UDK resources

Welcome to my Unreal Development Kit resources page 😀

Now that Unreal Engine 4 is here and free, obviously, you can’t download UDK anymore. No matter if your using UE4/UE3, this page remain very helpful. Be advised that many stuff listed in my UT3 resources page can be use with the last UE4. Combining this page with the UT3 page is, well, a freaking huge amount of free resources ! Please share this page so others can discover and create something out of these HQ assets !

Community links

This page summarize all the most used Community links. This is imho your starting point. Visit the official UDN page here. You can also check the FAQ in case you have some questions.

Highly recommended official documentation (costly)

– Intro to UDK, a step-by-step deconstruction by Waylon Brinck here
– Creating a complete environment from start to finish, lighting and post-processing and more by Eat3D.com here
– Creating cinematics & environmental effects by Eat3D.com here
– Game Programming with UnrealScript: Beginner’s guide by Rachel ‘Angel Mapper‘ Cordone here


3D Buzz video tutorials

Known for high-quality Video Training Modules and the Mastering Unreal Technology book series, 3D Buzz has put together those videos that guide you through the basics of the UE editing suite, as well as working with a simple game project. The file format is MP4. No other codecs are required. Each compressed archive contains one or more videos:

Cinematics (12 videos)
Crowds (4 videos)
Fluid surfaces (3 videos)
Fractured static meshes (4 videos)
Geometry mode (6 videos)
Kismet (16 videos)
Lighting: (5 videos)
Materials (8 videos)
Particles (9 videos)
Physics (4 videos)
Simple Level (27 videos)
Sounds (6 videos)
Terrain (1 video)
Top-down game type (25 videos)
UI scenes (2 videos)
User Interface (34 videos)

You can also download the assets that are used in many of those videos here: 3D Buzz assets & UI demo assets

They made English subtitle files (*.srt) for those videos. Those are text files with timing information suitable for translation into other languages. You should use a video player that supports .srt subtitle format, such as VLC or GOM Player to view the video with the subtitles. English subtitles for 3DBuzz tutorials & English subtitles for skeletal mesh pipeline.

Various tuts

Basic custom NPC tutorial – Importing a custom NPC into the UDK
– Camera Compendium by HideInLight Epic
– Creating a Heads Up Display (HUD) using UnrealScript by Shad (English + French versions)
– Creating an UDK game by Hourences
– Custom character with custom animation by Fishi Epic
– Distance based texture blending by mAlkAv!An
– Flipbook Micahpharoh
– Light mapping by Jarlan Perez
– Master Guide by wildicv Epic
– Ocean material (advanced) by John Heeter
– Passion3d (French) Cours
– Rain splash effect by Micahpharoh
– Self-shadowing materials by mAlkAv!An
– Skeletal mesh pipeline by Jeremy Ernst, Technical animator at Epic Games, takes you through the UE skeletal mesh pipeline. From getting your model from your 3D package into the editor and getting it ready for your programmers, you will learn the steps to make your assets ready for your game. Each compressed archive contains one video: Intro, Skeletal meshes Import/Export, Mirror tables, Sockets, Physics assets
– SpeedTrees loading on your map without a crash! by gosmo Epic
– Texture atlases (tileable) by mAlkAv!An
– UnrealScript by wildicv Epic
– Various tuts by Alex Okita (shader, softbodies, starting from scratch)
– Various tuts by Allar’s (content creation, material based, ScaleForm & UnrealScript)
– Various tuts by Christian Roy X9 productions (isometric camera including pathfinding from the ground up, etc)
– Various tuts by Dave Prout (Distance color blending, perception & hallucination, post effects, sine wave water)
– Various tuts by Lesterbanks
– Various tuts by Mougli’s
– Various tuts by Stephen Jameson (anisotropic shader for hair, faking volumetric effects, lightmap UVs tutorial, modeling and texturing, etc)
– Various tuts by UT40k_mod (3ds Max, basics, characters, vehicles, weapons, etc)
– WarpZone by Bloody Cervian 91 Epic

YouTube tuts

– Earth / Planet material shader by Joshua Javaheri
– Guide to importing city scenes created using CityEngine by CityEngineTV (feature more than 50 tuts!)
– Various effects by Gizmosan Epic (links that redirect you to YouTube)
– Various tuts by Micahpharoh (light, matinee, particle systems, rain and snow, etc)
– Various tuts by Raven67854 Epic (links that redirect you to YouTube)
– Various tuts by Trendy Entertainment (check the playlist to browse the tuts)
– Various tuts by Underground Game Design (feature more than 70 tuts!)
– Vertex painting intro by Michail Isaakidis


Caustics Generator by Dual Heights Software Official

Can be described as the light pattern you see at the bottom of a pool on a sunny day. This tool will let you render such caustics light patterns.The rendered images can be animated and are tileable in both space and time. This means that they are ideal for use in real-time graphics such as games and simulations, but can also be used for architectural renderings, film rendering or advertisement renderings where water needs to be illustrated.


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