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DM-Akar, post # 1

DM-Akar is the my new map I’m working on 😀

Akar is a remake of my DM-Mako L2 for UT3. It’s a small DM for 1on1 match, at max 2on2.

I’ve made the level completely from scratch in 2 days. I test it to make sure the scale is well adjusted to UT4 gameplay. Pickups are exactly at the same location as the original. The only change is the Enforcer replacement by the Lighting rifle.

This first release (alpha 1) is only for testing gameplay. For leaving a comment, I’ll appreciate you post it in this post or at Epic forums. THX!

Future mine by Denis Rutkovsky

Another awesome UE4 project by Denis Rutkovsky 😀 This type of environment will surely serve as a reference for my next UT4 map!

Fantasy cave by Denis Rutkovsky

Discovered this awesome UE4 cinematic made by Denis Rutkovsky 😀 His ArtStation page is full of awesome visual goodies! I can imagine few of the classics UT CTF maps that could fit perfectly in this environment 😛

Textures pack # 67 and 68 by Nobiax

Nobiax’s textures pack # 67 and 68 are there 😀

Click here to download textures pack # 67 from Gumroad and go here to leave your comments 😉

Click here to download textures pack # 68 from Gumroad and go here to leave your comments 😉

DM-Aly and DM-Aryth release! DM-Delta and CTF-Infiltrate re-release


A bit sooner that I expected, I’m announcing the release of DM-Aly and DM-Aryth 😀

Also, re-releasing DM-Delta and CTF-Infiltrate 🙂 Nothing major, rather little things that I wanted to fix (BV’s, materials and such).

For commenting the maps, please head over Epic forums :

Aryth Epic thread
Aly Epic thread
Infiltrate Epic thread
Delta Epic thread

Again, enjoy Aly / Aryth videos while downloading 😛

DM-Aly and DM-Aryth to be release soon

Hey 😀

I’m very happy to announce the soon to be release DM-Aly and DM-Aryth maps 😀 In fact, I’ll release both the same day and it should be this week-end. My idea was to wait for the next game update, but I might wait forever… and would be the only one on the planet that play the maps. I put so much time on them that I don’t want to keep them only for myself, so, you will be able to play them too 😉

Also, I made some small updates to DM-Delta and CTF-Infiltrate. Nothing major, rather tiny things that I wanted to fix (BV’s, materials and such). I’ll also release new versions.

Meanwhile, enjoy the new videos :

Old painted brick wall by Sergei Gereev

Sergei Gereev release another free ‘Old painted brick wall’ material 😀 Go here to download from Cubebrush, write 0 to get it freely 🙂