Custom music collection

Here, you’ll find my custom music tracks collection from the UT4 community. All those awesome music tracks fit’s the UT universe perfectly well 😀

Being an audiophile, my hears are satisfied only with CD quality music source (WAV format or FLAC lossless format). There is no lossy formats here like AAC, MP3, OGG, WMA, etc. Many of the tracks aren’t available in WAV format to begin with and most are hard to find. So, from the original WAV file provided directly by the authors, I’ve made a Flac file, complete all the information for each file and then upload all files to my GoogleDrive account. Some tracks have been slightly edited for casual listening since they are made for gaming (playing in loop without fade in/out). You can visit the author website, download each file by clicking “DL”.

The media player I use is MusicBee which is one of the best free media player to date 🙂

Abyss (Remastered) by Shaad Alaka / DL

Aftermath (Build 5 master 1) by Shivaxi and Cybernetika / DL

Antares (Shivaxi remix 2.0) by Cybernetika / DL

Astra (5.0) by Shaad Alaka / DL

Atrium by Shaad Alaka / DL

Axon presence (Mix 3) by MaxCarnage / DL

Biotower (4.0) by Kristian Huuki / DL

Brumal battle (Mix 1) by MaxCarnage / DL

Chasing voids by Timothy Seals / DL

Circuit (8.0) by Kristian Huuki / DL

Crash site (2.0) by Kristian Huuki / DL

Dark contemplation (Mix 2) by MaxCarnage / DL

Dawn by Shaad Alaka / DL

Deep by Fabian Joosten / DL

Destroyer (16.0) by Shaad Alaka / DL

Dissolution by Shaad Alaka / DL

District theta (Mix 5) by MaxCarnage / DL

Dominion by Marc Mahler / DL

Erase by Fabian Joosten / DL / forum thread

Falling horizon (Tournament begins) by Lightphaser / DL

Fear mechanism (3.0) by Cloud Of Judgement / DL

Flow (3.0) by Shaad Alaka / DL

Flux by Shaad Alaka / DL

Go down 16 (UT4 redux) by Necto Ulin / DL

Hydraulics (Mix 3) by MaxCarnage / DL

Hydraulics by Fabian Joosten / DL

Icarus (Mix 1) by MaxCarnage / DL

Ice melt (UT4 edit) by Shivaxi / DL

Impact Hammer (9.0) by Shaad Alaka / DL

Into the fray by Shivaxi / DL

Ironic by Fabian Joosten / DL

Izanagi Corporation welcomes you (Mix 2) by MaxCarnage / DL

Lance by Fabian Joosten / DL

Lea by Fabian Joosten / DL

Lost world by Nexus and Tight / DL

MachineaMT by Fabian Joosten / DL

Mechanism Eight (UT4 redux) by Necto Ulin / DL

Monks of Na Pali by Shaad Alaka / DL

Motion by Nexus and Tight / DL

Nether moon (Shivaxi UT Edit) by Cybernetika and One Arc Degree / DL

Orbit (Remastered) by Shaad Alaka / DL

Orbital elements (UT4 demo) by Necto Ulin / DL

Outside by Kristian Huuki / DL

Payback by Shivaxi / DL

Perihelion (Extended mix) by Timothy Seals / DL

Piano dreams (UT edit 2.0) by Shivaxi / DL

Pillars (4.0) by Dustin Branscum / DL

Prism theory by Timothy Seals / DL

Revelations (Remix) by Lightphaser / DL

Save me (TMX Remix) by TheMultiX PGDM / DL

Shared dig (5.0) by Kristian Huuki / DL

Sun daze (UT edit) by Shivaxi / DL

Super epic one night hyper space adventure by Shivaxi and friends / DL

Survive by MaxCarnage / DL

This is Izanagi by Kristian Huuki / DL

Thundercrash by Shaad Alaka / DL

Transference (Master 2) by Shivaxi and Cybernetika / DL

Tutorial by Fabian Joosten / DL

UT menu theme Redux 2015 by Shivaxi and Mellow Sonic / DL

Written in black (3.0) by Jakob Magiera / DL


  1. I’ve made many updates today, uploading the updated files.

    Brief, many authors as changed names, they have a new website and other reasons. So I renamed the files, replacing all of them to my Google Drive. More of 60% of my collection as changed!

    I also added “Save me (TMX Remix)” by TheMultiX PGDM which was kind enough to send me the original WAV and also give me his acknowledgment to share it with all of you, your lucky ones 😀


  2. Awesome collection and the update made it even greater!

    I’d like to make a suggestion for a couple more tracks to include. The point being that if you talk, (on behalf of all your site visitors) to the remixers to kindly provide lossless files, then they will be perhaps more inclined to do so, as opposed to individual requests on soundcloud.
    That being said, I think the list would benefit from

    Fabian Joosten – CTF-Lance
    Fabian Joosten – DM-Deep
    Fabian Joosten – Tutorial (Unofficial)
    Timothy Seals – Solar Fields (UT4 Concept)

    …aaand if you could ever convince Michiel van den Bos to send you Black Hole Sunscreen (DM-Spacer) in lossless, that would be simply unprecedented


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello 😀

      THX for the compliment 🙂

      I truly appreciate your suggestions. Therefore, I’m already aware of those tracks, they’re all excellent tracks. They’re already in my Soundcloud playlist since a very long time.

      I did contact the authors few years back to get the WAV but sadly, they refuse to give it to me at the time. It’s ok too since some of them are living from making music, it’s they full time job.

      At the time, when UT4 was developed, Epic had negotiation going with many of the artists who had contribute to the past Unreal / UT games like Alexander Brandon, Michiel Van Den Bos, Rom Di Prisco and Timothy Seals to contribute freely for the game.

      Only Timothy has shared his tracks with the community in MP3 BUT he shared only to some the WAV files. So, my readers are lucky, even if they don’t realize it or don’t appreciate those excellent tracks, to be able to access all of them in full quality and even better, for free. The proof of that, your the second person to leave a comment since this list is freely available, and that, since years.


      Today, I contacted Fabian and kindly ask him for the WAV of those tracks and good news… he accepted!

      EDIT 2, few days later…

      I have all Fabian tracks now and I’ll upload them when I will have the time.


  3. I’ve many changes and additions to my music collection. The best part is that I share all of them with you and in HD (CD quality) since the authors send me the WAV files (not in crappy AAC, OGG, MP3, WMA formats) 😀

    The additions :

    Fabian Joosten – Deep
    Fabian Joosten – Lance
    Fabian Joosten – MachineaMT
    Fabian Joosten – Tutorial
    MaxCarnage – Dark contemplation (Mix 2)
    Nexus and Tight – Lost world

    The changes :

    Avalanche to Shaad Alaka
    Jo.7 to Kristian Huuki

    All files as been updated and reupload. THX in advance for your likes and showing your appreciation 🙂


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