DM-Station 12

Name: Station 12
Game type: DM / TDM
Version: 1.2
Players: 8 – 12
Requirements: UT3 + patch 2.1 + Titan Pack
Released: 15 / 05 / 09
Downloads for PC: GoogleDrive, MediaFire
Downloads for PS3: GoogleDrive, MediaFire

Forums: Epic

Story / Histoire

Station 12 is one of many stations owned by the LRC. Situated on the top of a huge mountain on Alpha system, the station was established following a new discovery during a routine inspection of the soil. In fact, the rocks from the top of this mountain as well as is soil are composed of an energy out of the ordinary. This energy, spreads out from the rocks, it is a form of clean energy, clean enough to power electronic devices as well as certain defense system like the ION cannons. Some devices draw their power directly into the soil. This mountain is also developing a powerful magnetism enough powerful to have a circular field of asteroids. Which is very unusual? Small doses of this energy can be seen at some places; they have the effect of repulse any foreign body that comes close but are not dangerous. Unfortunately for the LRC, the rock energy combine with the high magnetism of this mountain causes the robots workers to malfunction. For various reasons, the LRC had to withdraw is workers robots just before the commissioning of the station and left the station available for future fighting since it is now useless.

Station 12 est l’une des nombreuses stations d’exploitation de la LRC. Située sur le sommet d’une immense montagne du système Alpha, cette station a été instaurée suite à une nouvelle découverte lors d’une inspection de routine des sols. En fait, les roches du haut de ce montage ainsi que son sol sont composées d’une énergie hors de l’ordinaire. Cette énergie, s’émane de la roche en une forme d’énergie propre non polluante assez puissante pour alimenter des appareils électroniques ainsi que certain système de défense comme les cannons à ION. Certains appareils puisent leur énergie directement dans le sol. Cette montagne développe aussi un magnétisme assez puissant pour y avoir un champ circulaire d’astéroïdes. Ce qui est hors du commun? De petites doses de cette énergie peuvent être perçues à quelques endroits, elles ont pour effet de propulser tout corps étranger qui s’en approche mais ne sont pas dangereuses. Malheureusement pour la LRC, l’émanation de cette énergie combinée avec le magnétisme de cette montagne très élevé provoque de mauvais fonctionnement chez les robots ouvriers. Pour plusieurs raisons, la LRC à dû retirer ses robots ouvriers juste avant la mise en service de cette station & la laisse disponible pour de futurs combats puisqu’elle s’avère inutilisable.



Extract the archive into “My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps” directory. If this folder is not currently on your system, you can safely create it. The archive contains :




Copy the USERDATA.JAM file to a data card and insert that into the PS3 console.

PS: I had to remove the custom music since the PS3 didn’t support it when I published the map. BIG THX to “The Demon Slick” on Epic forums for the PS3 cook 😉


This is my first map. Check “My maps” page to discover other maps I made after this one.


– Lot’s of custom materials using the stock textures
– Custom music, the music track is a remix of the song ‘Find me’ by Jam & Spoon. The track as been edited by me


  1. It’s a dark map with boulders, a night sky with a moon and an asteroid belt and a great theme with futuristic look to it. At first I thought it was a space base on an asteroid of some sort, but after reading your description I guess it’s on top of a high mountain. I like the music and WTF is that sound? oh, I guess it’s the beginning of the music track. For an extremely detailed map from a good mapper, you did a great job eliminating stuff to get stuck on but the windows can still be an issue at times. This map has a very detailed layout, great z-axis, good flow and good connectivity. It was a wild match with 10 bots in DM and TDM and the bots definitely are good. The jump pads are crazy but the jump boots don’t get me as high as I would like to go. Actually, it did stop on me once for about 4 seconds (I can’t remember where but it was near the beginning of my first match) on my C2D E8600, GTX-280, XP, 4GB RAM system. A fun map to play and the bots were challenging.


  2. Salut,

    bon sympa les derniers petits changements ^^
    Merci pour cette sympathique map.


