Meshes, textures

Beech forest by ScansLibrary

Beech forest, another fantastic environment by ScansLibrary 😀

Arid landscape by ScansLibrary

Arid landscape by ScansLibrary. What else can I say except FANTASTIC!!?

Ancient temple ruins + Temples of Cambodia by Scans Factory

Ancient Temple Ruins and Temples of Cambodia are asset packs made by Scans Factory available on Epic Marketplace. They’re presentation are so well made and the environment so astonishing, they deserve to get more publicity! Enjoy 😀

CGlounge, a new free CG assets sharing website

CGlounge is a free CG asset sharing website that provides you with everything you need to create stunning 3D artworks.

You will find very good models, awesome materials, the website is fast and easy to use using a very modern look, the staff is super cool and there is also a Discord channel 😀

This new site as been added to my softwares and assets page 🙂

Modern staircase by Vollgaser

Vollgaser release freely this Modern staircase available on Gumroad 😀

Damaged tarp vertex paint material by Nathan Myers

Another HQ free gift from Nathan Myers, a damaged tarp vertex paint material 😀


– UE4 demo file
– FBX models
– Textures (*.TGA)

St. Petrograd tiles by Ryan Gaveglia

From Ryan Gaveglia, a St. Petrograd Tiles material for Substance Designer 😀

Fake cloud shadows material by Nathan Myers

Available for free, this great fake cloud shadows material made by Nathan Myers has a lot of customization to fit our needs 😀


– UE4 Preset file (no landscape)
– Packed cloud texture