DM-Aryth, 1.4 released

I’ve made changes in DM-Aryth. The changes are :

  • Add and tweaks some lift exits, bots now use all lifts much better. There is 7 lifts in all so it make a damn huge gameplay improvement.
  • Add few player start (pawns).
  • Switch the KEG and UDamage.
  • Enhance the overall architecture of the new UDamage area. It’s prettier and more dynamic.
  • Enhance the reflections all over the place.
  • Enhance the sky by adding subtle stars.
  • Fix some lifts that still had the allow decals checkbox enable. In my case, it must be disable.
  • Fix sound actor on all lifts so the sound come from the center of the platform instead of the side by default. Also add a invisible dynamic blocking volume under all lifts so players can’t stay under when the platform is going in reverse. Only exception is the lift that lead to the Lighting Gun which I couldn’t add one for various reasons.
  • Fix the point of view position before starting the match. For few seconds, players saw beneath the level floors which was something I didn’t know how to fix.
  • Made collisions changes to a massive bunch of static meshes.
  • Move the 2 Link Gun ammo from the higher platform closer to the weapon base.
  • Remade the preview screen.
  • Reduce the map size from 164 MB to 123 MB! A 25% reduction 😀
  • Tweak a huge amount of blocking volumes and add many more. This result in a layout screen not perfect but waaaaay more accurate than before! This step was very time consuming 😦
  • Tweak main Post Process.
  • Tweak some materials, textures assignments.
  • Others minors things I forgot…

Did you know that the final version was released in august 2018 on Epic forums? Exactly 4 years later, you get the 1.4 version, funny coincidence 🙂 It took me 2 full day of work but it worth it 😀

I’ve made this little video :

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