Unreal Engine 5

Porsche by Luis Tejeda

Another stunning UE5 project 😀 Porsche by Luis Tejeda.

El Dorado by Jhosep Chevarria Capacoila

Jhosep Chevarria Capacoila made this El Dorado scene playing around with Megascans, Nanite, and Lumen with hardware raytracing on RTX 3090 😀

Samurai garden by Sergio Merêces

Samurai garden by Sergio Merêces was for testing out the new UE5 and the awesome features 😀

Unreal Engine 5 Early Access Educator Guide

After the release of UE5 few days ago, today, Epic released the Unreal Engine 5 Early Access Educator Guide for everyone who wish to learn well all the new features the engine have to offer 😀

The Unreal Blender by Phase Scope

The Unreal Blender, is a really short but well made cinematic advertisement in UE5 and Blender made by Phase Scope. I found this presentation very imaginative, and a good way to promote both software trough this kitchen tool everyone know.

Not to mention the great way of playing with the words 🙂

Unreal Engine 5 Early Access

There it is folks, next UE is finally available to all 😀 For all the details, head over the official post here.

Only thing I can say is that UE5 Valley of the ancients demo is mind blowing! I’m completely amazed of UE5 power!

Therefore, it’s already frustrating using an obsolete UT4 editor and painful to import assets made in version superior to 4.15 that I won’t took a look at it. I don’t need to torture myself.

Unreal Engine 5 Revealed! ! !

Mind blowing demo! I’m completely amazed of UE5 power 😀