DM-Y z e n, final available!

DM-Y z e n is now final 😀 Please, leave your feedback at my level page. THX in advance 😉

For the final, those are the changes :

  • Added sci-fi “buildings” outside the play area. After all, it’s a nuclear plant so some sort of structure with bridges and such are expected when looking at the windows. They will be visible only in high mode.
  • Added a bit more decals in sector # 4.
  • Added few deco meshes, mainly in sector # 2 & few pipes here and there.
  • Added few dust particles, mostly at the lowest floor.
  • Added a pair of jump boots. It add a lot to gameplay!
  • All particles (dust, smoke, steam), as long as decals will be visible only playing in high mode.
  • In some areas, we could see a tiny line of the exterior light all the way behind the meshes on the ceiling. I fix them all.
  • Increased the suggested player count from 4 – 8 to 6 – 10.
  • Tweaked few sound actors here and there. Add others too.
  • Tweaked the skybox, there was a odd line in the middle of the sky mesh?
  • Updated the preview screen.
  • Added the readme.

And now, the videos 😀

Jump boots tricks :

DM gameplay :

TDM gameplay :

Rocket Arena gameplay :

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