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Unreal and Unreal Tournament are my all time top PC games. My blog is dedicated to all HQ stuff related to the Unreal / UT world.

DM-Coda, final release!

The final version of DM-Coda is here 😀

This is what as been done for the final version :

  • Added more decals. Also, they are visible only in High and Epic mode.
  • Added Redeemer. Grab it by doing a WallJump or WallRun. It add lot’s of fun!
  • Added rocks above the roof windows in the Invisibility sector.
  • Changed ingame preview pic.
  • Changed music track.
  • Manually set culling on a huge amount of static meshes all across the map to obtain more performances by reducing draw calls. That was a very, very long process since the map have 5 410 static meshes.
  • Map size dropped from 601 MB to 250 MB!!! Imagine, a 351 MB reduction 😮 I obtained that magic size by adjusting all textures LOD Bias. The map use roughly 400 textures! After many tweaking, they’re mostly appear in 1024 x 1024 quality ingame instead of 2K / 4K with a very minor visual quality loss. THX to MoxNix suggestion, I wasn’t aware of that setting and it made a drastic difference for map size while maintaining a excellent visual quality if set right 😀
  • Remeshed the Rocket Launcher windows. I wasn’t 100% satisfied from R1.
  • Performed a full lighting build, production level quality.
  • Tweak post process volume to get nice occlusion from far rocks and subtle grain effect all across the map.

Moloch map pack 8 for UT3 released

For those who still play UT3,  Moloch map pack 8 as been release 🙂 All maps as been made by Michail ‘Moloch’ Levchinko. As always, you can expect unique looking maps 😀

Requirements :

– Unreal Tournament 3 Patch 2.1 with Titan pack.

This pack contains :

CTF-Xenomania 2
DM-Monorail NE
DM-Pancercoven Necro
DM-SpaceWanderer (Hyperneros new version)
DM-Xenomania 2

Grab the pack here 😀 Head over Epic to leave your comments 🙂

More at his Epic thread 🙂

DM-Elik & DM-Dakylian updated

I’ve made some updates to DM-Elik and also DM-Dakylian 😀 Grab the latest versions at each map page where all info is there.

Brief, for both maps, by tweaking the PostProcess volume, it make the maps looking even better. Map size as shrunk considerably while maintaining the same level of visual quality. In all, I’m proud to share them with the community 🙂

DM-Coda, R1 release!

Release 1 of DM-Coda is here 😀 It will be the only release before the final.

Be warned, map size is big, 600 MB. Therefore, taking into account the huge amount of custom assets included into this level, it’s not surprising.

To give me your feedback, please, post your comments here, in this post. I won’t share it on the UT4 forums. I hope to read ya!

TY and have fun 🙂

DM-Coda R1, to be release soon

Hey all,

Release 1 of DM-Coda is near 😀

In fact, meshing, lighting, post processing, music, ambient sounds, blocking volume are all done. What remain to be done is :

1. Optimizing the map by culling meshes. This is a long process because I do that manually to get the best optimization. Culling volume won’t be useful in this type of environment. It will take me some weeks to accomplish.
2. Gather players feedback so I can fix issues, if present. I hope the community will participate in the process!
3. Make full production lighting build for the finale.

File size will be big. As mention in the map page : I’m reusing the Modular SciFi Season 1 Starter Bundle for this map and I also add many, many new assets I didn’t use the last time in DM-Chroma. I also use another new set of rock meshes for the outside / scenery of the map which I’ve showed in this post. In all, it’s a lot of textures, materials and static meshes. Which means, the final file size is rather big, sadly. It’s around 605 MB. Still, once the map is on your HDD/SSD, the size doesn’t matter.

I can honestly say that I have a great time playing on it! I truly enjoy playing TDM with 12 players 🙂 I get this old UT nostalgic feeling while enjoying new gameplay elements. For me, a good mix of old school stuff and new stuff! I plan the release for this w-e or Friday 20th. Stay tune.

DM-Coda, progress…

DM-Coda is shaping out nicely. I’m at ±90% done I think? The actual area which I found very hard to craft is the Rocket Launcher area. Like I already mention, I don’t like the original RL layout so my goal is to craft a new and interesting area to replace the original. I must say, I truly enjoy playing the map. Not only it look awesome but plays very well on my rig 😀

Site updates

Hello readers 😀

In case you didn’t notice, under UE4 in the right side menu there is 2 more pages. Brief :

Architectural Visualization (or Archviz) as been added.
Cinematics as been added.
Cinematics and environments is now Environments.

I’ve made those additional pages to really separate the content to specific categories 🙂 I’m also a big fan of CGI animations. while it as nothing to do with Unreal Engine, I might add a page in the top menu about this subject…