Space fruits by Michel Lanoie

Space fruits by Michel Lanoie blows me away in all regards 😀

Discovering Perú by Jhosep Chevarria

The least I can say about Jhosep ChevarriaDiscovering Perú’ is that it is extremely impressive 😀 Absolutely lovely work!

Rocket Arena in DM-Sarr

Fun Rocket time in DM-Sarr 😀

Rocket Arena in DM-Akar CE

Fun time playing Rocket Arena DM in DM-Akar CE 😀

Rocket Arena in DM-Qu0

An ingame mutator is permitted to replace all weapons by a selected one and the ammos also follows automatically. Rocket Arena gameplay is a mode that goes as far as the UT99 days so it’s nothing new but some levels are quite fun playing Rocket Arena or Sniper Arena or with any other weapons 😀

DM-Y z e n, final available!

DM-Y z e n is now final 😀 Please, leave your feedback at my level page. THX in advance 😉

For the final, those are the changes :

  • Added sci-fi “buildings” outside the play area. After all, it’s a nuclear plant so some sort of structure with bridges and such are expected when looking at the windows. They will be visible only in high mode.
  • Added a bit more decals in sector # 4.
  • Added few deco meshes, mainly in sector # 2 & few pipes here and there.
  • Added few dust particles, mostly at the lowest floor.
  • Added a pair of jump boots. It add a lot to gameplay!
  • All particles (dust, smoke, steam), as long as decals will be visible only playing in high mode.
  • In some areas, we could see a tiny line of the exterior light all the way behind the meshes on the ceiling. I fix them all.
  • Increased the suggested player count from 4 – 8 to 6 – 10.
  • Tweaked few sound actors here and there. Add others too.
  • Tweaked the skybox, there was a odd line in the middle of the sky mesh?
  • Updated the preview screen.
  • Added the readme.

And now, the videos 😀

Jump boots tricks :

DM gameplay :

TDM gameplay :

Rocket Arena gameplay :

The parallel by Sidharth Joseph

The parallel by Sidharth Joseph is another mind blowing cinematic! So immersive 😀 Love the way the scenes are all mixed together with that floating / panning / walking-like camera 🙂

Old memory by Yan Ru

Old memory is Yan Ru latest.

This cinematic is amazing! There are no clean cut, perfect items. There is a level of distress and perfect imperfections that adds to the vintage appeal and realism of this scene. Every frayed edge, rough end, nook and cranny, faded color, layer of dust and dirt, and any crack are meticulously appreciated. Everything rests in timeless suspension whilst compared to the untextured assets. This is impeccable, and I am sure those whom inspired this project are graciously honored.