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A few billion miles by Amit Khanna

Another excellent short movie by Amit Khanna 🙂

UT2004 Level 16 (Remix) by Necto Ulin

Level 16 (Remix) is again, an awesome new remix from Necto Ulin 😀 Listen the track by watching the video. MP3 download link and Soundcloud link are in the process.

Answer – chapter 1 by Mogo Studios

Answer, a sci-fi short movie by Mogo Studios 🙂

Deserted by Jan Trubač

Another mind blowing UE5 project, Deserted by Jan Trubač 😀 A project entirely made by him!

Rain garden by Leo Torres

A cinematic animation by Leo Torres of a relaxing indoor rain garden terrarium, rendered in real-time using Unreal Engine 5. There’s just something about nature and the sound of falling water that’s so calming. This is more Japanese inspired – with the bamboo and the lanterns…

DM-Dystopia, new map

Now that DM-Oblevia, Part 2 final as been released, I’m taking a break from Oblivia assets. Therefore, I want to work on something new. I have to admit that it’s level design addiction!!!

I like to challenge myself, so each time I start a new level, each level must use a different theme, lighting scheme, colors, music, sounds effects, etc. When I reuse some stuff, I change the materials properties so it doesn’t look or sound exactly the same.

I started this new level called DM-Dystopia. For this level, I use a combination of 2 different assets packs since they’re both awesome BUT very limited in term of assets to use. So, this level use the Polar sci-fi facility pack for the interior (ceiling, floor, pipes and wall), also the IVFX Production test pack for the exterior (sci-fi debris, cliff and rocks), and this awesome 350 sci-fi alpha decal pack to add interesting and unique sci-fi decals all over the place 😀

Therefore, there is a size issue… both assets pack use mostly 8K, 4K textures rez. No wonder why the demo scenes look so detailed and sharp, which is what I like in a level. For UT, I had to lower the quality of all textures to at least 2K to reduce the cooked file. Even then, the file was way to big 😦 So I had to cut more on quality again… reducing a big bunch of textures to 1K rez. Even with all this compression, the file remain to big for my taste and I’m loosing a noticeable visual quality overall. I did that reduction process for all my levels and I honestly hate cutting down so much on visuals just to be able to share my level by uploading it on UTCC or any similar host with size limit.

Beside, for me, the file size is irrelevant. Since my first level, I cut the quality so I can share it with you. I do that so you can play more interesting and unique levels than the game offers. But what’s the point working on HQ levels for months to get nothing in return from you? Showing your appreciation is the only thing I’m asking you. Even that seem to be to much to ask! In the end, more than 95% of the players don’t care to simply post a comment, add their like or share the level I’m releasing! I receive few or no comments at all when I release a WIP level and almost none when I release the final version and that all platform reunited 😦 Only a bunch of players give me feedback and truly appreciate my levels. Brief, I’m not sure I’ll share this new level, or any new level since most of you had let me down since years by not providing any kind of feedback. For the few who support me by posting positive and constructive comments, like the articles, you’ll recognize yourself and you are the only reason why I did share my past levels.

I’ll create a page for this level if I decide to share it. For now, the pics is to give an idea of the overall color scheme and meshing style I’ll go for. Very bold colors for a change and mostly cliff and rocks assets for the layout.

Stevie’s corner, running since 12 years !


Created in September 2009, I am happy to note that today, 12 years later, my blog has been visited by more than 531 500 visitors for 12 years. 12 years that I share with you what fascinates me in the Unreal universe 🙂

I wanted to thank my visitors, veterans, subscribers and newcomers for your presence. From your comments, your ‘likes’ and then sharing my articles on other social networks 😀 You encourage me to continue to share all these new Unreal finds as well as to disclose information about my personal projects.

Looking forward to reading you 😉


Créé en septembre 2009, content de constater qu’aujourd’hui, 12 ans plus tard, mon blog a été visité par plus de 531 500 visiteurs et ce, depuis 12 ans. 12 années que je partage avec vous ce qui me fascine dans l’univers d’Unreal 🙂

Je tenais à remercier mes visiteurs, vétérans, abonnés et nouveaux venus de votre présence. De vos commentaires, de vos ‘like’ puis de partager mes articles sur d’autres réseaux sociaux 😀 Vous m’encouragez à continuer de partager toutes ces nouvelles trouvailles d’Unreal ainsi qu’à divulguer des informations sur mes projets personnels.

Au plaisir de vous lire 😉

Porsche by Luis Tejeda

Another stunning UE5 project 😀 Porsche by Luis Tejeda.