CTF-Ahead, final available!

There you are, the final version of CTF-Ahead 😀

The map as been in the wild for an entire month. Players had well enough the time to test it out and provide feedback. Therefore, since the complete indifference or extremely poor feedback I received on Discord, Facebook and my website, if there is a problem, to bad, you had your chances.

I special thank to Alphaeridani, Dsmoke, Mic, Narayana and Wulfgar 63 🙂


  1. Thanks you Steve for all your imagineering. This map has developed in leaps and bounds =)

    I really long for the day when Epic will returns to its roots and devote its some zeal, energy, time and money into this title…

    …until that day.

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  2. A very nice CTF map! Creative concept of a floating platform with jump pads separating the two bases, with multiple entrances. Grotesque but not too big. And well dressed in a submerging futuristic environment. As I said before, I am not so into CTF but when I play this game mode, this one will have the highest chance 🙂
    As for the lack of comments, it might have something to do with the UT community is not what it used to be (and you experienced the good old UT times), and the fact that your maps always have a high level of perfection from the beginning 😉

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