Virtual bamboo grove by Leo Torres

A new astonishing cinematic by Leo Torres 😀

Flanker-F Halogen by MeedzCG

I don’t share car videos often except when I found them fantastic 😀 By fantastic I mean when everything is top like the car model, the scene, lighting, VFX’s, Post Process, sound effects, etc 🙂

Alley by Dylan Browne

Dylan Browne Alley is a big WOW!! Love the scene, lighting, sounds and the fluid animation is ultra realistic!!! 😁


Dubai on Mars is SVAIY ART INDUSTRIES latest project. Amazing 😀

Hillside Sample Project

This place is at 20 mins from my home 🙂 The Hillside sample project is a virtual recreation of Moshe Safdie’s original vision for Habitat 67, one of the most important buildings of the 60s and an inspiring look at what affordable living could be. Learn how this project came together as part of a collaboration between Safdie Architects, Neoscape, and Epic Games in this short overview. More info on YT.

Unreal is 25 years old today!

Jose Saez-Merino made this very cool video 😀

Hunter’s cabin at the lake by Artem Vaganov

Artem Vaganov is the author of this awesome scenery 😀

Kuiopo Cathedral by Melvis C. Uzoka

Kuiopo Cathedral is Melvis C. Uzoka latest cinematic 😀