Iceland by Aurélien Brion

Iceland is another terrific project made by Aurélien Brion 😀 Interestingly, the music has a touch of the North Indian peoples 🙂

DM-Y z e n 1.1 update!

DM-Y z e n as been updated to version 1.1. The update fix some materials compatibility with my work in progress level DM-Alpu 2050 which both levels are using the same asset pack and was causing some very weird issues in game 😮

Please, leave your feedback at my level page. THX in advance 😉

Tokyo, Japan by Jhosep Chevarria

Tokyo, Japan is another awesome UE5 cinematic made by Jhosep Chevarria 😀

Apocalyptic church by JVAD3D

Apocalyptic church is one of JVAD3D latest project. This guy as enormous talent for sure releasing quality scene one after another 😀

Meridian by Leo Torres

Meridian is Leo Torres entry to the KitBash3D, Mission to Minerva community art challenge. He got into the top ten for the in-motion category 😀

U 92 by Aurélien Brion

U 92 by Aurélien Brion win the first place in Evermotion challenge 2022 😀

H I M I L by Tiziano Fioriti

H I M I L is a very immersive and impressive short film made by Tiziano Fioriti 😀

A gallery in skies by JVAD3D

A gallery in skies is JVAD3D latest. Everything is damn W O W, again 😀