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DM-Sarr post # 1

Finally working on my new map, DM-Sarr 😀 My previous post was showing only a room but I’ve decided to use the Spaceship interior environment set to build an entire level.

I’m progressing. So far there is the Link, RL, Shock, 100 armor, UDamage and few medium health & ammos. I don’t have layout in mind. I’m crafting it while playing with those assets, which are very limited btw… As you can see, it’s all about dirty sci-fi assets and I love it! Those are finished areas.

DM-Sarr room

Just for fun, I spend all my Saturday making what I’m about to show you.

Now that DM-Qu0 is done, I was wondering how could I use the meshes of the Spaceship interior environment set I put aside ±2 month ago? Sadly, there isn’t enough meshes to build an entire level, or at least it would have to be a small duel map. So I thought, hey, why not make a small room instead for a weapon or health pickup?

So this is the result with fog, final lighting, post process, reflection, etc. You can found around 75% of all the meshes included in the pack. Not sure if I’ll make an entire map with the pack, time will tell.

DM-Qu0 final!

It’s the weekend, what a cool day for release a new map 😀 I’m extremely happy to share the final version of DM-Qu0.

So, what’s new for this final? Many things ;

  • Added ambient sounds.
  • Added awesome custom music.
  • Added decals and few pipes.
  • Added preview pic.
  • Added reflection.
  • Made a sci-fi JumPad with custom cue to replace the stock one.
  • Made few material changes here and there.
  • Reduced the map file size from 470 MB to 352 MB. A well appreciated 118 MB reduction without scarifying the visuals 🙂

It’s the first time that I release the final version of my map only 1 week after a RC release. It’s short but I’m happy with the current state. Enjoy!

Dream II: Spire Fortress by Ismael

Dream II: Spire Fortress is Ismael second audio-visual experiment rendered real time in UE4. It was a map that he designed for Voidrunner, their first game in RealityArts. He made it in 2017 but revised it recently for this flyby. He wanted to combine gothic and Ottoman architecture in a psychedelic environment. Music also composed & performed by him too!

DM-Qu0 RC1 now available!

I’m very happy to release the Release Candidate 1 of Qu0 😀

Since B2 released back in December, I played the map A LOT, like a maniac lol 🙂 After many, many matches… I didn’t count them, I added many new improvements from the original.

First, the goal of RC1 was to get rid of all BSP brushes, having only assets, the final BV and pretty much finalized lighting. Second this is what as been done to add more to the map :

  • Using the lift near the Shock, you can liftjump to land to the UDamage platform AND also land to the Flak level making a combo of liftjumping + wall dodge.
  • From the same lift, you can also land on a small ledge above the medium health. The ledge is small so it only serve to make a surprise attack at the player below , you can’t camp there, it’s on purpose.
  • A small floor as also been added around the same lift, it add some surprise attack possibilities and a chance to hitscan the players at the RL area.
  • A small lift is now replacing the jumpad near the Bio. You can use it to liftjump and land to the UDamage platform.
  • You can do wall dodge or wall run from the Bio to get the UDamage.
  • The floor is now more open above the medium health, the one near the Link. It add more opportunities from the Shock to kill the Flak player (thinking he can camp there…) and also useful when you’re near the Flak with a hitscan weapon to shoot at the Shock area.
  • The small corridor between the Link and Belt as now a section you can walk on crates. It add a cool vertical option
  • A small opening as been made between the LR and the UDamage platform, you’ll see the benefits while playing 😉

So, what’s next?

I’ll try to make the map prettier by adding more details like decals and pipes. The main decals are already there but I’ll add more for sure, small ones here and there.
Will add custom music.
Will add preview pic.
Will add reflection. RC1 don’t have any reflection.
Will make a custom jumpad to replace the stock one.

For feedback, post it here plz, I’m eager to read what you think about it. THX!!

Beton by Vladimir Lepotic

Saw this scene some time ago but forgot to share it. Beton is Vladimir Lepotic small scene in Unreal 4 of some abandoned place.

One day, I would like to make a map that have this minimalist approach with some foliage 🙂

Porsche 911 – 50 Years by aurelarchi

I don’t post car video often, except if it’s really well made 😀 This is the case right here. Lovely and well made presentation 🙂 The model, lighting, visual animation in the background, all well done and the music fits good too imho.

Only “negative” aspect I could see is that I would had like to see the interior of the car as well. It look like a superb interior but it’s completely missing in the presentation, shame 😦

Ortho by nature by Steven Fayers

A very well made Unreal Engine learning project, done in a few weeks at Christmas by Steven Fayers, based on an original house design by Apollo architects based in Japan. Originally planned to be just a few interiors, he decided to later add a few exterior scenes to make more use of the music track.