Author: Stevelois

Unreal and Unreal Tournament are my all time top PC games. My blog is dedicated to all HQ stuff related to the Unreal / UT world.

DM-Vallas, post # 2

This week, my UT4 editor time as been mostly put on Vallas. I made some small progress on Thaq too. There is only 1 corridor that I need to mesh and R1 (Release 1) will be release. I didn’t get inspiration to finish meshing Cruel yet. But I made progress few weeks ago on the Shock room 🙂

I made 2 rooms in Vallas. The first post was the LinkGun room which I made some changes. The pics in this post show the second room (far away room with red light door) and up close, the third room. The second room have health and ammos while the third room is for the Flack and small armor. First pic is without Post-Process and the second with Post-Process. Notice how everything is looking way much sharper, vibrant and define with very nice occlusion and all 😀

DM-Vallas, post # 1

Few days ago, I mentioned that if I make another map after DM-Thaq, I’ll use the free Bunker pack, remember that?

Well, this afternoon, I started to play with those assets. I’ve got a couple of not so good surprises concerning the scale and alignment of the meshes but it’s not too bad neither to work with them. I started the first room and after few hours, I got this.

This is the basic meshing, with basic lighting. No Post-Process added at the moment, only reflection box’s. This map is call DM-Vallas 🙂

New awesome free assets, the Bunker pack

September is really, really a awesome month for free marketplace HQ assets. In all of what as been release, few packs got my attention and I’ve downloaded them BUT if I make another map after DM-Thaq, I’ll use the free Bunker pack 😀

I think it’s the first time in years that it is a painless process to import new meshes used for UE 4.25 to the old UT4. I mean, 99% of the time, it’s a very long process to recreate all materials, mi’s, material functions, particle and such. Not to mention various settings that can be a real headache when importing static meshes, which I always have to guest the right import settings even if I triple check the original static meshes settings in UE 4.25. Have to check this, uncheck that so the import work like is supposed to be. Brief, it’s painful.

Originally, the pack is made of 45 master materials. That was a surprise I must say, saying to myself WTH?! I’ve made very few materials, like 4 and all the rest are material instances 🙂 I took the time to make the materials look even better than the original by adding additional detail normal maps, color contrast, metallic, opacity, roughness parameters.

Most of the time, I make a ‘demo’ map just to check if all assets looks correct. This is a preview pic of all the Bunker assets and decals (it miss only the warning decals). So after DM-Cruel & DM-Thaq, I’ll have more 3D toys to play with 🙂