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Unreal and Unreal Tournament are my all time top PC games. My blog is dedicated to all HQ stuff related to the Unreal / UT world.

Fake cloud shadows material by Nathan Myers

Available for free, this great fake cloud shadows material made by Nathan Myers has a lot of customization to fit our needs 😀


– UE4 Preset file (no landscape)
– Packed cloud texture

Upgrading my main PC

For some time now, when I use the UT4 ​​editor, my PC often restarts for no known reason 😦

I performed a battery of hardware tests to find the source of the problem. I even reformat my SSD, reinstall Windows 10 Pro 20H2 with only Epic stuff, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything. The problem persist.

With the release of the new AMD products, I planned for 2021 to buy the parts needed to build another more powerful PC. Fortunately for me, but unfortunately for others, because of Covid 19, someone I know working in the aeronautic 3D modeling industry has to sell his workstation fast. He will have to move, sadly 😦 His workstation, which is roughly 2 years old has been custom ordered. Which makes this PC much more powerful than my current main PC and which costs me half the price that I had planned for my new system in 2021.

So I will replace my main PC with this workstation making small adjustments, my previous main PC will become my “new” HTPC, and my current HTPC will be sold.

I will be able to get my workstation this week end, yééééééééé 😀

DM-Cruel R1 Release!

At last, after putting months & months of work into this level, I can share it with you all 😀 After R1, the next release will be the final and my last map for UT4 in 2020. Head over DM-Cruel page to get all the details and download link 🙂

For feedback, please share your comments here.

If there is no comments, that mean you are not interested, so it will determine if sharing my next maps with you will worth it or not. I’ll decide what I’ll do then in 2021. Continue sharing my maps with only few of you who appreciate them or keep everything for me, you decide!

Note that I’m aware of few things for this release and more work is planned  :

  • I plan to add more BV’s at some spots to help in the movement department. It won’t be realistic but will provide a better flow around some walls.
  • I plan to individually cull as many meshes as possible and also make LODs on the most meshes to obtain more FPS. This will be a long process since the map contain 5 847 meshes!
  • The custom Jumpad is looking really basic in low / mid settings. This is related to optimization for low end GPU’s. Still, I’m open to suggestion to make it look even prettier in Epic mode.
  • The spark particle near the Sniper pickup is passing through the ceiling and can be visible in the GL corridor.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

Unreal Engine 4.26 released !

A major release with a major change list as long as my arm with new awesome features!

I always stay inform about engine release and most of the time, I’m impress by the list of changes. From what I’ve saw about various 4.26 previews and articles, 4.26 is a major step before UE5 and I must say, I’m EXTREMELY impress, and believe me, I’m not easy to impress 😀 From Epic :

“With the release of Unreal Engine 4.26, you can create environments, characters, and creatures of unparalleled realism and design your entire production pipeline around Unreal Engine.

The production-ready Hair, Fur, and Feathers system enables you to design the most believable humans and animals. You can use the Volumetric Cloud component along with the Sky Atmosphere and Sky Light to author and render realistic or stylized skies, clouds, and other atmospheric effects with full artistic freedom. The new Water System makes it possible to create believable bodies of water within your landscape terrains that react with your characters, vehicles, and weapons. With an improved and expanded feature set, Chaos physics now lets you simulate Vehicles, Cloth, and Ragdolls in addition to Rigid Bodies so every aspect of the environment comes to life.

Sequencer now works in conjunction with Control Rig and the new full-body IK solution to create new animations inside of Sequencer, reducing the need to use external tools. Movie Render Queue (formerly known as High Quality Media Export) has been enhanced to support render passes enabling further enhancements to be made to the final image in a downstream compositing application. nDisplay multi-display rendering is easier to set up and configure in addition to enabling more pixels to be rendered at a higher frame rate, thus increasing performance and supporting larger LED volumes with existing hardware. The Collaborative Viewer Template has been significantly improved to enhance the collaborative design review experience, and enable more users to join a session. The Remote Control API has been improved to seamlessly connect properties and functionality in Unreal Editor to UI widgets giving users the ability to quickly change properties from an external device, such as an artist on stage changing the sky rotation or the sun position from an iPad.”

For all the details, head over the official post here.

A little Internet upgrade

Today, on black Friday, I’ve decided to upgrade my Internet connection.

Not because it was necessary, or because there was a rebate to upgrade neither. My Internet was already very fast but I only wanted to buy something faster 🙂 A gift from me to me lol. It’s only 5$ more on my bill and there is no hardware to change so why not have it?

So my previous speed was 100Mb/s download and 30 Mb/s upload with unlimited download. Now, I have 400Mb/s download and 50Mb/s upload and still unlimited download 😀

It was already fast downloading stuff but now, damn, I click and few second later, voilà! Finish! It’s so awesome! All info here, for the curious 😉