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Epic is turning off online services and servers for all UT games!

News from Epic…

This is a punch in my face from Epic after making more than 20 levels for UT4! Full post here. It look like the end of UT4 😦

All UT99 CTF maps ported to UT4

For those who want’s to play the classics UT99 CTF maps in UT4, Metalfist as ported them all right here 🙂 Note that, it’s ported maps, not remakes so expect the maps to look and feel like it was back in the days. New versions with 2017 graphics and sounds would be A-MA-ZING 😀

DM-Malevolence LP by PlayForGG updated to 1.2 version !

Be sure to grab the latest version of this classic if you didn’t already ! The latest changes make this remake a must 😀 Grab it here.

DM-Atowee by nELsOn as been added to my top stuff !

One of my top UT3 mapper as release DM-Atowee, a new UT2004 level. Many of is previous works are part of the various CBP3 volumes 🙂

A map that play well, look awesome, feel and sound great 😀 What else do you want ??? Grab the map on his Official page or BU forums.

DM-Malevolence LP by PlayForGG final release

The final release of this classic is now available here 😀

Very nice use of Cr4zy’s textures too 🙂 The final 1.1 version as been release and include many changes since the 1.0 final ! Enjoy 🙂

DM-Malevolence2011 by PlayForGG beta release

A classic remade once again available here 🙂 I’m saying that because the previous remake by Barballs here never reach the final state. Nice use of Cr4zy’s textures too 🙂

UT99.org Xmas 2012 Mapping Contest map submissions

All info can be found at the official thread here. Be sure to grab the submitted maps and well done to everyone who contributed!!! I like the banner too :

UT99.org Xmas 2012 Mapping Contest

All info can be found at the official thread here. I do not participate but a bit of pub is always appreciated and more maps, the better 😀 Beside, Winter maps are cool héhé 🙂 Love the banner too :