DM-Aryth, 1.3 available

I’ve made some Post Process tweaks in DM-Aryth. Go at the map page to download it.

Enjoy the update 😀

DM-FutureMine, post # 2

This is a live demo which start with me fooling around and after a match against 5 skilled bots, recorded “on the go” just for fun to give players an idea of where I’m going with DM-FutureMine 🙂

Some areas are still in BSP with the default checkerboard material since I didn’t mesh those areas yet. Lighting, deco, etc., are all WIP ofc. The higher part of the level isn’t done neither, it is really rough. There will be rocks in the openings, maybe pipes, don’t know yet…

I play the game because I love it, but I’m not a good player at all as you can see but I don’t care LOL 😮 😀

DM-FutureMine, post # 1

2 months of hard work has been done now on DM-FutureMine 😮

I’ve made good progress and those are the areas I consider to be finished 🙂 The pack I imported in UT4 is this one. To follow my development, register on Mega (takes 2 mins to register and it’s free) to be involved in the discussion 😀

DM-Oblevia, part 2, updated

I made small changes to DM-Oblevia, Part 2 and updated to 1.1. This is what as been done :

  • Fix some overlapping meshes on the Link Gun ceiling. Only could be seen by looking at the ceiling windows.
  • Tweak ambient lighting.
  • Tweak Post Process.
  • Remove the Redeemer and UDamage announcer.
  • Update the readme.

DM-Valas, updated

Made minors updates to DM-Valas 🙂

In case you didn’t notice, since few previous released levels, all of my levels are advertise only to my website. I suggest you subscribe to get always the latest information 😉

In the past, I advertise them on Epic forums and Discord. Epic forums is a thing of the past and Discord, what can I say… admins share only their friends levels and their own for those who still make some, it’s rather a very limited attitude tbh so players are playing only a tiny bunch of levels and aren’t aware of others works 😦

The updates are :

  • Enhance ambient lighting.
  • Fix the camera preview where before starting a match, players see the hidden floor below the Link Gun room.
  • Update the readme.

DM-FonDuality, updated

DM-FonDuality and the readme as been updated to 1.1.

Look like the blocking volume (BV) that cover the ceiling of the level as been deleted before the cook, my bad 😦 So, a player could walk on the top of the level and kill with ease with the Sniper Rifle, that opportunity is a major exploit 😉

Instead of putting a big single blocking volume that cover all the top of the level, which is the easiest and fastest way of fixing that issue, I’ve added multiple bv’s, so when players are jumping very high above the Link and Flak areas using a mutator, they’ll have more headroom. Of course, it apply only on the wide opening above those weapons showed in the post image.

Have fun! 😀

DM-Future mine, my next level

I started this new level last week so I’m at the beginning of the dev.

Remember that I’ve bought several sci-fi packs few months ago that cost me more than 200$? Well, the new pack I’m using is one of them. For the curious, click here for the pack presentation. Some meshes was problematic in UT4 editor, I couldn’t use them but another fellow level designer, Aquilon, helped me fix the issue, so now I can use them 😀

To start with, I inspired myself on another UT2004 classic level, DM-Argel which was a blast at the time made by the famous ‘Hourences’.

This post is to invite everyone to follow the dev of DM-Future mine by following my ‘thread’ on MEGA. Epic forums are now unusable for new content, so since DM-Fondation, I’ve switched to MEGA. You must register, which take 2 mins and then, you will be able to take part of the conversation, sharing your opinion, etc.

DM-FonDuality, final available!

DM-FonDuality is finished 😀

This is a small and simple duel level using the same assets as DM-Fondation. Except a major bug / flaw / issue, this is the only release I’m making. Have fun!