Custom maps collection

So what is to be found in this page ? A link for each maps in my custom maps collection from the UT4 community. I consider these to be a must 😀 I’m please to list all of those awesome maps here. It’s my way of promoting mappers hard work. The maps that ends up in this list had meet those criterias :

Visually superb (UT4 quality level and none the less) with great atmosphere, great style and highly polished. I prefer maps which the emphasis is more on visuals and atmosphere rather than fast action with graphics that doesn’t inspire me. The maps must have good gameplay and flow well. Brief, I seek beautiful maps for casual gaming.

CTF-Azimuth by David ‘Sel’ Simon

CTF-Pistola BattleGrounds by Yemi ‘Jayoplus’ Ajayi (UT200x remake)

DM-Backspace by Ben ‘Scinbed’ Edney (UT200x remake)

DM-Batrankus Bastion by Oscar ‘TheGlecter’ Crego

DM-Lea Observatory by Neil ‘CaptainMigraine’ Moore (UT200x remake)

DM-Salt by Christopher ‘NATO_chrisjm’ Morris