All CTF custom maps

I think that CTF players will be more than happy to easily discover all UT4 CTF maps from 1 simple page, this page 😀 This page will contain the complete list for UT4 CTF custom maps. The idea is to regroup the finals and all the others (Alpha / Beta / Release Candidate) in 1 page like I did with my All UT3 CTF / Greed custom maps page. Mapper, if your UT4 ACTF / CTF map isn’t listed, the only thing I need is that you post the correct info and the link (author, link to the thread, type and map name). Only the finals have a pic below their link.

Arena Capture The Flag

ACTF-Hardwall by Castle

Capture The Flag

CTF-1on1-Joust by Barsam2a
CTF-77 by irridium77
CTF-Abandoned by King Mango
CTF-Alignment by Jayoplus
CTF-Amnesty by blytpls
CTF-an00bis by de`pain
CTF-AndAction NE by KozAnd
CTF-AndAction by tresq
CTF-andYard by jomn
CTF-Aquatica by Prescovio
CTF-Archanastre by itsinthemind
CTF-AsteroidDrill by Metalfist
CTF-Azimuth by Selentic
CTF-Atmos by FRAG
CTF-Azcanize by cafe
CTF-Bastille by thatscrawnyki
CTF-Beatitude by Metalfist
CTF-Bedrooms2 by Metalfist
CTF-BioGlass by Genesislozenge & Zathlord
CTF-Biohazard by T.I.G.E.R.
CTF-Bleak by Tigerclaw
CTF-Blitz by PayBack
CTF-Bloxeh by vl49
CTF-Bloxeh-IG by platnumspider
CTF-BrokenLimits by Loque
CTF-Buried by aniviron
CTF-Buzzbrad by Buzzbrad
CTF-CampersCrossing by Wowbagger
CTF-CandyCanyon by dsercs
CTF-CarnageKeep by Wazumba
CTF-Charon by Genesislozenge & Zathlord
CTF-Cheops by Prescovio
CTF-Chill-IG by platnumspider
CTF-Circular by Touretta
CTF-Citadel by spardas
CTF-Claw by jayo_
CTF-Cliff by NATO_chrisjm
CTF-Clouds by ConradJustin
CTF-CMF by Sly.
CTF-CollarDreams by wndg
CTF-Command by aniviron
CTF-Command by Loque-
CTF-Command by Metalfist
CTF-ConcreteCanyon by Genesislozenge & Zathlord
CTF-Control by Jayoplus
CTF-ControlLeague Edition by code187
CTF-Core by vst22
CTF-Coret by Metalfist
CTF-CoretFacility by ~SPECTRE~
CTF-CrabSite by cafe
CTF-Crossing by Sci
CTF-Cubed by WarpSpasm
CTF-Cubq by -oMLeTTe-
CTF-CWL by GreyNick
CTF-CyberMall by Pawwzie
CTF-Cybrosis by Metalfist
CTF-Cynosure2 by cafe
CTF-Darji16 by Metalfist
CTF-DBMBridge by DolphinBuffMan
CTF-DamWALLSuperBOWL by aniviron
CTF-Darkklight Powercore by jvgarcia
CTF-Decrepit by aniviron
CTF-Decrepit by code187
CTF-Defiance by TotesAmaze
CTF-Diego by Mr E
CTF-Dock by NATO_chrisjm
CTF-Dreary by Delfigamer
CTF-Dreary by Metalfist
CTF-Dreary by rawlph
CTF-Drunklet by garuDa
CTF-Duku by Loque-
CTF-Duku by platnumspider
CTF-Dynex by info25
CTF-Elemental by Soverance
CTF-EpicBoy by Metalfist
CTF-Eruption by JonCza
CTF-EternalCave by Metalfist
CTF-Extorcion CE by AdrianUT
CTF-Face by Frostbyt3
CTF-Face by Metalfist
CTF-Face SE by Metalfist
CTF-Falls by PayBack
CTF-FeelGood Inc by Megasporwic
CTF-FG-Aegis by Swedeadguy
CTF-FG-ArticPyramyd by Gussinder
CTF-FG-Bridge by Snigeljakob
CTF-FG-Divide by William Wennergren
CTF-FG-FirstStrike by Xtars
CTF-FG-Forgeworks by ErikRayleigh
CTF-FG-Killscreen by noraneer
CTF-FG-LabRivalry by fongon
CTF-FG-MattIsBorgen by Juxtapox
CTF-FG-Monolith by Eriction
CTF-FG-Mountain by n0m1
CTF-FG-Olympus by 0ett
CTF-FG-Packaging by lotso_
CTF-FG-Paiton by Waffrawr
CTF-FG-Path by Clampy
CTF-FG-Planetarium by Glacke
CTF-FG-Rhea by ivan.hook
CTF-FG-Rift by Roqqau
CTF-FG-Salvation by ArielVicente
CTF-FG-Sanitarium by kristinawikholm
CTF-FG-Silo by Klöverkung
CTF-FG-Skywalk by Brytarn
CTF-FG-SpaceChamber by Trinxy
CTF-FG-Station by Commap
CTF-FG-Vitrum by LauraPreminger
CTF-FG-WastePlant by Naquid
CTF-FlagShip-IG by platnumspider
CTF-Flumadiddle by PayBack
CTF-Foundation by Trinxy
CTF-FragBoxArena by PayBack
CTF-FragWhoreArena by code187
CTF-Gargantua by -oMLeTTe- and rawlph
CTF-Garnlix by Seraium
CTF-Gauntlet by Metalfist
CTF-Generator by NATO_chrisjm
CTF-GreatWall by GGaben
CTF-GreenBridge by Genesislozenge & Zathlord
CTF-GreenCause by BloodK1nG
CTF-Grendelkeep by jayo_ (UT200x)
CTF-GrendelKeep by spardas
CTF-Grudge by Loque-
CTF-Hackscanize by the_hack
CTF-HallOfGiants by GGaben (Small, XL and Redux)
CTF-HallOfGiants by Metalfist
CTF-HallowedVaults by Prescovio
CTF-Hardcore by WHIPperSNAPper
CTF-Hardwall by Castle
CTF-Helicoil by dr_vannacut
CTF-Hellfire by Bah_Mee
CTF-HelmsDeep-IG by platnumspider
CTF-High by Metalfist
CTF-Highpoint by Venguard
CTF-Highpoint by WHIPperSNAPper
CTF-HighRise by Evilmrfrank
CTF-HighScraper by FXTR4
CTF-HolyOak by tidu
CTF-Hydro 16 by Metalfist
CTF-Infiltrate by Stevelois
CTF-Infusion by Jayoplus
CTF-Invade by Jayoplus
CTF-Joustpost23 by mirror_saw
CTF-Jumpthingy by skeevn
CTF-Jumppoint by Venguard
CTF-Kazan by darksinn3r
CTF-Klondike by Loque-
CTF-Kosov by Metalfist
CTF-LavaFury by garuDa
CTF-LavaGiant by Metalfist
CTF-LavaGiant by pikachu1001000
CTF-LiandriDocks by {S.o.W}DeathMask
CTF-Life and Death by Liam_R
CTF-Lightside by skeptika
CTF-lol by clocKwize
CTF-LongDrop by NATO_chrisjm
CTF-Lookout by Lonewolf85
CTF-MarketCrossing by RNGuy
CTF-Maze by rrada
CTF-Melt by TotesAmaze
CTF-Mesmerize by Loque-
CTF-Mill by Nick_172
CTF-Moba by richardboegli
CTF-Molten by Staplehead
CTF-Motion by Mitch Mitchell
CTF-Nakhti by Graham3D
CTF-NeoTokyo by KitatusStudios
CTF-Niven by Metalfist
CTF-November by Atomicfire
CTF-November 4th by GGaben
CTF-November by Metalfist
CTF-Noxion 16 by Metalfist
CTF-NuclearPlant by whitewarrior11
CTF-Nucleus by Metalfist
CTF-Oasis by PayBack
CTF-Omega 13 by NickolaiFuglevaag
CTF-Oni by Gooba
CTF-Orbital by CaptainMigraine
CTF-Orbital by Metalfist
CTF-Orbital SE by Metalfist
CTF-Outside-IG by platnumspider
CTF-Proletariat by Sytraxx
CTF-PaleoPark by Stabberthomas
CTF-Parry by marcobruno
CTF-PistolaBattleGrounds by Jayoplus