  3. Very Very cool TDM map – great job

    will be adding to «ne» BTA server as soon as its back online (hardware issues ATM) already added it to my latest map pack «ne»CDMMPv3 which will be ready to dl very soon.



  4. hey big brow
    i finally got a change to play this final version.
    i was shocked, i only played a old version and seen some screens.
    but what you did, i am pretty impressed. and you did lessen to what i have said with the material, looks way better now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the map looks and feels very solid. i really like the looks of this map, because it makes you really feel if your on another planet.

    good luck with you next map, and if you need a test guy…. you know were to find me.

    good job stevelois!


  5. i wish i could give the kind of in depth constructive criticism that you share with us so often, but i’m still stuck at “keeper” and i’ll let sit at that.

    thank you for this, and for your efforts. really killer first project.


  6. Hey Steve, I finally got a chance to check out your map now that I’m slowly coming out of my own mapping hell… You did a REALLY good job on this one and made something with a very unique look and feel. I really like how you used altered materials on meshes to create a new look. I’m personally very sick of the stock UT3 assets (probably mostly due to making a map with them) so it is very refreshing to see them changed up a bit. I did a little bit of that myself on my SpaceNoxx remake (which I will probably put out shortly).

    I will definitely put it into rotation on my server. Thanks!


  7. Sorry Steve, if you’re looking for criticism I couldn’t find a single thing to fault 🙂 Guess all that time spent helping other people with their maps has taught you a thing or two 😀

    Played flawlessly on my PS3; layout is superb, weapon placement excellent, and it’s one of the best-looking maps I’ve ever seen. You’ve obviously judged your own work but your own high standards – and it shows 🙂 Particularly seeing as this is your first map, it’s outstanding – a definite keeper, but then I didn’t expect any less 😀

    As ever, thanks for taking the time to make it available for PS3 🙂


  8. I wasn’t really sure what to think of this map from the screenshots, but I decided to give it a try anyways. Boy, was I in for a treat. The detail on this map is incredible. The atmosphere is perfect. Lots of ambient sounds are lying around, which is always a plus. I haven’t tested it with bots yet but I imagine it works very well. This is definitely one of the best maps out there for UT3, and I would highly recommend it.


  9. After downloading the map and playing a few rounds i cam to the conclusion that this is the best map I have tried so far. The map is perfectly polished and is downright a treat for the eyes. You sure have a thing for quality.

    I’m hoping your other map, DM-nano turns out this good. keep up the work!


  10. Gameplay 27/30

    Although it doesn’t look hardcore it certainly feels it. The flow is good with some very high Z-axis play in the center. There are plenty of platforms dotted around with plenty to find on subsequent runs through. A nice mix of close combat fighting and long range skills coming into play in this map. Pick-ups are spread out and are placed logically.

    The 8 to 12 player load is spot on. The bots work the map well and will surprise you. For example, there’s an unglazed window in the main block that they’ll jump through to get at you. They do favor the ground floor but I spotted them almost everywhere including up high where the U-Damage is. They can also find the redeemer which fits well in here.

    Performance 25/30 (Hardware)

    The average is good at around 35 to 40. There is a noticeable dip but only when viewing the main buildings in the center from the edges of the map. On the whole, good.

    Eye Candy 22/25

    A lot of custom materials in here and the theme is a very clean industrial/tech look. I think a concerted effort has been made to get away from the typical grimy Liandri set. For the most part Stevelois has achieved this. The walkways are good and are a breath of fresh air; a really nice change. This clean theme fits in with the back story as well. The custom meshes and materials are well made and help give a good sense of place.

    The lighting outside is good and the bright neon lighting compliments the theme. Inside the theme continues and is used well. The lighting however is a little bright for the type of light meshes used. This brightness accentuates the detail and can make it difficult to see enemies in the heat of battle.

    The Details 15/15

    All here.

    Final Score 89/100

    A good map with a fresh look. The flow and gameplay should please most players.


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