Dementor summoning by Nodes Of Nature

Dementor summoning is a short but damn nice and original scene made by Nodes Of Nature 😀 Following the link, at his Epic thread, you can see his engine breakdown, very interesting 🙂

Damaged tarp vertex paint material by Nathan Myers

Another HQ free gift from Nathan Myers, a damaged tarp vertex paint material 😀


– UE4 demo file
– FBX models
– Textures (*.TGA)

Fake cloud shadows material by Nathan Myers

Available for free, this great fake cloud shadows material made by Nathan Myers has a lot of customization to fit our needs 😀


– UE4 Preset file (no landscape)
– Packed cloud texture

Museum Paleo art loop by Brajan Martinović

Another amazing short, Museum Paleo art loop by Brajan Martinović.

This was a very pleasing 3:48 video to look at 😀 Landscape and scenery are superb, animals look very good and their animation is very well executed, very natural! Also, I love the fur!! The switch from the skeleton to real animal at the beginning is a very nice touch, great intro. The music for this short is perfect too 🙂 Brief, excellent!!!

Breadth by Thaddaeus Andreades

Another amazing short, Breadth by Thaddaeus Andreades 🙂

If my memory is good, it’s the first time I see a desert theme so well animated, it look and sound real 😀