My maps, march update

So after all those months working on Aly, I finally reach the point where I’m satisfied of the result. Therefore, the actual game build is giving me lot’s of errors when making a full build about bad stock meshes UVs. Some stock assets need LOD adjustments too. I decided to wait for the next game update before releasing the map.

I’ve also made small changes to Delta and Infiltrate. Noting visual but more about optimizations.

So, I started another DM map last week, wich is call DM-Aryth. It will be very different from my previous maps. This time, I’ll create a very abstract, clean and epured environment. I’m inspired by those UE4 projects below.

SingMeToSleep by acatalept

Hologram generator by Sebastian Maurer

Sun turbine by Luke Neubaum

I present you another original and fantastic looking UE4 cinematic, Sun turbine, which as all been made from scratch by Luke Neubaum 🙂

Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor, first animation produced entirely in Unreal Engine!

Yep, you read right 😀 Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor is the fist full movie produced entirely with a game engine, Unreal Engine 4 🙂 There is a full interview by Dana Cowley which is very interesting. Good watching / read.

UE4 POM with Vertex-Blending by CG Spartans

A free set of free Parallax Occlusion master materials for Unreal Engine 4 by CG Spartans that can be used to add depth to the surfaces in your scene. They can be used to seamlessly blend between multiple texture layers, or to add puddles to your materials with vertex-blending 🙂 Get the free materials at Gumroad 😀

Uprising by Sebastian Maurer

I present you another original and fantastic looking UE4 cinematic, Uprising, which as all been made from scratch withing 2 weeks by Sebastian Maurer 🙂

ArchViz / Cinematic part 2 by Bryan Howard

I present you the part 2 of Bryan Howard ArchViz 🙂

This isn’t a cinematic, rather a flyby which reveal all the subtle details 😀 Truly awesome!