Author: Stevelois

Unreal and Unreal Tournament are my all time top PC games. My website is dedicated to all HQ stuff related to the Unreal / UT world.

DM-Trivial, playing with Post Process

My current WIP level. I’ve made water effects when players are in a water volume. Wave, colors, etc. I’m only at the beginning of the construction of this level. This video concerns only the post process volume which is an important part of the immersion 🙂

Polar expedition by Chris B. Mathew

‘Polar expedition’ by Chris B. Mathew, love it 😀

What’s coming next Stevie?

Well, to be honest, nothing.

I have a lot of meshes that I haven’t used yet lying dormant on my hard drives. GB of meshes! It is a pity that they do not serve me. I started some maps and I work on them from time to time but I lack inspiration. In any case, I have no reason to rush.

The fact that I’m not supported by the community at large or by my followers here, on Facebook and YouTube doesn’t entice me to share anything at all. However, it is not difficult to like posts or videos or a page. However, it still seems like it’s too much to ask of everyone who prefers to like and comment on animal videos or funny stuff than thanking a passionate author who lets them have hours of fun for free. This is very disappointing.

Contamination zone by Tristan Voulelis

This is the updated version of ‘Contamination zone’ made by Tristan Voulelis, love it 😀

DM-Elik, 1.6 available

I’ve made some little enhancements to DM-Elik. Those are the changes :

  • Fix the point of view position before starting the match. For few seconds, players saw through the ground floor which was something I didn’t know how to fix.
  • Change the suggested player count from 2 – 2 to 2 – 4.
  • Tweak fog.
  • Tweak lighting.
  • Tweak lightmass values & few things in the world settings.
  • Tweak Post Process volume.
  • Rebuild lighting, production quality.
  • Update preview screen
  • Update the readme.

Enjoy the enhancements!

Stevie’s corner on Facebook

Hello everybody 😀

I have been a member of the Unreal Old Friends (UOF) group since its inception. However, since the early days of UT4, I have remained the only active member of the group. We have a UOF Facebook page of which I am one of the administrators but since I am the only one to create and share stuff on this page, it was time to create my own Facebook page. UOF page won’t get any new stuff from now on from me so don’t hesitate to follow / subscribe on my new Facebook page 😉

DM-Oblevia, part 2, Terra available

DM-Oblevia, Part 2, Terra, a variant of the initial space version, is now available 😀 Head over the level page for all the details 🙂

DM-Oblevia, part 2, Terra version WIP

Been a while I had an idea for a new version of DM-Oblevia, Part 2. This ‘Terra’ version is a variant of the initial space version. It take place on a planet, hence ‘Terra’, located in the middle of a rocky land.

The play area is exactly the same. The outside area is all new. Lighting as been reworked to fit the theme. This new version bring more color contrast and deeper black. I also enhance things like blocking volumes, reflections, sounds, added decals, fog, meshes, etc.