Oh squirrel- what a year!  by Pieter Hardeman

A little review of some of the year’s events and some fireworks / best wishes for the new year from Pieter Hardeman! 😀

The well by Treehouse Digital

The well by Treehouse Digital is another instalment in Treehouse’s series of Scary tales… when a shy teen reveals a secret well to three ‘friends’ they get a terrifying reminder to always be careful what you wish for…

It’s an excellent job ALL around! Storytelling, camera usage, editing, sound, art design and the incredibly long list of other equally important elements that have gone into this production. Wonderful job!

Also, the very interesting making of :

Autumn season by José Luis Revuelta García

Autumn season by José Luis Revuelta García, short and superbly well done, relax and enjoy 😀

The Matrix : Awakens an UE5 experience

Epic Games announce that The Matrix : Awakens, an UE5 experience is now available to download for free on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. For the full review, click here. The demo is nothing else than spectacular!!!

Bones / Dust by Nicole Marxen

Bones / Dust is a music track by Nicole Marxen appearing on her album Tether. The music video is entirely made with UE4 😀

Mountain house by Caner Ercan

Mountain house is a Archviz made using UE5 by Caner Ercan 😀

Extraction, a psychedelic watercolor dream by Till Nowak

Very interesting concept and nicely made animation by Till Nowak 😀

Faust for vyrus by Guido Ponzini

Faust for vyrus is a real-time short made by Guido Ponzini. Again, a very nice animated concept using UE5 😀