & I dunno where else those files can be downloaded for the moment so if you have any mirrors links, please let me know.



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