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What’s next Stevie?

Today, I’ve bought several sci-fi packs. There is actually a good discount for the packs that I was interested from a VERY long time so with the November cost reduction, I could buy few packs 😀 It cost me more than 200$ CA! Therefore, I’ll have awesome sci-fi assets to play with for creating new levels 🙂

Now, I must import all that to UT4… and as always, it will be a very long process, longer than anything I’ve imported before because I bought 4 packs which individually have A LOT of assets. Anyway, it’s not like I’m in the hurry lol 😉

Oceans by Leo Torres

Oceans by Leo Torres 😀 Rendered in real-time in UE5. Blender’s Ocean generator was used to procedurally create the ocean textures / normal maps, as well as the animated vertex displacement data, which was then imported into UE5 using alembic geometry cache. RTX ray-tracing was used for the ocean reflections. Quixel Megascans assets for the rocks and cliffs. Lumen for dynamic real-time GI and Nanite for optimizing solid meshes.

#TeamSeas is a global campaign to raise $30M to remove 30M pounds of plastic and trash from our ocean, rivers and beaches. Learn more at TeamSeas.

Music collection updated

After contacting few authors to ask them if they wanted to share the WAV files of their UT4 music tracks they made few years back, they kindly accepted to send me the originals, uncompressed, unaltered files and also give me the permission to share them 😀

Of course, the tracks was already available in MP3 since. Therefore, I’m a audiophile and crappy, lossy audio formats like AAC, OGG, MP3, WMA, etc isn’t my cup of tea. I like listening music with the full spectrum.

So, I’ve create Flac files from the WAV files, added all info and upload it to my collection. I made also many updates to my UT4 custom music collection, uploading the updated files to my Google Drive.

The additions :

Fabian Joosten – Deep
Fabian Joosten – Lance
Fabian Joosten – MachineaMT
Fabian Joosten – Tutorial
MaxCarnage – Dark contemplation (Mix 2)
Nexus and Tight – Lost world

The changes :

Avalanche to Shaad Alaka
Jo.7 to Kristian Huuki

THX in advance for your likes and showing your appreciation! Happy listening 🙂

A Star Wars fan film by Lunaris Maar Films

A cinematic made by Lunaris Maar Films, rendered in real-time using UE5. I’m impress!!!

DM-Dystopia released

For those who have plenty of drive space and want to play a great looking and very enjoyable level, I present you my latest one called DM-Dystopia 😀 Head over the map page to learn all about it and for the download link 🙂

Jungle waterfall by Leo Torres

A cinematic animation by Leo Torres, rendered in real-time using UE5. It might look & sound like Rain garden but it’s a different presentation 🙂

A few billion miles by Amit Khanna

Another excellent short movie by Amit Khanna 🙂

UT2004 Level 16 (Remix) by Necto Ulin

Level 16 (Remix) is again, an awesome new remix from Necto Ulin 😀 Listen the track by watching the video. MP3 download link and Soundcloud link are in the process.