DM-Aly 1.4 update

I’ve made updates to DM-Aly.  There was issues I always wanted to fix that was bugging me that I couldn’t fix at the time. In all, the updates are :

  • Before the match begun, a close up of only half of the player near the Sniper rifle was showed for few secs. Now, it will show the player entirely at different locations.
  • Bots weren’t using all the lifts properly, they only use the Bio / Shock one. Now, they do use all 3 of them and even perform lift jumps to grab the vest or land at the highest floor. So gameplay is way better, more fun now playing against bots.
  • Bots didn’t use the jumpad that land at the Flak platform, now they do.
  • Made few subtle changes in the Post Process volume and in world settings.
  • Reduce the sun brightness from 200 to 100.
  • Tweak the jumpad particle.
  • Tweak the wood lift material.

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