CTF-PlaceOfDormant by Aquilon
CTF-PlasmaticLabs by mirror_saw
CTF-Polaris by PayBack
CTF-Ranel by AdrianUT
CTF-Ranel by Prescovio
CTF-Rankin by garuDa
CTF-Ratchet by Metalfist
CTF-RavenBreak by BloodK1nG
CTF-Redemption by The_Zanderizer
CTF-Remy by tidu
CTF-Reprisal by Mondogrunday
CTF-Rocketbunny by KingRichet
CTF-Romra by PayBack
CTF-RoofTop by YoshK
CTF-SandPit by kingtop
CTF-Skirmish by cSnuggles
CTF-Scooch by Cr4zy
CTF-Shaeris by Prescovio
CTF-Sidewinder by WHIPperSNAPper
CTF-Sinkhole by RescueTeamYoshi
CTF-SkyEngine by Hanway Lin
CTF-skxxvn by skeevn
CTF-Skyfect by Surya Sel
CTF-Sludgebox by Devastaetion
CTF-SpaceChamber by Trinxy
CTF-SpaceEscape by Dantae94
CTF-Speedway by Brett360
CTF-SpiderCrossings by BloodK1nG
CTF-SpiderCrossings by Tetsu
CTF-Spooks by f1n1ty
CTF-Sprinta by Loque-
CTF-Summit by Harkomas
CTF-Sprinta by Tigerclaw
CTF-Starship by Evilmrfrank
CTF-Switchback by garuDa
CTF-TechDream by Rainmaker_CZ
CTF-Temple for all by Akio Kami
CTF-TheFirstEncounter by syphous_fiend
CTF-Thorns by de`pain
CTF-Thorns by Elipter
CTF-TitanGuard by darksinn3r
CTF-Tourney by DarkHell
CTF-Trenches by smintili
CTF-TubesOfSpam by WHIPperSNAPper
CTF-Turnip by tidu
CTF-Tutorial by Metalfist
CTF-Twap by garuDa
CTF-TwinTombs by DarkHell
CTF-Valhalla by Jo.7
CTF-Vasiara by Prescovio
CTF-VaultCity by fb.pb
CTF-Veiled by _Lynx
CTF-Void by The_Zanderizer
CTF-Warehouse by PayBack
CTF-Whiplash by WHIPperSNAPper
CTF-W00tabulous by code187
CTF-W00tabulous by DarkHell
CTF-W00tabulous by Francesco Biscazzo
CTF-W00tabulous by Loque-
CTF-W00tabulous by TheTrainStation
CTF-WickedX by DarkHell

Capture The Flag, 4 teams

CTF4-FaceClassic by BloodK1nG

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