Name: Citius
Game type: CTF / Greed
Version: 1.0
Players: 12 – 20
Requirements: UT3 + patch 2.1 + Titan Pack
Released: 01 / 12 / 11
Downloads: GoogleDrive, MediaFire
Forums: Epic

Story / Histoire

Citius is a water filtration plant located on an unknown planet high on rocks in the middle of the sea whose Liandri owns. The installation began experiencing some operational difficulties so it is now used for team competitions.

Citius est un plant de filtration d’eau situé sur une planète inconnue localisée sur le rock au beau milieu de la mer dont Liandri en est propriétaire. L’installation a commencé à éprouver quelque difficultés de fonctionnement, par conséquent, Liandri s’en sert maintenant pour le déroulement de compétitions d’équipes.


Extract the archive into “My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps” directory. If this folder is not currently on your system, you can safely create it. The archive contains :



I started the dev of the map December 11th 2009. This map was supposed to be part of the “UOF Map Pack“. Since I had a lot of work to do left, I’ve decided to release the map individually. Since 2009, I’ve spend countless hours worked on it. No need to say that I found it very difficult to mesh my levels out since I like them very detailed but not cluttered so flow and gameplay remains great 🙂 Here is Epic final thread.


– Many custom materials, like the sky, most of the floor tiles, tiles on the ceiling, the caution bars, the grey grid, the glass, the main rocks, the sea, the redish water caustic, the decals, etc
– Custom emitters for the water steam + others effects
– Custom music, the track is ‘Mona Lisa overdrive’ by Juno Reactor and Don Davis edited by me
– Enhanced many stock materials by adding more details
– Techy voices will announce some random messages telling the Citius facility as working problem
– In Greed, the skulls that falls into the sea will be teleported on the big platform in front of the waterfall since it’s the neutral zone, representing the middle of the map


  1. As an old UT-ler I’m looking through all the sites outhere, so I could recognize your mapping projects. I was waiting for this one and will try as soon as possible. Thanks for all of your hard work. I’m happy everytime, when something happens with UT 🙂 .


    1. Well Omega, I hope you will have a ton of fun playing it as I do since a while 🙂 It’s always pleasing to hear from the old UT players so I wish this map will satisfy your CTF appetite 😀

      Have fun and let me know what you think 🙂


  2. Well, the map is fun and looks very nice. I like especially the lighting and the lively sky, like all the surroundings. There are many elements to speed up the gameplay. I can imagine how much work it required. I tested the map with the sentinel – mutator, which was also fun.
    Lately I can say that all your work has paid off after the long time. Surely you make many players happy out there :).

    Greets (and hey I recognized a new UOF pack some day – don’t work to hard ;))
    – thanks for your work


  3. First of all, I like to say, that I’m really happy, that you are done with this map and I do like it very much! I personally like the design and lighting, makes a nice atmosphere there. However, I’m in love with that beautiful looking skybox. Despite that, the gameplay is also a lot of fun on this map, because it is can be pretty narrow in there, that’s why shock combos and triple rockets are pure madness then. All in one, it is indeed a very nice map and very well done! And because of that, I’m really excited about all your other maps, once they are done. Just keep it up, mate!


  4. Water filtration plant? Looks like this may have been taken over by the Necris at some point. I like all the custom textures/meshes, lighting, skybox, stairs, outside crags and good music track (was this in one of the “Matrix” movies?). This one has good weapon/item placement and I like all the choices for routes and teleporters.


  5. Long time to make a short review of this map; I was little nervous to post this individually. But anyway, this is one of the most enthusiastic CTF maps ever made, pure ecstasy and great aspects about the lighting and static meshes. Playing offline with bots to test this map that will proves true. The missing here is the location of the enemy flag carrier sounds (i.e. In the blue base, Near the red base, etc.) I dunno why this map makes me feel good with your work? Congrats man! 😀

    5 out of 5 stars!


  6. Top work Steve. This one has some frightening awesome visuals and yet has very economical FPS, which is no mean feat. 😀

    This is a lot of fun to play, imho you’ve nail CTF mode.

    Big thanks for all the work you put into this one. 🙂


  7. Steve I must say you are more better mapper for CTF maps than DM maps because with Fatima and now this map a lot of z-axis action is very funny and addictive (mainly this last map) Is very top notch great job congrats!

    I think you could try to map more ctf mapping and a bit less dm mapping (I don’t have any doubt with your dm maps all is good but understand me im a ctf player from beginning ut away at nineties XD)

    Make CTF map is an order!

    PD: Its joke


  8. Couldn’t wait to try this one out – played it on my break last night on my gaming rig (single player)

    Great gameplay overall, and looks amazing! I felt the map was pretty big, will play best with a full server. I’m still finding all the little ins and outs and sneaky paths.

    Would love to network with you sometime and chat.. peace!


  9. Congrats Stevelois on completing this map. As I have said before, the visuals are great, game play is very smooth with the multiple routes (makes it fun for Greed as well). The details are what we should expect from your maps. Someday, I hope to have the “stuff” to make a map like this. Awesome work man.


  10. I didn’t congratulate to your final yet, did I?

    Time to do so:
    Congratulations! 😀

    I always thought this map had an oldskool feel to it. It reminds me of some UT99 maps somehow. 🙂

    This is probably your biggest success so far! It’s a 1+ map!


  11. Finally got around to play this map, definitely one of your finest work Steve.

    The map is huge! lots of different paths to take the flag, a secret Udmg location behind the waterfall in the middle 😀 found it by accidentally translocation to one of the teleporters. nice touch 🙂

    Skydome looks wonderful, a great touch is the planet far away shining through the windows producing subtle light beams. Very nice!

    Lighting is also very well done aswell as meshing (must have taken lots and lots of time in the editor to get that meshing+bsp together, and it shows, it sure does)

    Top notch work as always Steve, can’t praise this map enough 🙂


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