Enjoy my UT4 levels

My last map for UT4 is DM-Alpu 2050. I now stop sharing any new maps automatically as I always have, not because UT4 is officially discontinued but rather due to the lack of feedback, appreciation and recognition from the part of the UT4 community towards them.

Until DM-Alpu 2050, I shared any new map automatically with everyone so that way, others can play something else than stock maps. Yep, I was very generous because many maps I created cost me real money by buying packs on Epic Marketplace! It seems that even if I dedicated myself to creating awesome maps from scratch, on top of costing me $$$, doing it all on my own time and for free above that, players didn’t care. It’s quite the opposite, players should encourage the little creator that remains by giving their feedback, add their likes on videos, commenting them, sharing them, etc.

For those of you who took the time to comment my maps, you will recognize yourself. Thank you, because it is thanks to you alone who encouraged me to continue sharing these.

For a quick download, all maps are available on UTCC, under the ‘Stevelois maps’ collection. If a problem happen on a map and need a fix, I’ll release a fixed version but I won’t share any new map anymore.

Thanks for all the support by commenting in the map pages, or on Facebook, or on YouTube, it’s a good way of showing your appreciation for high quality free content.

Enjoy them, have fun 😀

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