DM-Aryth, final!

Release 1 as been available since 2 months now so the testing phase is over. It’s time to make it final 🙂

I’m very happy to announce the final release of DM-Aryth 😀

DM-Aly, final release!

Finally, after been available in pre-final since 2 months, I’m very happy to announce the final release of DM-Aly 😀 Have fun 🙂

The Speed of Light reveal by Epic, NVidia and Porsche

In a breakthrough demonstration at the SIGGRAPH conference, NVidia CEO Jensen Huang revealed The Speed of Light, a real-time cinematic experience utilizing NVidia Turing architecture, RTX technology and new Unreal Engine rendering advancements, featuring the Porsche 911 Speedster concept. The forward-looking technology unveiled onstage is the culmination of a joint development effort to unlock offline-quality ray-traced rendering in a game engine.

“The Porsche 911 Speedster concept is the first car to be visualized with interactive real-time ray tracing,” said Francois Antoine, director of HMI at Epic Games, and creative director and VFX supervisor on the project. “In concert with NVIDIA we’re accelerating the adoption of real-time ray tracing across many industries.”

All info here.

That morning by the lake by Svend Kruse Rønslund

That morning by the lake is another awesome UE4 environment made by Svend Kruse Rønslund 😀 Lovely camera / movie effect 🙂 Go at his Epic thread for comments 🙂

Fantasy village by Denis Rutkovsky

Another awesome UE4 environment made by Denis Rutkovsky 😀 His ArtStation page is full of awesome visual goodies!