My YouTube channel

Hello everyone,

Since october 2011, I have a YouTube channel, which I didn’t really put into use. I decided to record a video for each of my levels, nothing too complicated to then send them to YouTube. Which will allow me to effectively use my long-neglected YouTube account 🙂 There is a link in the main right side bar that will lead you there.

Although each level, in its page, already has images as well as all the description, these videos are a supplement and can be simply a short presentation of my levels, or tricks to draw strategic advantages from them or a game played, just where you can see some tricks in action 😀

In fact I do these uploads so that the game and my levels get more visibility. I’m ±60% done. This could help give older players a taste for replaying UT4 on levels other than those offered by default. Even new players will be able to appreciate the diversified and unique side that all these levels offer them for free even if on my side, many of them cost me real money 😮

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