DM-Akar CE

Players: 4 – 6
Version: 1.1
Released: 23-03-2022
Download: UTCC
Readme: Google Drive
Checksum: 1dc2a83cabd22d26102dcd487c765316

Story / Histoire

Akar Industries, a rival company of Liandri Corp, has recruited you for your exploits as an experienced fighter. This wastewater treatment plant serves as a practice for newcomers. The environment provides close and long distance fights. You owe it to yourself to be skillful, quick and precise. Terrace your opponents and be the pride of Akar Industries!

Akar Industries, une entreprise rivale de Liandri Corp, t’a recruté pour tes exploits en tant que combattant expérimenté. Cette usine de traitement des eaux usées sert de pratique pour les nouveaux venus. L’environnement procure des affrontements à proximité et à distance. Tu te dois d’être habile, rapide et précis. Terrasse tes opposants et soit la fierté d’Akar Industries!

Rocket Arena gameplay :


Put the files into :

Local Drive:\Users\YourUsername\Documents\UnrealTournament\Saved\Paks\DownloadedPaks or
Local Drive:\UT4\UnrealTournament\UnrealTournament\Content\Paks

If this directory is not currently on your system, you can safely create it.


Akar layout and pickups placement are originated from my UT3 level, DM-Mako L2. Therefore, it’s not a remake. I inspired myself on my older level to create something completely new. The scale as been adjusted to UT4 gameplay.

I’ve been approached to make some changes to DM-Akar for the competitive crowd. So, I present you the modified version for the competitive players, the Competitive Edition, aka CE. Here is what as been made for this version :

  • Switched Rocket Launcher & Shock Rifle.
  • Removed Lighting Gun, move the central Link Gun there.
  • Moved the Bio Rifle where the central Link Gun was.
  • Added another Link Gun where the previous Bio Rifle was. So the level as now 2 Link Guns. It sound weird but playing the map, it feels good.
  • Removed the Enforcer and replace it with the UDamage.
  • Added 1 x 25 health near the second Link Gun.
  • Added 1 x 25 health near the Shock Rifle.
  • Moved the 3 vials under the Sniper Rifle closer to the second lift exit.
  • Moved the 3 vials near the water drain in a corner of the Shock Rifle floor in R1. In this version,  I move them a tad farther the concrete column.
  • Add few barrels between the new Bio location and the central lift, to break some LOS.
  • Add few barrels near Sniper Rifle again to breake the LOS coming from the stairs and the UDamage entrance.
  • In R1, you could climb the concrete pillars and barrels near the Singer to get quickly on the Link Gun floor. In this version, I’ve made a ramp because I didn’t like the previous mesh work. Now, it’s obviously a ramp. It’s a little less wide than before and it is intended. Players can use it as a shortcut. Added some lights to that new ramp to clearly see the player.
  • Made some ammo adjustments to reflect the new weapon base configuration.
  • Open up the space above the central lift so there is more freedom while lift jumping.
  • Rebuild lighting (production quality).
  • Remade preview screen.

Note, for all my levels I use Temporal AA since it offers the best visuals.


  1. Really like the layout and the clean visuals, good update to the map.

    Still, for 1vs1, the top area is too OP, as it gets too hard to break control.

    The 2 additional pathways to the top, which I’ve suggested, should be added.
    After that I think, it would have a good chance, to get into Competitve Map rotation 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THX for your comment, I appreciate 😀

      Keeping control of the map will always be tough, which is all the challenge is about in Duel.

      As discussed, by modifying the layout, gameplay won’t be the same at all. The level is inspired by my UT3 version which focused on Duel, not on a big player count or for TDM. But still, I appreciate the suggestions you’ve made which I would had surely done few years ago when the map was in early stage of the dev process 🙂


  2. Ça a l’air diaboliquement fun 🙂 Très jolie Map au passage ! Par curiosité , tu crée de toute pièces ou est ce que tu as des inspirations pour les formes des maps ?


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