UT4 Converter 0.9.2 by xtremexp released !

For anyone who would like to convert old Unreal / UT’s maps to UT4, this is the tool to use 😀 The tool isn’t perfect BUT is extremely helpful. To learn more, head over xtremexp Epic thread.

Epic announce Unreal Engine online learning !

Epic is introducing the Unreal Engine Online Learning platform, the new home for all their training series and video tutorials on Unreal Engine. Their extensive online training illustrates common workflows in a series of detailed yet easy-to-follow videos so we can master Unreal Engine for our own projects 😀

UE4 POM with Vertex-Blending by CG Spartans

A free set of Parallax Occlusion master materials for Unreal Engine 4 by CG Spartans that can be used to add depth to the surfaces in your scene. They can be used to seamlessly blend between multiple texture layers, or to add puddles to your materials with vertex-blending 🙂 Get the free materials at Gumroad 😀

UE4 links (guide, tut) update 9

I constantly check for new UE4 tuts by Epic and many as been released since 4.7 and 4.8. Many tuts as been redone and new tuts as been made to reflect the 4.7 and up changes. Brief, I pass trough all Epic tuts and update all the links I have in my UE4 links (guide, tut) page. In all, 113 links and descriptions have been added / changed. It took me a considerable amount of time to be honest but at least, it is up-to-date 😀 Those are the changes I’ve made. Enjoy 🙂

UE4 Editor (4.7)

01 – UI overview
02 – Viewport navigation
03 – Orthographic views
04 – View modes and show flags
05 – Placing objects in your level
06 – Moving objects
07 – Rotating objects
08 – Scaling objects
09 – Moving with the camera
10 – Intro to the content browser
11 – Customizing the Unreal Editor UI

Creating a level (4.7)

01 – Intro
02 – Geometry layout
03 – Adding windows and doors
04 – Applying materials to geometry
05 – Adding support meshes
06 – Decorative supports
07 – Building the glass walls
08 – Setup for the sliding door
09 – Blueprint doorway Pt1
10 – Blueprint doorway Pt2
11 – Adding props and lighting

Blueprint (4.8)

01 – Blueprint introduction
02 – Turning on a light with level Blueprint
03 – Toggling a light with the Level Blueprint
04 – Creating a class Blueprint
05 – Adding components to a class Blueprint
06 – Adding functionality to a class Blueprint
07 – Using inputs to control a class Blueprint
08 – Add construction script customization
09 – Level editor component workflow
10 – Blueprint favorites

New ‘UT4 Official basic guides’ page

I added this new page for UT4 that contain a variety of official guides made by Zaccubus that will teach players all they need to know to become a better UT4 player 😀 11 guides that cover many gaming aspects. Zaccubus said there are more to come so this page is a WIP 😉

UE4 links (guide, tut) update 8

I check very often for new UE4 tuts by Epic and some as been recently released. They have been added to my UE4 links (guide, tut) page. The new tuts are listed below 🙂

Unreal Motion Graphics (UMG) UI Designer
– In this series, you’ll learn UMG and Blueprints and how to create a basic inventory system.

01 – Overview
02 – Creating inventory assets
03 – Scripting and displaying player condition
04 – Creating the inventory and action menus
05 – Scripting the pickup text and inventory menu
06 – Scripting my character and pickups
07 – Custom pickups, adding animation and finishing up

UE4 links (guide, tut) update 7

I constantly check for new UE4 tuts by Epic and some as been recently released. In my UE4 links (guide, tut) page, 2 new sections as been added, see below in bold. Also few tuts in other sections as been added. I add a description below each section too 🙂

Blueprint Time Attack
– The basics needed to create a simple Time Attack style race completely through Blueprints.

Paper2D game
– Learn how a 2D game can be created from scratch, using Epic template as a guide and explaining each step along the way.

UE4 links (guide, tut) update 6

With the release of UE4.3, Epic released many new tutorials 😀 They’re now all added in my UE4 links (guide, tut) page 🙂


01 – Particle terminology
02 – Cascade at a glance
03 – Particle level setup new
04 – Creating a sprite emitter
05 – Creating a GPU sprite emitter
06 – Creating a mesh emitter
07 – Creating a beam emitter
08 – Creating a ribbon emitter
09 – Creating an AnimTrail emitter
10 – Starter Content Particle Systems
11 – Particle LODs


01 – Overview
02 – Project creation
03 – Creating the base pickup class
04 – Creating a Battery in C++
05 – Empowering the character
06 – Creating the Power-up material
07 – Applying a Dynamic Material Instance to our character
08 – Adding to the character’s tick behavior with Blueprints
09 – Communicating from C++ to Blueprints
10 – Extending our battery C++ class with Blueprints
11 – Setting up the battery’s construction script
12 – Overriding C++ functions with Blueprints, part 1
12 – Overriding C++ functions with Blueprints, part 2
13 – Coding what, where, and when to spawn
14 – Ticking the spawn volume
15 – Setting the rules in the GameMode
16 – Game over & class interactions
17 – Coding a canvas HUD
18 – Quick changes to variables