Author: Stevelois

Unreal and Unreal Tournament are my all time top PC games. My blog is dedicated to all HQ stuff related to the Unreal / UT world.

A little Internet upgrade

Today, on black Friday, I’ve decided to upgrade my Internet connection.

Not because it was necessary, or because there was a rebate to upgrade neither. My Internet was already very fast but I only wanted to buy something faster 🙂 A gift from me to me lol. It’s only 5$ more on my bill and there is no hardware to change so why not have it?

My Internet provider is Vidéotron, which is the fastest in Québec province. Bell, the biggest Vidéotron rival make lots of pub saying they’re the fastest with their Fibe product (which use fiber optic like Vidéotron) but they’re not, it’s all about marketing.

So my previous speed was 100Mb/s download and 30 Mb/s upload with unlimited download. Now, I have 400Mb/s download and 50Mb/s upload and still unlimited download 😀

It was already fast downloading stuff but now, damn, I click and few second later, voilà! Finish! It’s so awesome! All info here, for the curious 😉

Museum Paleo art loop by Brajan Martinović

Another amazing short, Museum Paleo art loop by Brajan Martinović.

This was a very pleasing 3:48 video to look at 😀 Landscape and scenery are superb, animals look very good and their animation is very well executed, very natural! Also, I love the fur!! The switch from the skeleton to real animal at the beginning is a very nice touch, great intro. The music for this short is perfect too 🙂 Brief, excellent!!!

Breadth by Thaddaeus Andreades

Another amazing short, Breadth by Thaddaeus Andreades 🙂

If my memory is good, it’s the first time I see a desert theme so well animated, it look and sound real 😀

Project CANTON by Dyna 4 Studio

Dyna 4 Studio made this excellent archviz call Project CANTON 😀

I really like the happiness of the child POV / sounds in the montage, very well made!

Cool to see the band playing in the TV too, a very nice touch (for those who appreciate the details in a project…). The switch to day / night is also cool + the music track add a sort of nice groove instead of the traditional classic / piano music.