Name: Nano
Game type: Greed
Version: 1.0
Players: 18 – 24
Requirements: UT3 + patch 2.1 + Titan Pack
Released: 23 / 02 / 10
Downloads: GoogleDrive, MediaFire
Forums: Epic

Story / Histoire

Once occupied by Axon, this base under rock was used to store mainly toxic containers. It was discovered by coincidence by the Necris. The Necris have setup this base & use it as a ‘Nano’ storehouse. We can found several types of Nano, the yellow, the yellow/orange, the green & the black.

Autrefois occupée par les Axon, cette base sous roches servait de dépôt de produits toxiques en conteneurs. Elle fut découverte par hasard par les Necris. Les Necris ont aménagé cette base & s’en servent comme dépôt de ‘Nano’. On y retrouve plusieurs types de Nano ; la jaune, la jaune/orange, la verte & la noir.


Extract the archive into “My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps” directory. If this folder is not currently on your system, you can safely create it. The archive contains :



Friends of mine who play Geed game type ask me to make a Greed variation of Nano. I decided to make it. I also decided to do lot’s of pickups changes and change other minors stuff.


Lot’s of custom materials using the stock textures


  1. Um, OK, so where do I start? I guess I should have tried this a few months ago. Looks like a little Necris influence (or is it Borg?). This is a seriously sweet and dark map; I love the attention to detail, sounds and music. Looks like that one area has a bit of a Campgrounds influence as well. This has unbelievable gameplay, good item placement, and the bots are very good in DM, TDM, CTF and Greed.


  2. Since I have been waiting so long to try this map I might as well take the time to write everything that comes to mind. Here goes…

    After a few rounds on Nano, I can say this is one of the best maps I’ve ever played on. Epic should hire you to make maps for all of their games.


    -All of the meshes and textures fit perfectly into the map. Nothing looks like it was placed just to fill up space. Everything has it’s place and blends perfectly.

    -The Bot pathing is incredible. Computer players use jump boots to correctly reach the invulnerability and effectively hop along pilers to receive the shield belt. After multiple rounds I still feel a bot on novice setting knows it’s way around better than me. Great job.

    -The high level items are placed so you need to get to them in a specific way but are never out of reach. I also like how they are mainly placed in highly populated areas to make a sort of enjoyable chaos in major areas of the map.

    -The layout is very intelligent. Specific areas of the map have their own feel and you can tell where you are. At the same time the map can be confusing, forcing the player to pay attention to where they are going and where they need to go.


    -The map is fairly small but has enough passageways to make it seem big and confusing. This can be seen as both a positive and a negative depending on how you look at it so I suppose this isn’t really a con at all :d

    -Thats all I can think of for the bad stuff. I could shower this map with praise all day, as could I try all day to think of one bad thing to say about it.

    Bottom Line- Excellent map, perhaps the best one posted so far. The wait was worth it. A well deserved 10 out of 10.


  3. Salut cousin du froid ^^

    Comme pour ta première map, celle-ci est réussie.
    Gameplay sympa et graphiquement très détaillée, joli boulot.
    Merci pour cette map 😀


  4. this map is pure asskick! and the final run like a charm even on middle class computers with no fps problems….with such a level of details & lighting , u did really a “pro” job

    u was right to keep ur lighting idea when others told you it was “too dark” …it s not too dark ,it just perfectly contrasted and the mix lighting/contrasts/detailed meshing gives to the map a very unique look

    10/10…congratz 🙂


  5. Excellent work my friend.

    The map is obviously very detailed in almost every aspect of it. The visuals are very well done, especially the mesh work. You can mesh out my future maps if you like. The details like the green goop sitting in between the rocks makes you want to just run around the map for a while (with no opponents).

    The layout is solid over all. There are some hallways that are longer than I would personally like, but this is a subjective thing as it’s still very fun to play.

    Really the only issue I have, which you already know, is the frame rates. Granted, I think my computer is having issues as many maps and other games are a little slower than usual. Do you offer tech support?

    This amount of detail will always be a challenge to achieve a balance. The long line of sights don’t help either. But that aside, the map is a definite keeper.

    I know you put in a lot of work into it and whether or not we, the players/mappers, appreciate it, you should be very proud of the map. It’s something I haven’t tried to do yet and I have been mapping for a while (off and on). Maybe I should…

    p.s. I agree with you completely about trying to convert this for the PS3. You will have to strip the map down soo much, it won’t even be “Nano” anymore, just “no”. 😀


  6. Make some more maps Steve 🙂
    It is an exceptional bit of work and despite the fps issues it plays better on my kit than maps that manage to achieve a steady 59 to 62 fps.


  7. Finally got a chance to play your last baby 😀

    played against 12 bots :
    bots are very smart in it, they move and go easily every where.
    the layout is fun, a lots of ways are possible.
    Items placement is good to me too.
    Maybe “a bit” dark on certain place, not very a problem indeed, and participate to the cool ambiance of the map.
    Visually nothing to do, it’s just so well made, the meshing and the lighting work are solid, subtle and make sens 😀

    c’est du lourd comme on dit chez moi 😀

    Good job Steve, you can be proud of the work you have done on this one !


  8. Amazing work ! What 800 hours 😀 second map 🙂
    Makes me think of the Nostromo (Alien’s spaceship) in some ways, like some H.R. Giger works.

    Freaking nice


  9. It looks great, plays smoothly for me, and has lots of paths and angles. After a few rounds through it the main things that stand out are the column hopping to get the shield belt and the organic graphics for the jump pads.


  10. This is a really fun map to play! The weapon/item placements were done really well. It looks awesome, and runs smoothly on my computer. Nice job!


  11. Nice job on the optimization. The performance improvement versus the beta is definitely noticeable. It is not far off from some stock maps, which is pretty impressive for such a detailed map.

    Also, the sounds transitions are greatly improved.


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